How to embrace the Parisian interior design trend

How to embrace the Parisian interior design trend

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Parisians have always been widely regarded as fashionable and leaders when it comes to all things design focused. Because of this, not only are their wardrobes highly coveted but so is the style of their homes, particularly Parisian apartments. A quick search on any social media platform of Parisian apartments will bring hundreds of images of carefully crafted, meticulously detailed rooms just oozing with elegance and casual style.

We’re going to take you through the definition of Parisian style and how best to describe it, as well as some of the ways in which you can recreate that style in your own home, from flooring to décor, to create your own version of Parisian interior design.

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What is Parisian interior design style?

Parisian interior design can be defined using one word – chic. It blends contemporary and classic styles to create a timeless and elegant effect that still feels modern and cool. The colours are overall muted, playing off the natural light that comes in from plenty of large windows, a key feature in almost all Parisian apartments. The walls are generally painted a neutral colour like cream or beige to keep the attention on finer details like decorative wall mouldings, ornate plaster features, or a marble fireplace.

As for floors, they rely on timeless patterns like herringbone or chevron, neutral carpets and rugs or tiles in large but subtle patterns that don’t overwhelm the space. This adds to the casual elegance of Parisian interiors because the styling appears luxurious and doesn’t need the addition of gaudy colours.

As for décor, Parisians lean into blending of timeless French pieces, like large, gilded mirrors and chandeliers, with modern accompaniments, like black and white photos and minimalist furniture to creates sleek, simple lines. Greenery, flowers, and candles are a must in the Parisian apartment style, as the French believe heavily in the influence of scent on your mood and how you feel in a space. Floral notes, woody scents, and calming smells of lavender and jasmine are all inviting and relaxing, perfect for a relaxed Parisian vibe.

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How to recreate a Parisian apartment interior

To recreate Parisian interior style in your own home, there are three areas to target – the foundation of your room, which is the walls and the floors; the furniture you pick, and the décor that you use to create definitive moments in the space. Here are our top tips to try:

Parisian-style flooring and walls

Concentrate on the floor and walls of your room (not to forget the ceiling too!). Classic herringbone and parquet style flooring is a great look, and you can even go budget-friendly with this by picking herringbone laminate or herringbone LVT. Both of these options are great for busier homes too, as there are several options we sell at Tapi which are stain and water-resistant.

Alternatively, opting for a neutral tone for your flooring can be just as chic, such as a beige carpet. Like the Parisians, we have cooler winter temperatures to keep in mind, so carpet is a great way of bringing in that chic style without compromising on losing your heat. Marble is another luxurious material you can get on a budget with stone-effect vinyl, achieving the Parisian style at a much cheaper cost.   

For the walls and ceilings, ornate plastering and mouldings are the way to achieving that elevated look. Luckily, for Parisian style, the wall colours are flexible, although muted tones are preferred. For example, if you prefer to keep your walls colourful rather than neutral, stay away from bright tones like cerulean and scarlet, and lean more towards a cool-toned plum, or rich forest green. Muted tones are better for letting your furniture and décor stand out, creating the ideal backdrop.

Parisian-style furniture

Parisian apartment style places a lot of focus on the furniture – this is where the famous French statement pieces and luxurious design really come into play. Your walls and flooring create the perfect base from which you can play with more colour and texture. Delicate and ornate furniture from the baroque to the rococo eras, especially the Louis XV era, really works well here, such as detailed chaise lounges and sofas, as well as low-backed chairs and loveseats. These match in with the ornate details on the walls, but can also make for beautiful statement pieces that stand out within a combination with contemporary streamlined items.

Black and white is a classic combination for furniture that can work beautifully against coloured wooden floors and deep wall colours. In recent years, matching black and white with neutral tones like grey and beige has also come back into fashion, as well as more ostentatious colour schemes that maximalists will love.  Bring some personality into the room with patterned furniture, and bold chunky-style side tables and dining tables. Low seating matched with a thick dining table and low-hanging pendant light creates a beautiful juxtaposition against the feminine elegance of the wall mouldings and tall windows of a Parisian apartment.

Parisian style décor

The décor that you use will be pieces that speak most to your personality, style, and budget and there are so many ways you can incorporate that into the Parisian apartment style. If you love lots of photographs and personal memories, printing them in black and white and putting them into simple black frames to create a large gallery wall is very in keeping with the Parisian style. Alternatively, if you love plants, place a large statement plant strategically instead of clumping them all together, and make sure to find spots where they can get a lot of good light.

Decorative accents like small marble statues are very luxurious and fit perfectly in Parisian interiors, as well as coffee table books that reflect your interests. You can’t go wrong with the three perfect additions to any space in a Parisian apartment interior – flowers, greenery, and candles. Add large branches in a low vase to create a dramatic table arrangement or grouped candles together to create a romantic light source in the evenings. Tres chic!

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Find your own Parisian interior style

If you want to find the perfect Parisian style to suit your space, why not get in touch with our expert floorologists? You can book a free home visit or pop into your local store, and they can tell you exactly what kind of floor would work best in your home and help you work out how to find your own personal Parisian style. If you want more inspiration, we have even more suggestions for carpet, flooring and paint colours in our Ideas Hub, to help you realise your Parisian style, or tips on how to achieve a French country design style, instead.


Published: 22-12-2022