How to style with eclectic home décor

How to style with eclectic home décor

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First things first, what does ‘eclectic’ mean when it comes to home décor? It’s anything goes. It’s taking something from one style, then mixing it with another, and the result is a trend that’s unique to you, your personal taste and what furniture or fittings you have available. It’s dynamic and shows off your personality at home, even if you rent.

As the UK market embraces this trend, we'll explore the essence of eclectic home decor, unravel the mysteries of this captivating style, and offer expert advice on how to incorporate eclectic elements into your home, covering everything from furniture and accessories to flooring options like engineered wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate, and luxury vinyl. And we have lots more advice about matching your flooring to your décor.

What is eclectic style?

Eclectic style is all about embracing the unexpected. It's about mixing old and new, East and West, to create a space that feels layered and lived-in. In an eclectic interior, you might find a sleek mid-century modern sofa paired with a vintage Moroccan rug, or a contemporary art piece hanging above a traditional farmhouse table.

The beauty of eclectic style lies in its ability to blur boundaries between different design styles, resulting in a space that feels truly one-of-a-kind. If you love this look, you’ll enjoy the hints and tips we’ve provided in our article about creating a boho home.

Understanding eclectic interior design

Whether you want to think of eclectic interior design as ‘the art of juxtaposition’ or simply living in harmonious chaos, it’s a style that positively embraces diversity and individuality. It’s not traditional nor minimalist, and it’s going towards maximalism in its ‘more is more’ approach. That said, it’s more about breaking free from conventions, and mixing different eras, textures, patterns, and colours to create a visually stimulating environment that’s also full of personal touches.

Eclectic home decor ideas

Now that we've established the essence of eclectic interior design, let's look at some practical ideas for incorporating this style into your home.

Mix and match furniture

Embrace the eclectic ethos by mixing different styles of furniture. Pair a streamlined modern coffee table with ornate antique chairs, or contrast a sleek Scandinavian sofa with a vintage footstool. The key is to create visual interest through contrast while maintaining a sense of balance.

Layer, textures and patterns

Texture plays a crucial role in eclectic decor, adding depth and dimension to your space. Experiment with a variety of textures, such as smooth leather, rough jute, plush velvet, and shiny metal. Likewise, don't be afraid to layer patterns, mixing florals, geometrics, stripes, and solids for a striking look.

Incorporate global influences

Eclectic decor celebrates cultural diversity, so don't hesitate to incorporate pieces from around the world into your home. Whether it's a handcrafted Moroccan rug, a vibrant Indian tapestry, or a vintage Japanese screen, these global accents add depth and authenticity to your space, telling the story of your travels and adventures.

Play with colour

Colour is a powerful tool in eclectic decor, allowing you to express your personality and set the mood of your space. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colour in eclectic design, consider creating a unifying colour palette by repeating certain hues throughout your space. For example, you might use pops of vibrant red or turquoise to tie together an otherwise unrelated collection of furniture and accessories. You can find out more in our guide on the art of colour clashing.

Create your personal gallery

 Art plays an essential role in eclectic decor, serving as a focal point and conversation starter. Whether you prefer bold abstract paintings, vintage posters, or black-and-white photography, curate a personal gallery that reflects your tastes and interests. Don't be afraid to mix and match different styles and mediums, creating an eclectic yet connected collection that speaks to you. And if you need tips on how to start your redecoration project, we have a host of care guides and articles in our Ideas Hub.

Flooring options for eclectic spaces

When it comes to flooring in eclectic interiors, the possibilities are endless. Each type of flooring offers its own unique set of benefits and can contribute to the overall look and feel of your space.

Engineered Wood

If you want your home to have character and style – and to complement your eclectic interiors – then engineered wood is a great choice. It has a versatility and timeless appeal. It’s available in a selection of tones from oak, to walnut and maple and is full of beauty and warmth.


Your lovely eclectic décor will reflect your personality and perhaps your travels and interests, but there’s no place like home for comfort. A new carpet will provide softness and warmth, and as they’re available in myriad patterns, textures and colours, there’s no need to go for plain – unless you want to! Consider layering rugs on top of carpets too. We offer a carpet whipping service so you can create a matching rug with any large offcuts of your new carpet, as well as a lovely selection of rugs that are ready to take away in most showrooms. Check your local store for more information.


When it comes to eclectic, then vinyl, with its huge variety of colours, patterns and textures was made for this style type. You could have a vinyl that mimicked the floor of an old Gothic mansion or a Mediterranean courtyard, that recalled Victorian tiles or an industrial warehouse conversion. And best of all, they’re so easy to keep clean and look good for years.


So now you’ve decided to go for an eclectic style in your home, but how to bring it all together? The easiest answer is to fit a flooring that’s the same throughout your own, to add some unity without every looking matchy-matchy. The beauty of laminate is that it can go from kitchen to living room to hall, even in bedrooms. It’s easy to install and comes in a plank style or a timeless herringbone pattern.

Luxury vinyl

If you’re trying to marry North African with a British mid-century modern look, or mixing French country accents with Scandi style, then luxury vinyl tiles or planks might be the best flooring. It combines the look of wood or marble or stone, it’s water- and scratch-resistant, available in moody dark shades as well as airy light tones, and provides the perfect backdrop for your eclectic taste.

Create an eclectic style with Tapi

If you’re excited about creating a home that’s a refreshing change from the constraints of traditional design, and want to express your creativity and personality, then we can certainly help with the flooring.

Show us images of the room you’d like to transform when you pop instore or use our clever PictureIT tool where you can visualise what your new carpet or laminate will look like in your home. Our friendly floorologists can give you advice on what will work with your budget and style ideas.

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