How to embrace a Moroccan themed décor

How to embrace a Moroccan themed décor

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Morocco is known around the world as being one of the most beautiful countries, with incredible ancient architecture, entire towns painted in jewel tones and, of course, some of the most decadent interiors you’ll see in North Africa. So, taking inspiration from this country with your home design should be a no-brainer, especially if you love a maximalist or luxe interior.

This guide will take you through what Moroccan interior design and style looks like, and then how to apply it in different areas of your home, including the bedroom, living room, dining room and even the bathroom! We’ll also look at some of the ways you can add little touches of inspiration if you just want a dash of Moroccan magic in your space.

What is Moroccan interior design?

To begin with, let’s look at what is considered Moroccan décor or style. Moroccan interiors are bold, and full of expressive accents and decorative elements. It’s rare that you’ll find a neutral wall or beige carpet in a Moroccan home! They lean more towards bold jewel tones like sapphire, clementine, mustard, and jade green, as well as patterned tiles, plenty of cushions and areas to sit down and relax, with metallic accents.

However, when you’re bringing this style into your home, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the colours and the number of objects generally associated with the style – you can bring in as little or as much of the style as you’d like. If neutral is your vibe, but you want to bring some interest to the room, then there are plenty of ways you can incorporate Moroccan inspired patterns and elements into your home.

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How to style your home with Moroccan décor

Moroccan interior design might look different in every room that you have – for example, the way that you use Moroccan elements in your living room will probably be different to how you use them in your bathroom, although they can all work together to create a cohesive theme throughout your home. Here are some of the ways in which you can use Moroccan theme décor in different areas of your home.

Moroccan style bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the areas of your home where you want to invite a feeling of calm, relaxed decadence. One of the best ways to make your bedroom feel rich and relaxing is by using jewel tones on the walls and in your décor – darker navy, green and amber are all subtler shades that help to relax your brain and prepare you for sleep. Another way you can alter the lighting in your space is with lamps, and Moroccan interior design has a focus on intricately designed lamps.

If you’d rather opt out of buying a new lamp, then consider finding an old silk scarf in a bright colour and draping this over one of your existing lamps to bring that darker, rich colour into the room. You can also create a Moroccan influence in your bedroom with your flooring – bring the jewel tones in with a blue carpet, or perhaps with a geometric patterned rug.  

Moroccan style living room

Living rooms are one of the best places to bring Moroccan themed décor in, as they are conversational spaces designed to feel comfortable and relaxing, which is what a lot of Moroccan interior design is based on. Experiment with Moroccan design with a Berber carpet, scatter cushions and pouffes dotted around the room, as well as patterned pillow and throws. Centre all your furniture around a large, patterned rug and a low round table that is excellent for serving drinks, playing games, and gathering around.

Bring the outside in with plenty of plants and elemental pieces, like concrete, clay, and stone. A great way to do this is to find stone vases and fil them with large palm fronds, or dried grasses. Wood is another staple of Moroccan interior design, especially untreated and unstained wood that is still in its original state – this can be used for nestling side tables, geometric dressers, or even bookcases.

If you’ve read our guide to living room feng shui, you’ll also know mirrors are important in living rooms for reflecting the outdoors and expanding the space, and the same is true for Moroccan interior design, except their mirrors tend to have more of an intricate frame. Large, curved mirrors or a collection of smaller mirrors with jewelled frames work excellently in a Moroccan style living room. You could also introduce tiled flooring here, such as tile-effect vinyl or stone-effect LVT to inspire the cooling feeling of tiles under your feet in a hot country.

Moroccan style bathroom

Not only is Moroccan décor great in communal spaces like living rooms, but you can also introduce it in smaller spaces like your bathrooms. Anyone who enjoys a good bath can tell you that candles in a bathroom are essential, and Moroccan interior design places a heavy emphasis on the use of scent to inspire the feeling of a space. Find candles, incense or diffusers that have aromatic or fruity scents to send you into a daydream.

Hanging plants are another way to get that Moroccan design into your space, especially with macrame hangings and patterned pots. You can also bring that old mirror trick from the living room into the bathroom, by using large angled or curved mirrors to add interest to what could otherwise be a plain space. This is another space where tiled flooring can really make an impact, and Moroccan inspired tiles are not hard to come by in Tapi’s range of vinyl flooring. Not only that, but you can find water-resistant vinyl and laminate options too, which are ideal for busier bathrooms.

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How to use Moroccan theme décor

Here are some quick and simple ways you can incorporate Moroccan theme décor into your home with things you may already own:

  • In the kitchen, use brass or copper pots and pans and hang them from the ceiling or on the walls to display them.
  • Mirrored trays are another way you can bring that Moroccan décor in, especially when placed on coffee tables or vanity tables.
  • Spray paint some old glass vases with stone spray paint to make them more natural, and place large fronds of green plants from your garden in them to create a quick fix in a blank corner.
  • Mix and match colours in your soft furnishings to bring a more varied colour palette into one of your rooms, adding interest and vibrancy.
  • Create lots of comfortable areas to sit, recline, and relax throughout your home, especially in spare nooks like under the stairs, in a empty corner in the dining room or kitchen, and especially outdoors if you have the space. You could even create a cosy kitchen nook, so you can socialise with guests while you're cooking up a storm!
  • Long flowing curtains are another easy way to give the feeling of Moroccan room décor, even more so if they flow and pool onto the floor a little. This adds height to your windows and ceiling and will create a dramatic billow when you open the windows.

If you’re keen to find out more about the different ways you can incorporate Moroccan home décor into your flooring, then visit your local Tapi store with a free store appointment to speak to our floorologists or book a free home appointment for our team to come to you if you'd like to find out more about Tapi's services and our flooring options. Alternatively, for even more style inspiration, including coastal decor tips, head on over to our Ideas Hub.

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Published: 01-12-2022