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Large living room ideas: flooring tips

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If you’re struggling with a living room that’s smaller than you’d like or you just want to increase the feeling of space in your living area, there are lots of clever tips and tricks to help you. In particular, your choice of flooring can really make your room feel bigger and more spacious. Read on to see our great ideas.

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How to make a living room feel larger


A room that is light and airy will feel more spacious than one that is cramped and cluttered, so have a good clear out and choose furniture with clever storage options, such as drawers in a coffee table or stools that double as storage boxes, to hide everything away. Use wicker baskets or pretty patterned boxes to keep magazines and newspapers tidy but close to hand.

Light colours are a great way to instantly create a spacious feel in your room but if you don’t want to repaint darker walls, just brighten them up with pale coloured flooring – soft grey tones, blonde and white all work well.

Pick up the light colours in furniture and accessories and hang a mirror opposite a window to reflect the light and make the room feel bigger. This is particularly useful in autumn and winter months, when the light is at its lowest.

Reflective surfaces on bookcases, coffee tables and accessories will also do the trick, replace chunky wooden furniture with glass or chrome choices, go for buys with straight lines and right angles to create a streamlined minimalised effect.

Use clever design tricks to fool the eye, try a vertically stripped floor to stretch out the space and make it appear wider. A horizontal stripe will make the room look longer.

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Which flooring works well for a spacious living room?


The good news is that almost any type of flooring can be used to achieve the look, the trick is to buy wisely and go for light, bright colours in carpet, vinyl and laminate – try cool greys and blues or luxurious creams and ivories.

Light-coloured vinyl and laminate are a particularly good way to open up a space, choose a wide plank effect to draw the eye out and make the room look bigger. Running the same flooring seamlessly from the living areas to kitchen and hallway will also stretch out your living space and create an open-plan effect.

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Large living room ideas: choosing colour


Choose from a light-coloured palette of soft pastels such as dusky pinks, baby blues and apple greens or work with neutrals across the spectrum from pure white to cream to sand and biscuit coloured tones.

Don’t be afraid to work with colours in both flooring and walls, used correctly a tonal colour scheme will make the walls appear to recede, increasing the feeling of light and space. Layer hues of the same colour to give a room a sophisticated finish – tonal grey interiors are very on trend for 2020.

Pale wood tones also work well to create a feeling of spaciousness – pair with neutral walls and furnishings for a sophisticated finish or add interest and drama with vibrant colours.