How to make a small kitchen look bigger

How to make a small kitchen look bigger

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Here at Tapi, we understand many homeowners struggle to work with a small kitchen design. However, there are plenty of ways you can make a small kitchen look bigger and more spacious, especially if you follow our tips and tricks.

In this guide, we'll share our expert advice to help you achieve a more open and airy feel in your kitchen, from choosing the right lighting to picking the perfect paint colour that will make your room feel light, bright and roomy. Let's jump in!

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How to work with a small kitchen design

Before you start decorating your small kitchen, it's essential to understand its limitations and work with them, rather than against them. Figure out the layout of your kitchen and identify the areas that you can maximise - different kitchen layouts can affect the flow and functionality of your space, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs. Here are some common small kitchen layouts you could have:

  • Galley Kitchen: A galley kitchen is a narrow, long space that features two parallel counters and a walkway in between. This layout can be very efficient as everything is within reach.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen: As the name suggests, an L-shaped kitchen features cabinets and appliances that are arranged with two walls joined at one end. This layout can work well in a small space as it allows for an open flow between the kitchen and the living area.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen: A U-shaped kitchen features cabinets and appliances that are arranged in a horseshoe shape. This layout can maximise storage and work surface space, but it can also feel closed off.
  • One-Wall Kitchen: A one-wall kitchen features all of your appliances and cabinets along a single wall. This layout can be a good option for very small kitchens or as part of an open-plan living space.

Not only do you need to manage your layout, but you need to think about your flooring and walls as well, as they will all work together to help make your space feel a lot bigger! Our guide to the best flooring for kitchens has lots of insights to help you figure out which flooring you’re currently dealing with and the options you might want to consider.

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Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

When it comes to making the most of a small kitchen, choosing the right design elements can make all the difference. Some features to consider include:

Colour Palettes

When selecting a colour palette for your small kitchen, keep in mind that lighter shades tend to create an illusion of more space, so consider using light-coloured cabinets, countertops, and walls to open up the room. However, that doesn't mean that you have to stick to plain white though! Here are some other colour options to consider:

  • Soft shades of blue or green can create a calming effect and add depth to your space.
  • Neutral tones like beige, cream, and light grey can create a warm and inviting atmosphere while making your kitchen look bigger.
  • Bright, bold colours can work in small kitchens too! Just use them sparingly as accents, such as a brightly coloured backsplash or a statement piece of artwork.

There are lots of ways you can include colour in your space – we have a good few in our guide on 10 ways to add colour into your home! Another way to add depth and interest to your colour palette is to play with texture. For example, consider using glossy tiles for your backsplash or incorporating a textured wallpaper on one wall. These elements can add dimension and make your space feel more dynamic.

Creative Storage

Small kitchens often require creative storage solutions to make the most of the available space you have. Here are some ideas to help you keep your kitchen organised and clutter-free:

  • Pull-out drawers or baskets can make the most of the space under your countertops and keep your items organised.
  • Built-in shelving can provide additional storage space without taking up too much floor space.
  • Magnetic knife holders and spice racks can keep your countertops free of clutter while also adding a touch of style to your kitchen.
  • A pegboard or wall-mounted grid can be used to hang pots, pans, and other frequently used items, freeing up valuable cupboard space.
  • If you have space above your cabinets, consider installing floating shelves or decorative baskets to store less frequently used items.
  • Use the space under your sink wisely by installing a pull-out bin or adding hooks to hang your cleaning supplies.

Remember, when it comes to creative storage solutions, it's all about maximising your space and finding ways to keep your items organised and easily accessible – check out our guide to space saving storage hacks for more tips for different rooms around the house.


Lighting can have a significant impact on the look and feel of a small kitchen. Natural light is the best way to open up your space, so maximise it as much as possible. You can use sheer window treatments to let in more light or install a skylight if your kitchen is on the top floor. Artificial lighting is also crucial, and you can use pendant lights, under-cabinet lighting, or recessed lights to illuminate your counter space.


Mirrors can be a game-changer when it comes to making a small kitchen feel bigger. Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of depth, making your space look much larger. Consider adding a mirror backsplash behind your stove or sink to instantly make your kitchen feel larger - though be prepared to clean them often! You could also hang a large mirror on a wall to reflect the natural light and give the illusion of a window.

Open shelving

Open shelving is a fantastic way to make your kitchen feel larger and more open. It eliminates the visual bulk of cupboards and allows you to display your dishes, glasses, and other kitchen essentials in an organised and stylish way. Just be sure to keep your shelves tidy and organised to avoid them looking too busy and cluttered.

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Choosing the right flooring to make a small kitchen look bigger

Flooring plays a crucial role in making a small kitchen feel bigger - the right flooring can create a cohesive and spacious look, while the wrong flooring can make your space feel cramped and disjointed. Our guide to the best flooring for small kitchens has lots more information you can use to help you pick. Here are some of the flooring options to consider:

  • Laminate: Laminate is a popular flooring choice for kitchens because it's affordable, durable, and easy to clean. It's also available in a variety of colours and patterns, including options that look like natural materials like wood.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is another budget-friendly option that's water-resistant and easy to clean. It's also available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and thicknesses.
  • Luxury vinyl: Sometimes called Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT, luxury vinyl is a high-end option that's durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain, as well as very pretty to look at!

When choosing your flooring, it's important to consider the overall style of your kitchen. If you have a traditional or farmhouse-style kitchen, a wooden floor or patterned tile can compliment your design, and for a more modern or minimalist look, go for a sleek laminate or vinyl in a neutral colour.

Whatever flooring option you choose, make sure it creates the illusion of a larger space – if you’re a little unsure of how to make this work, why not pop into your local Tapi store and speak to one of our professional floorologists? They have tons of knowledge and are always happy to help! You can also grab some free samples of Tapi flooring you love to see what it looks like in your home today.


Published: 25-05-2023