Grey living room design ideas

Grey living room design ideas

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Currently one of the most popular colours for interior design, grey living room décor shows no sign of going away. That’s because it’s so versatile, suitable for every type of lounge and it goes with both traditional and contemporary styles. There are of course more than 50 shades of grey to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that suits you.

Grey can be sophisticated and cool, or warm and cosy and you can inject your own personality into a grey living room through your use of sentimental objects and including a toning or contrasting colour. If you’re thinking about refreshing your home and need some grey living room ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

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Anything goes with grey

Tapi has a collection of sumptuous carpets in charcoal or gunmetal, from silver to slate. And they’re not just solid colours, some have a fab, two-tone heathered look, others have a sparkle of silver. Or take a look at tartan carpet or the amazing grey animal prints – you’re definitely find one you’ll fall in love with. We’ve also created a shades of grey lookbook where grey is the hero of the room, to help you get creative and think up with your own grey lounge ideas. And if you’re wondering whether you should choose a new grey sofa to go with your grey carpet, why not? We’ve come up with some of the most popular grey living room design to inspire you below.

Go monochrome

Black and white is a timeless design idea for your interior decor, so why give it a twist by substituting the black for grey – or add grey to the mix as it’s another neutral? This look is classic and stylish and will work well with every other piece of furniture or soft furnishings you already own.

Liven up your grey living room with colour

One of the advantages of grey is, as well as it being a star performer in its own right, it lends itself to being a strong background shade that can take pops of bright colour. The darker tones ‘anchor’ the room, while your chosen hue adds the interest. We’ve selected some of our favourite combinations to try.

Create your own sunset with yellow, orange and brown

Throw in a pop of mustard or citrus lemon with accessories like cushions, throws, layered rugs, curtains, or textured footstools or pouffes as an accent. Daffodil yellow has the same effect, lifting the spirits, and adding Spring cheer all year round. Choosing orange as your contrast colour is another great choice, as it creates a lounge that feels warmer and brings out the best in both shades. And while brown and grey sound like an unusual combination, these two colours make a perfect pair, particularly when matched with gold or other warm-toned accessories. We’ve created a Stormy Sunsets lookbook you can use to inspire your next look.  

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Blue, teal and green

Think of a stormy sky at the seaside, or the mist across woods and fields on a winter’s day and you’ll know why grey pairs so well with blues and greens. This attractive combination works especially well when the grey has a bluish or greenish tinge itself, so the tones harmonise. If you’re concerned about the room looking or feeling too cold, then add textures like fluffy throws, cushions or curtains to create a cosy atmosphere. If you like the classic coastal theme, that also lends itself to mix of blues with light grey, adding accents of bleached wood and nautical stripes in your soft furnishings.

Pick pastels

The soft colours of ice cream or infant clothes –mint, aqua, mauve, blush pink, baby blue and lemon yellow – are a subtle way of introducing colour to go alongside grey and they work especially well when the grey is a lighter shade like dove or marl, so they don’t get lost. This look works well both in a room that gets both a lot of natural light and one that doesn’t. If you feel your living room is looking too sweet and nursery-like, including a striking piece of furniture in a darker shade or a darker shade of your sundae pastel colour will add an edge.

Greige is the word

Greige is, strictly speaking, a mix of grey and beige, a versatile, chic colour that’s warmer than plain grey. In reality, greige can be anything from a sandy shade to almost a tan, depending on how much beige is in it, so it partners beautifully with other neutrals as well as being a fantastic backdrop for a more dramatic decorating style. If  for instance, you want to refresh your room, but not necessarily spend any more money on new furniture, then greige is a good colour for flooring as it goes with anything. And don’t restrict yourself to a greige carpet, a vinyl, laminate or engineered wood in greige give you clean, low maintenance lines. A smooth floor works very well in the dining area of your lounge, or if your children play in the living room too.

Add natural texture and greenery

Whatever grey living room décor you decide, the addition of houseplants and other earthy elements will always enhance your space. As well as looking beautiful, plants purify the air, and create a calming mood. And if you also place sheepskin rugs, or solid wood furniture like a coffee or side table in your space, and bring in as much light as possible, the room will feel so much more welcoming, as the human eye is subconsciously drawn to anything organic and particularly the colour green.

If you’re feeling excited about all the colour opportunities you could take with the colour grey, why not start from the bottom up with a fantastic new grey carpet or smooth floor? Our friendly team of floorologists will be able to advise you on the best one to suit your budget and taste - and you can even book a free home visit for us to come to you. Or go online and see what special offers Tapi has on the carpet or flooring of your choice.

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Published: 26-01-2023