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We’ll arrange fitting

We’ll arrange fitting

Just sit back, relax and let our professional fitting partners install your new flooring.

We’ll arrange fitting

Carpet fitting, along with laminate, LVT and vinyl flooring installation, is a job best left to the experts. We've a little black book of professional fitters throughout the UK, and we trust them to fit your carpet or flooring quickly, efficiently, and perfectly. They’ll also take away your offcuts and give your new flooring a vacuum so it’s ready for you to enjoy straight away. Of course, you’re more than welcome to use your own carpet or  flooring fitter - the choice is yours! At Tapi, a quote for new flooring is completely tailored to you so you only pay for the services you need. Please note: fitting isn't available on our Online Only / Direct to Home products.

How much does fitting cost?

Our fitting costs vary depending on the size of your room and the flooring type being installed, ranging from £5.30 per m2 for carpet to £17.30 per m2 for the much trickier to install LVT. As we use independent fitters, the cost for fitting is payable directly to the fitter on the day of installation. It also includes a small admin fee for arranging the fitting with our professional fitting partners. Take a look at the table below to see how much fitting costs at Tapi.

Flooring type Cost Small Room (3x4m) Medium Room (4x4m) Large Room (5x4m)
Carpet £5.30 sqm £63.60 £84.80 £106.00
Vinyl £5.50 sqm £66.00 £88.00 £110.00
Laminate £14.30 sqm £171.60 £228.80 £286.00
Click LVT £17.30 sqm £207.60 £276.80 £346.00
Dryback LVT £17.30 sqm £207.60 £276.80 £346.00

How it works

Our flooring experts will ask if you need your new flooring fitted when they are putting together a full quote. If the answer is yes, you’ll receive a very excited email from us when your new flooring has arrived in-store, asking you to give the store a call to arrange a convenient fitting date. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with your fitting date and the countdown to the floor of your dreams has begun!

What can I expect on the day?

The day before installation we’ll send an email reminding you that your new flooring is going to be fitted tomorrow – as if you’d forgotten! A friendly fitter will arrive at the allotted time, which will be confirmed the day before, leaving you to relax while we take care of everything.

As part of our Delivery & Care package, the fitters are happy to move a reasonable amount of empty furniture. Unfortunately, they won't be able to move plumbed or wired items, or really heavy items like pianos or pool tables. Please let us know if any items require two people to move them, so we can ensure sufficient help is at hand.

What fitting services do you offer?

Our fitting partners offer a huge array of additional services to help get the perfect fit. From fitting your new carpet or flooring with underlay and accessories, to uplifting and removing your old flooring, Tapi can offer you a quote and arrange for a fitter to carry out these works for you. At Tapi – no mountain is too high! Just ask for these services at the time of ordering.

  • Fitting Whatever flooring you’ve chosen, be it carpet, vinyl, laminate, or LVT, our fitters have the skills and experience to get a perfect fit. They’ll also lay underlay and accessories like door bars, grippers, or stair rods. Fitting a new carpet can be done in as quickly as 30 minutes! Now that’s speedy!
  • Uplift & Removal Before your new gorgeous new carpet or flooring can be fitted, your old floor needs to be removed. It’s a messy and pretty dusty job but our fitting partners are happy to get stuck in! We charge £4.50 per metre for uplift and disposal, a small price to pay for stress-free installation.
  • Subfloor preparation A perfect new floor needs a smooth, solid foundation.  From installing a DPM (damp proof membrane) to preparing your subfloor with ply board, screed or a latex smoothing compound, our fitting partners can get your subfloor ready for your new floor. We’ll assess the condition of your subfloor when we visit your house to measure up and let you know if work needs doing.
  • But it isn’t always possible to inspect what’s underneath your current floor sufficiently enough to diagnose where some preparation work is needed prior to your new flooring being laid. If our fitting partners are installing your new floor and they do find that what’s underneath your existing floor needs work to make it right, in the majority of cases, they can help you resolve the problem. But there may be rare occasions where they advise you to bring in the services of a specialist contractor. Uneven floorboards, if left uncorrected, can adversely affect the appearance of your new flooring.
  • Door easing There are times when your doors may need some height adjustment easing. For example, if you go from a smooth floor to a thick, luxury carpet. At Tapi, we do our best to help and some, but not all, of our fitting partners, can trim standard doors. However, fire, glass, panelled, hollow and chain doors would be best left to specialist carpenters. Let us know the type of doors you have so we can help with the best solution. Some of our showrooms can recommend local carpenters that are on hand to help too.
  • Carpet whipping We can make any carpet into a rug or stair runner. Let us know the size you need and we’ll whip it into shape with our carpet whipping service! This specialist skill involves taping the edge of the cut carpet with a single, double, or piped border, in a variety of materials such as cotton, linen, and faux leather. This is also a great way to use good size off cuts from your new carpet to make little protective entrance mats that match. Ask your local Tapi store for details.

10-year fitting guarantee

When your carpet, accessories and underlay are all purchased from Tapi Carpets and Floors and when your fitting service is arranged by us with one of our recommended fitters, you qualify for our 10-year fitting guarantee. Hurrah! This means that should you encounter any issues with the installation within 10 years from the date on your invoice, we’ll rectify them free of charge. Please keep your receipt for proof of purchase. Your flooring must stay in the original location and not be moved or tampered with and should be used only according to our recommendations. You can read more about our 10-year fitting guarantee here.

Can I fit flooring myself?

If you want to try fitting your new flooring yourself, go for it! You’ll need a few tools and some take longer than others, but it’s a great way to learn a new skill. Our handy expert guides will give you simple step-by-step instructions on how to fit your new carpet, laminate, vinyl, or LVT.

Did we answer all your fitting questions? If not, take a look at our fitting FAQs.