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As well as selling fabulous flooring, we can also arrange a variety of fitting services for you. Whether you need us to help measure your floor, remove your old floor, or assess if you need new underlay, we'll arrange all that and more to ensure your new flooring fits perfectly. At Tapi, no mountain is too high! Just ask a member of Team Tapi in-store or contact Customer Support to discover all the floor fitting services available.

Do you fit flooring?

We can absolutely help with fitting your new Tapi flooring. Our skilled fitting partners are able to fit a variety of flooring such as carpet, luxury vinyl tiles, laminate, vinyl flooring, underlay and accessories, anywhere in your home. Whether you want carpet on your stairs or laminate in your living room, they can do it all! Fitting is an additional service that's paid directly to the fitting partner on the day of installation. Take a look at our fitting guide for more information, or please feel free to ask a member of Team Tapi in-store and they'll answer any questions you may have regarding our fitting service.

Do you move furniture out of the room before fitting new flooring?

Yes! If you need us to move furniture out of your room(s) before fitting new flooring, we can help with that! In general, it’s best to get as much furniture out of the room as possible. If you've purchased the Delivery & Care Package, then our fitters will remove a reasonable amount of empty furniture from the room. If the furniture that needs to be removed is heavy or large and requires more than one person to lift it, please inform us when you're placing your order so we can make our fitting partners aware. In some circumstances, we may be able to offer a ‘room clearance’ service; if you require this, please ask in-store for more information on what this service entails. Please note, we're unable to move electrical or plumbed in items.

Will you uplift and remove my old flooring?

Once you’ve placed an order with us, we can arrange for our trusted and experienced fitters to take up your old flooring and remove it for you, too. There will be a charge for this extra service, payable to the fitter on the day of the fitting. The cost for uplifting and removing your old carpet and underlay varies, depending on how much old flooring needs to be removed and how easy it is to remove. We only offer this extra service to customers who’ve ordered new carpet or flooring with us. 

I’ve measured my flooring myself or have the measurements available, do I still need a Home Visit?

We can provide a quotation and order your flooring without a Home Visit if you have your own measurements available. In some circumstances, such as for stairs and landings, we may prefer to send our skilled estimators out to view your home to ensure the future installation is carried out smoothly. Where your choice of flooring is changing to a different type e.g. from carpet to laminate, we would again suggest a Home Visit is desirable. But if you feel this is unnecessary, we can proceed with the sizes we have been provided.

What is the Delivery & Care package?

We keep our prices low by being transparent and not building hidden costs into the overall price of your flooring. That’s why, if you would like us to arrange delivery and fitting for you, you will need to purchase our Delivery & Care Package for £39.

The Tapi Delivery & Care Package includes:
- Preparing, packaging and delivering your new flooring.
- Removing a reasonable amount of empty furniture (for larger items, please clarify in store so we can prepare the team) and replacing them afterwards.
- A complimentary tidy-up to ensure you can enjoy your new flooring right away!
- Removing any offcuts leftover from the installation. The fitters will do this on the day of fitting; they’ll return these back to the store and we'll dispose of them for you. If you want to keep these, please make your fitting partner aware.

Choosing our Delivery & Care package qualifies you for the 10-year fitting guarantee, which covers your flooring for 10 years from the invoice date.

Do I have to purchase the Delivery and Care package?

Not at all. We want to offer you the flexibility of choosing who installs your new flooring. We really do recommend using a Tapi fitting partner and our measuring service, but if you plan to fit the carpet yourself or make your own arrangements, there's no need to purchase the Delivery & Care package. If you decide not to go for our Delivery & Care package, then you'll need to arrange for collection of your flooring or pay a delivery fee (from £25).

I’m not sure if my subfloor is suitable, can you help with that?

Yes, our fitting partners offer a huge choice of services to help prepare your bare flooring to ensure a perfect, worry-free finish. Our estimators and home consultants will be able to point out any potential concerns that may need to be addressed prior to fitting as well as providing a quotation for the services if they have access to confirm the condition of your subfloor.

Do you offer additional fitting services?

From uplifting and removing your old flooring to preparing your new subfloor with screed or ply board, our fitting partners can carry out a range of additional services if required. If you arrange to have your home measured before ordering, we can highlight any additional services you may need and discuss the options available. Many of our fitters will trim doors, but not all of them do so please mention this to us if you need this service. 

We can arrange to uplift and dispose of your old flooring before laying your new flooring; however, this is an additional service which is added onto the fitting charge. We always advise customers to uplift their own flooring as it can become quite a messy job if you’ve had your flooring down for a long time!

Do you offer door trimming?

Many of our fitting partners offer door trimming as an additional service if it's needed, although they are unable to perform this task on fire doors for safety reasons. If you’re worried your new carpet might not fit with your current doors, please let a member of staff in-store know so we can advise you accordingly.

Where can I get a quote for fitting carpet, laminate, or vinyl flooring?

A member of Team Tapi will provide you with a quote for fitting your new flooring when discussing your flooring purchase. We're unable to provide a quote for fitting flooring not purchased from Tapi, and we don't fit artificial grass.

How much does fitting cost?

Fitting costs have a number of varying factors such as the type of flooring, the location in which it will be fitted, and the size of the flooring being fitted. Here are our fitting costs:

- Carpet - £5.50 sqm
- Vinyl - £5.70 sqm
- Laminate - £14.50 sqm
- Click LVT - £17.50 sqm
- Dryback LVT - £17.50 sqm
(This also includes a small fee for arranging the fitting. Minimum fitting costs also apply and rates are slightly higher inside the M25)

It's best to get in contact with us directly to discuss your fitting quote either by emailing us at [email protected] or just popping into your local store!

I have a fitting confirmation but no time slot, what should I do?

Don't worry! Our fitters will contact you either the day before or on the morning of your fitting to confirm your time slot. If you have any questions about your upcoming fitting, please contact your local Tapi store.

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