Best carpets for children’s bedrooms

Best carpets for children’s bedrooms

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Our kids’ bedrooms are a reflection of who they are. But when it comes to decorating, it can be tricky to strike the right balance. It’s not just a matter of choosing the perfect bed cover or what posters to put on the walls: you need a bedroom flooring that your kids love, that won’t clash with their changing tastes as they grow, and that can stand up to the rough and tumble of family life.

Opting for carpet is very common in kids’ bedrooms in the UK. We can get very cold winters, and we all want our kids to be snug as a bug in a rug when we tuck them in for the night. But there are so many different types of carpet out there that figuring out your next steps may leave you stumped.

This guide will help lead you to the right choices, that hopefully both you and your children will love! We’ll explain the different considerations to keep in mind for both younger and older children, as well as the differences between carpet and laminate for kids’ rooms.

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Best flooring for kids’ rooms

If the rest of your house is wall-to-wall laminate or a mix of different types of flooring, of course, you may want to stick with a consistent theme throughout. There’s nothing wrong with laminate as flooring for kids – it’s hard to stain, hygienic and easy to clean. It certainly provides a harder surface than carpet, but some parents lay down cheap, removable foam tiles while their kids are still at the crawling or toddling stage. However, many parents swear by carpet for kids’ bedrooms – not only is it warmer and softer, but it also absorbs more sound – a serious consideration when children are still teething or prone to noisy meltdowns!

Find out more about the pros and cons of carpet and laminate in our carpet vs laminate guide.  Or if you’re already pretty sure that carpet is the right choice for your home, let’s jump into the specific carpets that could be best for your children’s bedrooms. 

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Best carpets for younger kids’ rooms

When it comes to younger children, it’s wise to expect mess! Running around, dragging toys, spilling food or drink as well as craft items like paint and glue, and even the occasional missed trip to the toilet – all these things can put your flooring to the test. Fortunately, there are plenty of hardwearing carpets to choose from, particularly synthetic carpets.

Synthetic carpets

Made from man-made materials such as polypropylene, these heavy-duty carpets can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Many are even bleach-cleanable! Some of the pros of synthetic carpets include:

  • Stain resistance – This type of synthetic fibre is an excellent choice if your kids love to play with arts and crafts or might like to treat themselves to a messy midnight snack from time to time.
  • Water resistance – Although bedrooms aren’t normally a place you expect a lot of moisture, it’s always worth accounting for potty training accidents and the occasional water spill.
  • Great value for money – These carpets are a lot cheaper than the pricier wool or wool-blend carpet you might opt for in an adult bedroom, so you won’t blanch if over time the kids do manage to rough them up a little.

Which colour is best for carpets for younger kids’ rooms?

Of course, it all depends on your personal style – and your kids’ preferences. A lighter coloured carpet, such as a beige or pink carpet will keep the aesthetic of the room light and playful. Lighter colours also help to make a room feel bigger and are easy to match with other colours should you choose to change up the colour scheme of the room later down the line.

Darker colours, like purple or black carpets, are great for hiding stains – ideal if you have particularly lively kids – and can make a room feel much cosier, like creating a den for your little monsters. A dark brown carpet is perhaps the ultimate in practicality and complements a wide range of colour schemes, including the strong shades kids often pick as their favourites.

Whichever colour you choose, as long as both you and your kids can agree that you love it, you’ll be happy!

Best carpets for older kids’ rooms

At least, in theory, older children usually have a bit more self-control than little ones, so you might feel comfortable prioritising looks and feel over stain-resistance and trusting your teenager with a carpet that you can hope to keep in their rooms long after they’ve moved out. This might mean opting for a lighter colour of carpet or a different fibre such as wool or sisal.

Best carpet types for teenagers

Your older kids and teenagers might be more inclined to opt for a cosy carpet that feels luxurious underfoot, like a Saxony or twist carpet made from polypropylene. These carpets have their loops cut at the top, making them very soft and plush. Velvet carpets are another lavish pick that feels and looks great and can come in various colours.

Which colour is best for carpets for older kids’ rooms?

Older kids and teenagers often have stronger opinions about what colours they’d like in their bedrooms, as they’re developing their own personal styles and preferences. If you’re struggling to find a compromise between what they want and what you want, you could both consider a neutral colour like cream complemented by smaller pieces in their favourite colour, or even a patterned carpet that has hints of the colour that they like too.

This way, you can have a carpet in your home that you won’t be tempted to have removed as soon as they leave home, and they’ll also feel included in the decision-making process!

If you’d like to bring your kids to see the different child-friendly flooring options available, why not come down to your local Tapi store and speak to one of our Floorologists about the different options available to you?

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Published: 19-08-2022