What colours match with grey walls?

What colours match with grey walls?

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Grey is a popular choice in modern interior design, offering a versatile canvas for homeowners to express their style. From the subtle allure of dove grey to the bold statement of charcoal, grey serves as a timeless backdrop that can be adapted effortlessly with various decor schemes. While you might not be ready to get rid of your grey walls just yet, you may be thinking about refreshing other elements of your décor and you may be ready to switch up your furniture or flooring.

In this article, we’ll be looking at colour harmony, exploring how different hues complement and enhance grey walls, including what colour carpet goes with grey walls – and even discussing what goes with grey carpets! Additionally, we'll touch upon the timeless elegance of pairing grey walls with wooden flooring.

Carpet and wall colour combinations

Before we embark on our exploration of colour combinations, let's unravel the versatility of grey as a neutral foundation. Grey encompasses a spectrum of tones, from cool to warm, and can feature subtle undertones of blue, green, or purple. This nuanced diversity means grey integrates into any type decor schemes, lending an air of sophistication to any space.

Warm neutrals

For a welcoming ambience, consider pairing grey walls with warm neutrals like beige, taupe, or cream. These earthy tones infuse the space with warmth and depth, creating an inviting atmosphere that recall tranquil retreats. Wood-like flooring such as an oak effect luxury vinyl, or a vinyl that resembles planks or in a herringbone pattern, or a polished and elegant dark engineered wood, are a natural complement to these shades, as it’s also an organic looking material in similarly natural shades and textures.

Soft pastels

Embrace serenity by incorporating soft pastel shades such as blush pink or powder blue alongside grey walls. These delicate hues give the room a sense of tranquillity and refinement, ideal for creating a calm space. 

Bold accents

Infuse personality into your space by juxtaposing grey walls with bold accent colours such as mustard yellow, emerald green, or navy blue. You could start small with cushions or curtains, go big with a brightly coloured sofa or multicoloured carpet. These vibrant hues inject energy and vitality, creating focal points that command attention and give a dynamic and eclectic vibe to any room.


Mighty monochrome

If you want sophistication, go for black and white flooring. It’s always refined, but can look as modern or as timeless as you’d like. If you can’t resist some sparkle then adding a metallic accent would be a subtle way, like chrome fittings, gold ornaments or metallic legs on chairs or tables. If you wanted to go bolder, then choose glitter in the carpet or on the even picking up some metallic tones in the flooring.

What colour walls go with grey carpet?

Perhaps you have gone for grey laminate flooring or carpet already? Just flip our advice round and adopt one of our ideas for your walls. Stay in the same neutral shade for a harmonious atmosphere, go for soft pastels for freshness and lightness, or go for a patterned wallpaper or bright colour for an attractively bold look.

What colour carpet goes with grey walls?

We have a feeling you know the answer to this already – it’s whichever carpet you fancy, depending on your budget or your own personal taste. So you can play it safe with a dark green or blue, create a strong first impression with a bold red, or introduce some pattern with a tartan, a floral or even a leopard print – the sky’s the limit!

We hope you’ve been inspired to choose the flooring of your dreams to match your grey walls. When you’re ready to let your creativity soar, pop into your local showroom, book a free home visit or order some samples to kickstart your transformation.

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