Upcycling your offcuts: how to use leftover flooring

Upcycling your offcuts: how to use leftover flooring

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Once you’ve had your new carpet or flooring fitted, you may find you have a few offcuts or small remnants left over. First things first, when you buy a carpet from Tapi, please be reassured our expert floorologists will measure and plan so that you only buy what you need, and you won’t have too much carpet left over. However, you may find, particularly if you have a room that’s an awkward size, that you have some small pieces left over.

So, what can you do with them? Our guide will explain the different ways you can recycle, upcycle and reuse them - let's go!

What to do with leftover carpet

If you have a few offcuts from your new carpet, we’ve come up with some easy DIY ideas of what to do with leftovers. We’re sure you can make sure of some of them! If you want to know more about how you can give precious materials a second lease of life, then a great place to start is by reading our article on sustainable ways to decorate your home.

Leftover flooring ideas: In the house

  • Create a doormat

​This is the easiest option if you have a suitably sized piece. Take a leftover piece of carpet and use it for a doormat, or a floor protector in a place where you’ve noticed gets a lot of wear.

​We can create a bespoke item for you. Let us know when you’re chatting to your floorologist about your plans, and we’ll arrange this for you when we measure up and plan so you can be sure you only order what you’ll need.

  • Move heavy furniture

Keep a carpet offcut to use when you need to slide a bed or a sofa around, especially on a smooth floor.  It works best if you place it pile-side down so that it can slip more easily.

  • Help with trapped wheels

If you need a little extra traction on a piece of equipment such as a lawn mower, then wedge a scrap of carpet under the front edge. Be very careful with moving parts and blades!

  • Create a surface for DIY or art projects

If you’re stripping paint or using putty, you may need somewhere to wipe your knife or scraper that’s robust. A carpet scrap will work perfectly here and help you to keep your equipment as clean as possible

  • Noisy or mobile washing machines or tumble dryers

Does your washing machine, dishwasher or tumble dryer move or make noises when it’s working? That might be because it needs something to absorb the spinning motions and its sound. Place a carpet offcut underneath and your neighbours will thank you!

Leftover flooring ideas: Outside or in the garden

  • Comfort while you’re gardening

Create a DIY kneeler when you’re weeding a flower bed or planting shrubs. Roll up a scrap of carpet and use it to cushion your knees.

  • Improve your compost

Place a large scrap of carpet over your compost pile to keep the warm air and moisture inside. This will speed up the decomposing process

  • Protect your car

If you find you’re in danger of scratching your car when you park in your garage, attach some strips of carpet to the front and side walls as cushioning

  • Heavy duty windscreen cleaner

If you need something substantial to clean the mud, bird poo and dirt that’s collected on your car, then take a clean piece of carpet, dip it into warm, soapy water and use it as a scratch-proof scrubber to get rid of the muck


Leftover flooring ideas: For your pets

  • Lining for a kennel or pet basket

Your furry friends will thank you if you make their home a little cosier with a carpet offcut

  • Create a scratching post for your cat

Give your cat a designated place to scratch and hopefully that’ll discourage them from ruining the rest of the carpets in your home – that’s the plan, anyway! Simply glue the offcuts to a post, and give our guide on how to stop your cat from scratching your carpets.

What to do with leftover laminate flooring

Once again, it’s unlikely you’ll have surplus laminate flooring from your project, because we’ll make sure we supply the smallest amount you’ll need. But if you do have the odd plank left over, then you could think about the following easy DIY projects:

  • Shelving, especially for a bathroom

Use any leftover planks as shelving in a bathroom or kitchen as the laminate’s water-resistant top coat will work well in these environments

  • Small table or bench

If you’re handy with nails and a screwdriver, you could knock up a simple bench or small table for a kids’ playroom or a forgotten corner


What to do with leftover vinyl

Always be careful when cutting up vinyl flooring or using any kind of sharp knife. You can let your imagination run riot with offcuts:

  • Create some artwork

Frame offcuts and make a feature of them for your walls

  • Make some coasters

The simplest way to keep your surfaces free from water rings or coffee cup stains

  • Create a table runner

Lay a piece of patterned vinyl along your dining table to create a centrepiece

  • Line drawers and shelves

You could stick down the vinyl to protect the inside of a chest of drawers or any shelves that have seen better days

  • Create a splashback

Lay a piece of attractive vinyl against any wall you want to protect and use it as an impromptu way of repelling stains or water.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, from giving friendly specialist advice on the best type of flooring for you, to arranging the perfect fit, to uplifting and removing your old flooring.  Why not visit your nearest store today or imagine what a new carpet or floor is going to look like in your home by using our Picture It visualiser?

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Published: 20-04-2023