Space-saving storage hacks

Space-saving storage hacks

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If you feel like your home is getting out of control and you can’t keep on top of your possessions, then don’t worry. We’ve all been there! There are plenty of easy steps you can take to make every room feel more spacious and organised, even if the place you call home isn’t large. We’ll take you through room by room, suggesting ways to store everything you need regularly close to hand. So, open every drawer and cupboard, work out what you’re going to get rid of and what you’re going to keep, then read on.

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Storage hacks for small spaces

There are areas in your home that will have less room than others by default, either due to their size or their function, but there are lots of ways you can make some extra space in these rooms to accommodate for all your essentials.


This is the first space you enter, and it’s often the narrowest part of your home, piled high with coats, shoes, scooters, dog leads, keys, the post, and a million other things! So have a look at what space you currently don’t use. Our top tip is: look up! You may be able to install some shelving overhead where you could store thing you don’t need every day. Otherwise, add a narrow coat rack or hooks to keep as much as you can off the floor, or a set of small baskets, into which each member of the family could dump their stuff. And once you’ve moved as much as you can, consider your understairs cupboard, if you have one. Too often it’s a dark and cramped space. It may be worthwhile buying a battery-operated light to illuminate the area, and putting in some shelving or clearly labelled storage boxes.


Usually one of the busiest rooms in the house – and the one that’s often one of the smallest. If your kitchen’s crammed with cooking and baking utensils and equipment, every little corner you can reclaim will make a difference. Once again, look up and think about adding shelving on your walls all the way to the ceiling, or a pegboard to hang items within reach. And take a second look around to be sure you’re using every available space. For instance, if you notice a gap between cabinets or appliances, then consider creating a narrow, pull-out rack for herbs and spices, trays, placemats or coasters.

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Small bedrooms

Bedrooms can be a magnet for clutter – but they should be a haven of tranquillity, not a dumping ground. When thinking about storage hacks for your bedroom, work from the ground up. Do you have space under the bed for clever storage? Is it time to buy an ottoman bed which cleverly lifts up to reveal oodles of storage area underneath? You should also consider whether it's time for a good, old-fashioned spring clean!

And if you’re thinking about reorganising clothes, it may be worth investing in vacuum bags for seasonal clothes. Simply seal them, suck out all the air and your thick jumpers or overcoats will take up a lot less room. Alternatively, for a total room transformation, why not have a read of our guide on walk-in wardrobe ideas, or tips on maximising your wardrobe space?

Take a tip from decluttering expert Marie Kondo and fold garments three times if possible, then stack jumpers, jeans and tops upright rather than flat on top of each other. In this way, you save space and you have the bonus of being able to see what’s in each drawer.

For children’s bedrooms, fabric shelving that hangs from the wardrobe rail are useful for toys as well as clothes. And a skinny bookshelf, the kind you see in libraries where the book is displayed face-forward rather than by its spine, is a great way to show off your child’s favourites, encourage them to put them away and save space at the same time!

Once you’ve made your bedrooms neat and tidy, you may notice some crush marks or stains on your flooring. We’d recommend reading our carpet care guide to get your carpet back to pristine condition.

Small bathrooms

Nobody ever complained their bathroom had too much storage! So if you’re noticing all your products, loo rolls and towels are piling up in corners, here are some ideas you could incorporate in your home without investing too much money.

  • Think about storage under the bath: this may be a DIY project, but it is possible to fit drawers or storage boxes under your tub once you take off the side panel. This may also be the time to change up your flooring. We’d recommend a lovely laminate. They’re water-resistant, look sleek and smooth and can improve the style of your bathroom without too much re-decorating
  • Hang up a storage organiser in the shower to keep all your shower gels, sponges, shampoos and conditioner without reach
  • Add towel rails or adhesive hooks and holders so that everything is kep up high and dry
  • Under the sink – if you don’t already have a cabinet around the pedestal then fit shelving or shelving.
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More multi-functional storage ideas

You may be able to find extra places to hold your belongings with this tips and tricks:

  • Create zones: keep all the home office stuff in one place, the toys and games in another and remember to tidy up regularly
  • In period homes, do you use your old-fashioned fireplaces? If not, could you use the space for storage?
  • Does your room have awkward corners or alcoves? Think about building a cupboard in the space then adding a mirror on the front so you bounce light around the room
  • What’s behind the sofa? Could you add a narrow console table or hide something there?
  • Ottomans, velvet cubes and coffee tables with hidden storage can do double duty. They enhance the room, and they’re and a useful place to hide blankets, magazines, remote controls, toys and everything else
  • If you need a table in your kitchen, buy one that folds away or has space for chairs underneath, so you can use it as an extra work surface
  • Install a tension rod at the back of a cupboard to hang cleaning equipment, and add butchers’ hooks to create more hanging space for mugs etc
  • Slide-in storage are available to maximise the hanging space below a shelf in a cupboard
  • Carousels, turntables or a lazy Susan are useful for both storing and displaying items
  • Add adhesive hooks on the backs of cupboard drawers to store tea towels or pan lids.

Storage hacks for lounges, living and dining rooms

Now you’re on a roll, follow the same rules for every living space. Decide what you want on show, and what you’d prefer to store, then take a look around. Is there room under your sofa for a narrow storage box? Could you build or buy a floor to ceiling unit to hold your possessions? You can add wicker or fabric baskets for the items you want to hide to add texture and interest, and keep the open storage for personal items.

Once you’ve made the living areas of your home organised, it’s time to think about the flooring. We’d recommend luxury vinyl tile that looks sophisticated and feels warm underfoot. It comes with a simple ‘click’ technology, so you don’t need to glue it down and it’s suitable for every room in your home.  

Improve your home with Tapi

Now you’ve created a little more storage space, get in touch with our friendly floorologists at Tapi by popping into your local store, or booking a free home visit for our experts to come to you to advise you on the best new flooring to suit your needs and budget today. Alternatively, for more tips and inspiration, head on over to our Ideas Hub, with guides such as how to paint a wooden front door, tips for flattening a rug, and more.

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Published: 23-03-2023