Redecoration hints and tips: Guide to matching paint colours with different flooring styles

Redecoration hints and tips: Guide to matching paint colours with different flooring styles

It can be tricky choosing the right flooring and paint for your home.

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Tapi has revealed popular paint colours in the UK, offering expert advice on which flooring styles and colours would best complement them.


Green is fast becoming one of the most popular hues to paint your home. Green perfectly lends itself to wood-look flooring for an earthy, natural, and simplistic look that brings the outside in. For sage greens, pair with light oak flooring to really bring a sense of freshness and light to your space.

With mid-green shades, these are perfectly matched with chestnut wood flooring for a warm and cosy style. For darker greens, such as emeralds and teals, you can either pair with a light birch flooring for contrast, or really evoke a cocooning feeling by pairing with dark-coloured wood - discover our entire laminate flooring collection.  


Blues are another ever-popular choice in homes, especially in living spaces. When matching blue shades to flooring, it’s all about balance.

Blue-grey teals are incredibly popular, and with such a cool tone paint it’s a good idea to pair this with warm pine or chestnut flooring, to make the space seem cosier and warmer. Matching a cool tone paint with a cool tone floor will only make the space seem colder and less inviting.

In contrast, a warmer toned blue lends itself well to lighter cooler floors such as whites and natural hues, to balance the space and evoke a sense of calm.

Blacks and deep purples

They may not be for everybody, but blacks and deep purples are an increasingly popular paint choice, especially in bedrooms as they help to create an uber-cosy, cocooning environment.

When pairing this with flooring, there are two options you should consider. You could pair with shades of mahogany, walnut, and chestnut as these all have rich undertones that will complement darker hues on the wall. If you do this, it’s a good idea to keep two or three walls painted in a warm-toned white or cream otherwise you could make the room too dark and seem smaller than what it is.

To also combat that problem, a popular route is to pair darker walls with lighter flooring, such as white or grey. This will create balance and keep your room looking spacious.


Not just for girls’ bedrooms, pink is becoming a staple colour in the home. Which flooring you choose all depends on the hue of the pink.

For softer, dusty pinks, opt for wood flooring in a rich, warm hue (such as oak) to keep the space looking cosy and inviting. Cool grey or bleached flooring will look great with brighter pinks to help balance the cool and warm tones in the space. Check out our guide on blush pink bathroom design for more inspiration.


Always-popular, neutral toned rooms are certainly not going anywhere soon. As always, pairing neutrals with appropriate flooring is all about balance.

If you are a fan of cooler flooring such as whites or greys, warm these up by pairing with white paints with a yellow undertone. Alternatively, a warmer flooring such as oak or pine will look great against cooler tone neutrals. For more inspiration, take a look at our guide on grey living room design ideas.

Commenting, Johanna Constantinou, Brand and Communications Director at Tapi, says: “Many people are looking to redecorate their home especially in time for summer, and it can be a hard feat knowing which paint colours match with what type and style of flooring. That’s why we have offered our advice on which flooring styles best complement popular paint hues, hopefully helping anyone looking for guidance on redecoration.”

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