White kitchen design trends

White kitchen design trends

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A white kitchen can create a stunning effect in any home, and it’s no wonder white kitchen designs are so popular! With its clean and timeless look, a white kitchen can be a versatile canvas for a range of different styles and design choices.

In this guide, we’ll explore why white kitchens are popular, and offer some modern and traditional white kitchen ideas to help you create your perfect kitchen. Whether you’re going for a sleek and minimalist look, or a cosy and inviting feel, there are plenty of ways to make a white kitchen design work for you.

Why is white kitchen design popular?

White kitchen design is a popular choice for several reasons. Firstly, it can create a bright and airy space, making the room feel more spacious and inviting. Secondly, white is a timeless colour that works with any style of décor, from modern to traditional. It’s a versatile shade that can be used in different ways to create a range of looks, from sleek and contemporary to warm and homely.

It also offers a blank canvas for you to add your own personal touches. Whether you choose to incorporate pops of colour, add natural textures, or mix and match different materials, a white kitchen can provide the perfect backdrop for your creativity and colourful personality!

White modern kitchen ideas

Modern white kitchens are all about sleek lines, minimalism, and functionality. Here are some modern white kitchen ideas to inspire your next home renovation project:

Modern white kitchen décor

When it comes to modern white kitchen décor, less is often more. To achieve a sleek and minimalist look, consider incorporating handle-less cabinets and drawers, a streamlined sink and tap, and a neutral backsplash. Cabinets without visible hardware can be opened with a push or pull mechanism, or with touch-to-open technology. This style can work with a variety of cabinet designs, from flat-front to shaker-style.

You could also install a tap with touchless technology for added convenience and hygiene. A simple backsplash can compliment a modern white kitchen - large format tiles or slabs can create a very seamless look, while a metallic or glossy finish can add that visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Laminate or luxury vinyl can be a durable and low-maintenance choice for a modern white kitchen as they both mimic the look of natural materials such as wood or stone - we would suggest choosing a finish that compliments your overall colour scheme.

Avoid using rugs or mats that can detract from the minimalist look of the space. With Tapi's wide collection of flooring options, you can find the perfect flooring to complement your modern white kitchen design. For more inspiration, check out Tapi's guide on flooring ideas for a modern kitchen.

Modern white kitchen colour palettes

  • Shades of grey can create a sleek and sophisticated look, such as grey cabinets or a grey backsplash.
  • Black accents can create a bold and dramatic look, such as black light fixtures or black hardware on cabinets.
  • Navy blue can add depth and richness to a white kitchen, such as navy barstools or a navy accent wall.
  • To warm up a modern white kitchen, consider adding natural elements such as a wood countertop, wood flooring, or wood shelving.
  • You could also consider adding a pop of colour with a bold accent wall in a warm colour such as orange or red, or incorporate colourful accessories such as a bright yellow kettle or greenery in a vase.

White traditional kitchen ideas

If you prefer a more classic look, a traditional white kitchen might be the right choice for you. Here are some ideas to help you create a timeless and elegant space:

Traditional white kitchen ideas

Shaker-style cabinets are a classic choice for a traditional white kitchen because they feature a simple and timeless design that can work with any style of décor. Look for cabinets with recessed panels and a clean, square edge and choose a finish that complements your overall colour scheme, such as a matte or satin. For added visual interest, consider incorporating glass doors so you can see all your favourite glassware on display!

A warm and inviting flooring material can add a touch of elegance and comfort to your traditional white kitchen - engineered wood flooring adds a touch of warmth to your traditional white kitchen as it’s made up of layers of real wood and composite materials that are bonded together to create a stable and durable surface.

Cushioned vinyl flooring feels soft to walk on, and is quieter underfoot than engineered wood. It’s a cost-effective way to refresh your kitchen and it works well with underfloor heating, too. Look for options that mimic the look of natural wood, such as oak or maple.

For the countertops, consider using a natural material such as marble or granite. These materials have a timeless look that can work with any style of décor, and come in lots of different looks, such as a honed or polished finish, or you could even opt for a luxurious marble texture/finish. For more marble inspiration, check out our guide on how to incorporate marble into your kitchen. By introducing these luxurious elements, you can create a traditional white kitchen that is both functional and stylish.

Traditional white kitchen colour palettes

  • Soft shades of green can create a calming and refreshing atmosphere in your traditional white kitchen - sage green, for example, can add a touch of sophistication, while mint green can create a playful and cheerful feel. You can bring these green shades in with plants or kitchen décor.
  • Consider using shades of blue such as navy or indigo to create a sophisticated and timeless look. Alternatively, lighter shades of blue such as powder blue can create a playful and airy feel.
  • Shades of brown or taupe can add a sense of warmth and comfort to your traditional white kitchen. Shades such as caramel or chestnut to create a cosy and inviting feel and could be woven through natural wood elements such as flooring, cabinetry, or a wood countertop.
  • Cream can create a soft and elegant look in your traditional white kitchen. Cream shades like ivory or eggshell create a warm and inviting atmosphere and can be incorporated through wall paint, backsplash tiles, or even kitchen accessories like jugs and vases.

Check out Tapi's guide on the best flooring for kitchens to find more timeless picks for a classic kitchen style that will never go out of style.

How to warm up a white kitchen

If you’re concerned that a white kitchen might feel too cold or clinical, there are several ways to warm up the space. Here are some ideas to help you create a welcoming and warm white kitchen:

  1. Adding natural textures such as wood, rattan, or woven materials can add warmth and texture to your space. Natural materials can also help to soften the brightness of the white cabinets and countertops.
  2. Incorporate warm lighting in your white kitchen. This can be done by using pendant lights or wall sconces, which can add a soft and inviting glow to your space.
  3. Add pops of colour to your white kitchen. This could be achieved using colourful accessories such as artwork, textiles, or kitchen utensils. Adding a colourful rug or runner can also help to break up the white flooring and add some warmth to your space.


A white kitchen can create a stunning and versatile space that can work with any style of décor. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, there are plenty of ways to incorporate white into your kitchen design, including your kitchen flooring. Come down to your local Tapi store to check out some of the white flooring options that we have on offer - with our expert advice and wide range of luxurious flooring options, we can help make your white kitchen ideas into a reality!

Alternatively, head on over to our Ideas Hub, where you'll find tons more inspiration for your kitchen, include country-style kitchen design ideas, and more.

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Published: 18-05-2023