How to add colour to a room

How to add colour to a room

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Neutrals and beiges will always be timeless, and we’re never going to stop being obsessed with at least 50 shades of grey. But there’s something magical about colour – it adds a unique dimension to any design and can completely transform a room. If you’ve been scared of it before, our guide to the 10 easy ways to add colour in your home will show you how to conquer your fear and embrace the rainbow!

Adding colours to a room – 10 easy tips

Bringing some bright colours and bold patterns into your home doesn’t have to feel like an all or nothing affair - there are lots of ways you can bring a splash of your favourite shades into your home in little ways to brighten up your home! Here are our top ten tips to add colour to your home:

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1. Exterior colour

This may be the fastest way to inject colour into your life – and it’s a low-risk, too. If you’re not ready to turn your living room bright pink, then think about repainting your front door or your exterior walls. Even if you’re not selling your home, its ‘kerb appeal’ remains important so your home seems well-maintained. And if you have a cheerful front door in a bold shade, you’ll enjoy returning home even more than usual. If by some mistake, you dislike the colour you’ve chosen, then at least you won’t have to look at it once you’re indoors!

2. Pick plants

There are so many advantages to introducing plants and flowers into your home. They can improve your mood just by looking at them, and bring down stress levels. Scientists have proven plants get rid of tiredness and headaches, and can even reduce the pain levels of patients after an operation. They also naturally purify the air.  But as well as those wonderful benefits, we’re recommending plants for their beautiful, natural green hues. They’re an easy way to create a focal point in a room, add texture and interest, soften any harsh lines, and they make every house a home.

3. Fancier floors

Now you’re talking our language! For an eye-catching way to bring colour to a room, then choose the brightest carpets you can find. Floors are often called the ‘fifth wall’ as they take up so much of the room and your eyes are naturally drawn to somewhere with a strong pigment. The other way to inject colour into a room is through a pattern. Our collection of vinyl flooring includes some bold geometric designs with cheerful colours that will refresh your décor.

4. Painting or papering your walls – and ceilings

This is probably the most traditional way to inject some life into a room. Once again, the sky’s the limit in terms of your imagination – and if you want to paint clouds on your ceiling, then go for it! There are myriad shades, styles and designs of wallpaper available at reasonable prices. If you’re hoping to add some quirkiness to your room, then painting or papering the ceiling in a similar or contrasting colour will ensure your room looks unique. For further inspiration from the ground up, go to our Ideas Hub and discover some winning combinations in our guide to colour clashing.  Or if you’re just looking to replace your flooring and you’ve already redecorated, then read our article called What type of flooring suits your décor?  

5. Clever lighting

Changing your lighting can make a huge difference to the atmosphere in your room. Even if you use table or side lamps instead of overhead lights, you can create pools of brightness and shade. So imagine what would happen if you introduce coloured bulbs? Or LED twinkling fairy lights? Or even some neon? Kitchen disco, anyone?

6. Buy bold

Perhaps you’re renting your home, so redecorating the walls or floor isn’t an option. Or perhaps you want to keep your walls white and clean. You can still add in colour if you buy a piece of furniture in a tone you love – and it doesn’t need to go with anything else in your space. We’re suggesting a striking sofa, a vivid headboard for your bed, or some distinctive wall art.

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7. Soft furnishings for bedrooms and bathrooms

Another low-effort, big-result strategy is swapping your usual soft furnishing for ones with bold tones. Imagine how eye-catching it would be to have a bedroom with all white walls and sheets, with brightly coloured curtains. Or refreshing your bathroom with some captivating coloured towels? You can find blinds, nets, duvet covers, bedspreads and much more in every lively shade you can think of in high-street shops or online. And why not look at Tapi’s new collection of rugs, which are free to take away and available in most stores.

 8. Living room accessories

 Imagine you’re happy with your walls and floor, but feel your lounge is lacking something and needs to be refreshed. Buying new cushions or lampshades or a new vase may be the way to ring the changes in your living area without too much upheaval and expense.

9. Unexpected areas

If you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush, then this idea might appeal to you. Think about placing colours where people would least expect them. We’re suggesting bright yellow bannisters, an apple green bookcase, or even making the inside of shelves or cupboards pastel blue. If you have a steady hand, then think about transforming doorframes and the inside of the door itself (the part closest to the hinge that you only see when the door is open) with a pop of your favourite colour that doesn’t necessarily match the rest of your décor.

10. Kitchen and dining

If you want to enjoy colour every day, then think about revamping what you use in your kitchen and dining areas. You could wake up to a cup of coffee in a stripy pink mug, filled with water from a red kettle. Grab the milk from an orange fridge freezer, and put your purple cereal bowl on a turquoise coaster or table runner. And that’s just breakfast! Most high street shops and online stores sell a spectrum of appliances and accessories to suit every taste and budget.

Now you’ve decided you want to add colour to your room, then pop into your local store, or book a free home visit. We’ll bring samples into your home so you can see what your new flooring will look like, in your natural light, next to your décor. Our friendly floorologists will offer expert advice and provide a free no-obligation quote, too.

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Published: 20-04-2023