Flooring ideas for a modern kitchen

Flooring ideas for a modern kitchen

If you’ve just embarked on a DIY project, then you’ll already know that thinking up modern kitchen flooring ideas is one of your biggest challenges. Once you’ve decided your budget, there’s still so much to choose from, whether it’s the material, the style and the colour. Not to mention, you might need to tailor your flooring if you have an open-plan living design.

On top of that, there’s the issue of how long your new flooring will last, and what you’ll have to do to keep it in great condition. In terms of trends, you may want to go your own way, or follow the current fashion. Our guide will give you all the options, explain the pros and cons, and hopefully steer you in the right direction. All you’ll need to do is read on.

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What’s the best flooring for a modern kitchen?

This entirely depends on personal taste. While traditional materials like stone or wood look good, they may not be as practical as some of the more modern products on the market.


For centuries, people have turned to stone! There are many varieties, from limestone, sandstone, travertine, marble, slate and granite, and the choice of finishes and colours is vast. While stone is long-lasting and looks good, it can be cold to the touch, and you may not regret choosing a stone floor if you spend a long time in the kitchen in bare feet. You can get around that problem by installing underfloor heating or laying down a rug. And don’t forget to check whether the stone you are thinking of buying isn’t naturally porous. Otherwise you’ll need to ensure it has been sealed to avoid splashes and spills penetrating its surface.

If you have your heart set on the look of natural stone, then there are plenty of options available that look so similar, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from first glance. They have the advantage of being a lot cheaper, warmer to the touch and easy to maintain. A smooth floor that mimics ceramic or stone, like our stone-effect vinyl also won’t suffer from dirt getting into its grout marks and will avoid staining.


Concrete is a modern kitchen flooring idea if you like that rugged, industrial look. It can be used on floors or surfaces, and while it looks good, it needs to be installed by a professional and isn’t a sensible choice for a DIY project. It also feels cold to the touch and is noisy to walk on, so think twice about installing it if you live in a block of flats or want a comfortable flooring option.

Carpet and rugs

While you may not have put carpets and rugs on your initial list of modern kitchen flooring ideas, they can add warmth and enhance a neutral space with a pop of colour or a welcome change of texture. As you’d imagine, the best carpets and rugs will be easy to clean because even the most experienced chef has the odd spill or splash while they’re cooking.

Tapi sells a selection of carpets that look good and are easy to keep looking clean. We’d also recommend our carpet whipping service, where you can choose the carpet of your dreams and specify a size, and we’ll create a rug to your exact requirements with our carpet whipping service.


Wood looks good, adds warmth to any room and has been used as a flooring in kitchens for years. However, it can be expensive, shows dents and marks and needs regular TLC to keep it in its best condition. Solid hardwood may warp, particularly if it’s fitted in a humid or damp environment. However, there’s a solution to this – engineered wood. This clever product is made from a top layer of real wood, with several layers underneath, each glued down with the grain in a different direction from the next. This not only strengthens the planks, it ensures they don’t buckle or move once they’ve been fitted. You can also create beautiful patterns with herringbone engineered wood

In addition, engineered wood looks timeless. It will fit in with your existing décor if you’re only replacing your floor, and it also looks great against any new fixtures or fittings you may be installing, whatever your style. But don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a budget alternative. The best engineered wood is stronger than regular hardwood, although this considered purchase will reward you for years to come.


This geometric pattern, which has been around since the days of ancient Egypt, still looks fresh and makes a superb modern kitchen flooring idea. The distinctive zig-zag of herringbone flooring draws the eye down, making the floor the focal point of the room. It can make a smaller kitchen seem larger, and it’s a clever way of introducing some subtle texture if you’re going for a calm, minimalist scheme. Herringbone’s available in engineered wood, laminate, sheet vinyl and LVT (luxury vinyl tiles), in an array of colours. The current trend is to go as big as you dare with large planks arranged in this familiar look, but how you style it is up to you.


Laminate flooring, sold in planks, hits the sweet spot of affordability, good looks and durability. Laminate is scratch- and water-resistant, which makes it a great, practical choice for a family kitchen. It’s simple to fit too. Tapi’s impressive selection includes beech brown, dark walnuts, pale creams and ash-grey shades. Look out for the laminates that are guaranteed to be extra hard-wearing and heat-resistant. And if that’s not enough, it’s also a breeze to clean. All you need to do is give laminate a vacuum, then a quick wipe over with a mop or damp cloth and some general cleaning solution, making sure you don’t leave any standing water as you go. It's ideal in all kitchens, and is amongst one of the best flooring options for small kitchens.

Luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl

Lino used to be the old-fashioned choice for flooring in a kitchen. But it was brittle and often cold to the touch. The latest flooring ideas for a modern kitchen are sheet vinyls – a world away from the bad old days. They’re extremely easy to lay under cabinets and units, they come in a wonderful range of styles, patterns and colours, and they’re warm and comfortably bouncy on your feet. You can mimic the look of wood, tile or stone and even poured concrete. They’re a doddle to clean and are water-resistant – who could ask for more?

Luxury vinyl is available in planks (mostly), just like laminate or engineered wood. It lays down above an underlay, often with a simple click mechanism and it looks amazing, and lasts for a long time. Tapi sells a variety of both, and we’d recommend you visit your nearest store and speak to one of our experienced floorologists who will be delighted to recommend a floor to suit your budget and taste.

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Modern flooring kitchen ideas: other expenses

Once you’ve decided the look you’re going for, don’t forget to factor in any additional charges. For instance, you’re very likely to need underlay, or to pay for a professional fitter to smooth the subfloor then lay down the flooring. If you have your heart set on underfloor heating, make sure the flooring you buy is compatible. And once you’ve got the floor of your dreams, you may notice the rest of the kitchen could benefit from being spruced up!

Colour trends for modern kitchen flooring

While designers are always keen to promote pale tones, it seems that we’re still keen on having bold, contrasting colours in our own homes. In a recent survey, 60% of homeowners revealed they’d choose medium to dark tones for their modern kitchen flooring instead of bleached shades.

If we’ve whet your appetite, why not book a home visit from one of our mobile showrooms or come into a store today to discover the best flooring for kitchens, or take a look at some of our other related guides, including tips on how to create a kitchen nook?

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Published: 01-12-2022