Floral nursery décor ideas

Floral nursery décor ideas

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When it comes to picking a theme for your baby’s nursery, the world is your oyster! From pirate to woodland, there are so many options, so to keep things easy, you might opt for a classic theme like a floral – from jungle prints to natural, neutral tones. With a variety of shapes and colours, as well as lots of different designs and schemes to pick from, this nursery theme is ideal for every precious little newborn.

This guide is ideal for parents and parents-to-be looking to create a charming and inviting nursery for their little ones. We’ll discuss a variety of floral-themed nursery ideas, from floral wallpapers and the ideal flooring for a floral-themed nursery, and décor including bedding, curtains, flooring, and wall art. In just a few steps, you’ll have everything you need to design a cosy and aesthetically pleasing space for your baby.

Should I choose a floral themed nursery?

There are so many different ideas you might consider when you’re decorating your baby’s first bedroom – after all, this is the space where they will learn and grow and become their own little person. We’re here to take the stress out of picking a theme, and to help make sure it’s not too expensive either! A floral-themed nursery is a great choice for this very reason – it’s a theme that has been around for a long time for babies, so it’s easy to find different floral-themed décor from lots of different shops on the high street.

It's also very versatile because you can choose which colours you love the most, whether you choose a bold rainbow theme with every colour of flower, or if you prefer to stick to softer pastel shades. You can also shape the theme to match with your existing colour scheme if you want to do this nursery project on a budget, because the natural world has so many shades and shapes to pick from.

How to create a floral themed nursery

To create your floral theme, there are a few different routes you can take – you can go for a softer theme that can be included in lots of different elements around the room, or potentially a bolder pattern that you can use as a statement piece and pull in the colours around the room, from the flooring to the walls to the décor. Here are some ideas you can use to get your imagination going:

Floral nursery walls

It’s always good to start with your base, because you can work your décor and furniture around this. With a floral theme, you have so many different options for what you can do with your walls – you could opt for any of the following:

  • A classic base colour that will match with any patterned décor you have throughout the room e.g.  a pale pink or lemon yellow
  • A floral wallpaper that you use throughout the whole space (generally this would feature a simpler design or pattern to not overwhelm the space)
  • A feature wall using a bolder floral wallpaper
  • A feature wall with a mural of flowers
  • Creating 3D flower wall art instead of using wallpaper

Whatever option you opt for, there are lots of ways you can keep the floral theme going with your flooring too.

Floral nursery flooring

The flooring that you pick for your nursery will be dependent on a few different factors: whether you have budget to change up the flooring that’s already there, whether you want to match the colour scheme that you’ve chosen, and if you want to pick the best flooring for a kid’s room that will last them a lifetime.

With a floral theme, our favourite picks would either be a pretty carpet in a neutral shade such as cream, which will go with any colour scheme you choose, or a matching shade such as a light pink or light blue, or our wooden flooring options. Laminate in a lighter shade such as light brown or cream can bring a lovely airy feel to your room, and engineered wood has the beautiful appeal of solid wood while being very structured and solid underneath to last for years under growing feet.

There is also the option of using your current flooring and covering it with a large area rug if you’d like to cover it for a much cheaper cost – this could either be in a pretty shade to match your wallpaper, or you could again opt for a neutral shade that will work with any colour palette your child wants as they grow up.

Floral nursery furniture

Furniture is the next big purchase, and it can be an expensive one for baby nursery options! You can find a lot of great second-hand deals on baby nursery furniture online, such as Facebook Marketplace or eBay, and this often helps you to feel less precious about it when you know it’s been used plenty before. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to get crafty! Here are some floral furniture ideas you might like to try:

  • Change up the knobs on a baby changing table or dresser for floral shaped knobs or handles
  • Get some paints and use baby’s hands to create flower patterns on a dresser or a wardrobe
  • Use wallpaper to cover the back of an older bookcase to give it an updated look
  • Recover your baby’s changing mat with a floral fabric that is cosy for them and matches the theme

Floral nursery décor

Now comes the final touches to the room – the pretty extras that can make a room feel complete! There are so many floral nursery décor ideas to try, so here’s a selection of our favourites:

  • Cover old books with different floral wallpapers for a cute shelf décor moment
  • Incorporate flowers into your lighting with a floral lampshade, or a floral mobile
  • Use dried flowers as a decorative item for the walls or on a shelf (keeping it away from the crib)
  • Use plants and artificial flowers to create décor that will last longer than fresh flowers
  • Press flowers from your garden to create wall art
  • Make boho-style flower bunting out of wool and string
  • Create matching curtains and cushions from the same floral fabric


Cheap floral nursery ideas

Coming up with floral nursery ideas when you’re on a budget can be easy if you’re willing to get your DIY head on! Here are some ideas for ways to use things you might already have laying around to create a floral-themed nursery for cheap:

  • Use a fresh bunch of flowers and press these between baking paper inside books to create your own pressed flower art
  • Got leftover laminate flooring from a recent makeover? Use it make a shelf to place different toys and pictures on – there are plenty of ways you can use leftover flooring in our guide on upcycling your offcuts.
  • Use leftover wallpaper in frames or wrapped around items like books or the front of your drawers to add an extra floral touch to tie the room together
  • Got a rug that is in good condition but doesn’t fit with the colour schemes in other rooms? Use in in your nursery by picking out some key colours and finding a floral pattern that matches it

There are plenty more ideas for how you can decorate your space and make it unique to you in our Style Inspiration section – and if you’re thinking that now would be the best time to invest in some new flooring for your baby’s nursery, why not pop into your local Tapi store to chat with our expert floorologists? They’re always happy to help you pick the best flooring for your space.

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