Best flooring for bedrooms

Best flooring for bedrooms

Your bedroom is a haven of peace and tranquillity – or at least it should be! Creating the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom involves different elements – the right paint colour, the comfiest furniture, and the right flooring. We wanted to make figuring out which type of flooring is best for your bedroom easy, so here’s our advice on which bedroom flooring will work best for you.

We’ll take a look at the different types of bedroom flooring you could opt for, based on what type of flooring suits your decor, as well as take a look at their pros and cons and then take a look at the different priorities you may have that would dictate which is the best flooring for your bedroom.

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Types of bedroom flooring

There are lots of different types of flooring you could opt for in your bedroom:

  • Carpet
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Engineered wood
  • Tiles

Each of these types of flooring could be perfect in your bedroom, but we know that every home is unique and that we all have different styles and preferences! So, here we’ll take you through the pros and cons of each, to give you a better idea of which one would suit your space best.

Bedroom carpet

Carpet is the most common choice for bedrooms, as it helps to keep heat in, is comfortable underfoot, and has a lot of different style options, from plain carpet to tartan carpet. There are also a lot of different piles to choose from, whether you prefer the lush feeling of sinking into a thick velvet carpet (perfect if you want to recreate your luxury hotel bedroom), or you prefer the aesthetic of a traditional loop pile carpet.

Carpet is a popular choice for bedrooms because it has a high tog, meaning it does a great job of holding in heat, which is essential during those chilly winter nights – and feels warm under your feet on cold mornings too! Carpet is also favoured for quieter areas of the home since it can wear quicker than some of the harder options like laminate and vinyl. Your carpet could last as long as fifteen years if you take care of it properly – find out more about how to clean carpets in our handy guide. 

Bedroom laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective alternative to genuine wooden flooring that doesn’t compromise on the timeless effect or quality. Laminate is popular for homes with children and pets thanks to its durability and its water-resistant top layer. Available in a range of stains, colours, and wood styles, you can even opt for patterned laminate if you like to make your bedroom bold and beautiful.

Laminate does not have the same tog rating as carpet, however, it’s ideal for use with underfloor heating, so you can still have those warm floors and toasty toes. Its durable top coat is perfect for homes with pets, as you can avoid any scratches from their claws, and it also helps with any spills or stains that can happen. You can also achieve different looks easily with vinyl, such as an aged/vintage aesthetic for older homes where you want the look of older flooring without the cost and fear of damage. Find out more about the pros and cons of laminate in our ‘what is laminate’ guide.  

Bedroom vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is another option that can easily replicate the look of wooden flooring, similar to laminate flooring, however, they’re fitted in different ways. Vinyl comes in a large roll, whereas laminate has to be laid in separate boards, similar to wooden flooring – our laminate vs vinyl guide has lots more information if you’re keen to know more. Vinyl can also replicate the effect of stone, tiles and even patterned flooring.

Vinyl flooring is more of an unusual choice for bedrooms, as it’s more commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms thanks to its water-resistant layers and slight sponginess underfoot. However, it’s a great option if you want to replicate the look of wooden flooring or tile that flows between different spaces. This makes it a popular option for studio apartments or bedrooms that link to other rooms without doors in between. It's great for injecting some personality into your flooring, as it has the widest variety of designs, patterns, and colours out of all the flooring types.

Bedroom flooring tiles

Genuine tiles in a bedroom are also an uncommon flooring choice but can be a great way to inject personality and personal style into a space. Similar to laminate, tile is a great conductor of heat, making it popular for underfloor heating. Tiled bedroom flooring tends to be more common in ground-floor bedrooms where flooring can flow through from hallways, kitchens, and common spaces.

Tiles are a popular flooring because of their sleek style, minimalist design, and cooling feeling underfoot. Opting for large, neutral-toned tiles underneath a colourful rug is great to have continuity around your house, whilst also having the comfort of a soft rug underfoot too. For even more continuity, you can bring the carpet that you have in other areas of your home into the bedroom as a rug using our carpet whipping service.

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What is the best flooring for my bedroom?

As flooring lovers, we would never be able to tell you which flooring type was our favourite pick for your home – it’s all down to your preferences and your top priorities:

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Quality

If cost is the most important factor for which flooring type you choose, then you may find that the initial upfront cost of tiles and genuine wooden flooring are too expensive. However, it’s also worth bearing in mind how long you would like your flooring to last, as some flooring will need to be replaced regularly if you use it in a busy bedroom. For this reason, laminate and vinyl would be the best picks, as they’re durable and long-lasting even in busy parts of your home.

If durability is the most important factor, then we’ve already established that laminate and vinyl are great options for busy areas of the home. However, if you don’t work from home in your bedroom, or use it for anything other than sleeping and dressing, then the carpet would be a great choice because it can last for decades when cared for properly.

Quality may be the factor that’s guiding your decision, and you can rest assured that Tapi’s carpets, laminate and vinyl are all of top quality and come with guarantees to give you peace of mind. We also employ professional fitters who will make sure that your bedroom flooring is fitted to perfection, so you won’t have to worry about a thing, from delivery to the final step of the process.

Bedroom flooring ideas

Still trying to wrap your head around all the different types of flooring and what bedroom flooring would look best in your home? You can check out our lookbooks for different colour scheme ideas if you want to nail down the colours that you love, or you can take a look through our style inspiration section to get some inspiration from your bedroom - from Art Deco interior design, through to the coastal decor trend, we've got you covered.

Make sure to check out our Ideas Hub for more guidance and inspiration, and if you’re ready to buy that bedroom flooring that you love, come down to your local Tapi store and speak to one of our friendly floorologists today.

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Published: 21-11-2022