Carpet Buying Guide

Carpet Buying Guide

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How to choose carpet by room

Each room in your home has its own personality and function, and finding a carpet that suits the space is really important for tying together the aesthetic of your room. From cosy living rooms to classy dining rooms and calming bedrooms, the right Tapi flooring will have all the functionality and style you need.


Your living room is both your wind-down space and your entertaining space, so you’ll love all the carpets that are both soft and durable in our living room carpet range.


Our kitchen carpet range is made up of stain-resistant and hardwearing carpet options, to ensure that the heart of your home stays cosy and functional.


Finding the softest and warmest carpet for your bedroom is much easier when you explore the Tapi bedroom carpet range, with deep pile and textured carpets that feel incredible under your feet.


Perfect for spaces where you want to relax and dine in style, these dining room carpets blend function and design to create practical beauty.


You’ll want to explore our hardwearing and sustainable hallway and stairs collection for statement runners and neutral carpets that are hardwearing and high quality.


Our bathroom carpet collection keeps that cosy and warm feeling from bed to bath and features a selection of colours and features to best suit your space.

You can see how any of these carpets would look in your home with our PictureIt flooring visualiser tool.

How to choose carpet by style

With a range of different styles available, you can shop the Tapi carpet collection for your favourite look. Different styles will have different benefits, but you’ll be certain to find a carpet style that suits you needs here at Tapi.


Twist carpets are durable and soft, made with twisted fibres that won’t flatten easily, making them very versatile for lots of different spaces.


Saxony carpets are renowned for being luxuriously soft, with a deep pile that you simply sink into every time you step on it.


Our range of woven carpets is both resilient and soft and comes in a whole range of patterns for you to add your personality to your room.


Loop pile, or Berber carpets, are the classic hardwearing style that are perfect for family homes where you need extra durability.

Need some help choosing between the different styles? Our Flooring Finder tool will give you recommendations based on your preferences.

How to choose carpet by fibre

The fibres that your carpet is made from are just as important as the style – the materials that your carpet is made from will dictate how the carpet feels under your feet and the different features that you’ll get from your carpet too.


Polyester carpets are easy to clean and maintain and can also stand up to all the busy feet that move through your home.


Mixed fibre carpets combine both natural and man-made materials so that you can get the best of both worlds.


Natural fibre carpets are the traditional pick for your home, bringing all the warmth and softness you’d expect from organic materials.

  • WOOL

Wool is one of the most resilient carpet materials you can get, with a natural spring back and highly insulative too.


This man-made fibre carpet is unbelievably soft to the touch but is also very hardwearing and stain resistant to bring you comfort and functionality.

How to choose carpet by colour

The colour of your carpet can be just as big of a decision as the fibres and style that you opt for – after all, they need to match the rest of the style in the room it’s going into!


Neutral colours such as grey, brown, and beige are perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere.


Add some bright personality to your rooms with a bold coloured carpet – pick from blues, yellows, greens and even pinks and purples!


Black is great for creating a sultry, moody atmosphere in your space, especially when paired with contrasting monochrome colours like white walls.


White carpet is great for brightening a room, especially when paired with neutrals or with complimentary shades like grey or black.

How to choose carpet by design

Don’t want to stick with just one colour? Then why not go for a pattern that combines multiple colours and shapes.


Herringbone carpet creates an angular style that mimics the timeless look of hardwood chevron or herringbone patterns but with the softness of carpet.


This traditional pattern has timeless appeal, and adds character to any room that it’s in.


From animal prints to geometric styles, patterned carpet comes in a variety of looks to suit your preferences.


Striped carpet is another style that looks great in every space, especially when used on stair runners to add height to your stairs.

Want to find more carpet inspiration? Why not check out our Lookbooks for fabulous flooring trends, or our Flooring Ideas for looks inspired by our very own customers.