Adult Halloween party ideas when you're hosting at home

Adult Halloween party ideas when you're hosting at home

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As the spooky season begins, you’ll begin to feel the fizzle of excitement for all the fun and frights you’ll experience! One of the best ways to celebrate all the gory delights of this festive holiday is to throw your own Halloween party, complete with themed decorations, party food, drinks, and games.

Here are some party ideas you can use to throw the ultimate Halloween party for you and your mates to have a scream this Halloween. From fun-filled frights to tasty treats, all of these ideas are sure to delight your ghoulish guests.

Adult Halloween party themes

Coming up with a strong theme is the first step you need towards creating your own fright night – here are some ideas for different themes that will appeal to your adult friends:

  • Spooky séance theme – Artfully drape coloured scarves over your lamps to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere and have a tarot card or crystal ball reading in one of the rooms in your home. You can also throw in some mystical dried ice cocktails that create a flowing fog on top of your delicious concoctions.
  • Old Hollywood glamour – Whether you prefer the classic monsters of old, like Frankenstein and a pointy-hatted witch, or if you want to create a glamorous dress-up party filled with starlet-inspired costumes, Old Hollywood is a great excuse to get your cocktail shaker out and whip up some haunting ghost stories.
  • Famous Halloween couples – If you’re organising a party with several couples, why not lean into this and ask your friends to come dressed as well-known spooky pairs? Beetlejuice and Lydia, Bonnie and Clyde, Morticia and Gomez from the Addams Family– the options are endless!
  • Vampire luxe – Instead of your classic orange and black, why not go for the luxe angle of gold and black or purple and black as inspired by regal vampires? Consider large candles, Victorian glamour, and plenty of fancy china.  
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Adult Halloween party food

Now that you’ve got your theme sorted, you should think about the food that you’ll be offering your guests – whether you prefer to offer up tricks or treats is up to you!

  • Halloween charcuterie board – Create a charcuterie board with a severed hand made from sliced meats or create a spider shape out of breadsticks. Get creative with it!
  • Halloween cupcakes – Cupcakes are the best base for making lots of creative spooky designs. Try melting marshmallows to create stringy marshmallow spiderwebs.
  • Punchbowl of Bloody Mary – Is anything more terrifying than a very large bowl of very alcoholic drink?!
  • Pumpkin cheesecake – Whether you just opt for the pumpkin flavour or go the whole hog and create a pumpkin-shaped cheesecake, this one is sure to thrill your guests.
  • Gravestone tortilla dip – Prop some tortilla chips in some chunky guacamole to create your very own graveyard dip.
  • Meringue ghosts – whip together egg whites with sugar and create tall peaks on a baking tray to create wispy ghost meringues.
  • Halloween cocktails – Create your own tempting tipples with hundreds of fun recipes – and if you spill any drinks on your carpets, you don’t need to fret! We’ve got a guide on removing carpet stains, which features a whole manner of spills and stains, even blood! Before you serve your drinks, find out how to style your own bar cart, perfect for parties.
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Adult Halloween party games

One way to make your Halloween party really memorable for your friends is to prepare some fun party games that everyone can get involved in:

  • Apple bobbing – This classic Halloween game will take you back to childhood. Why not make it more of a challenge by removing the apple stems or choosing harder apples that are not as easy to bite?
  • Wrap the mummy – Pick two willing victims and split into two teams to time who can wrap their mummy quickest. Use loo roll or strips of old sheets.
  • Murder mystery – If you’re trying to create a classy Halloween party, perhaps you’ll opt instead for a murder mystery game that can happen throughout dinner and long into the night as you figure out whodunit.
  • Horror/scary movie trivia – A great one for movie buffs and Halloween lovers, host a quiz to test their wicked wisdom.
  • Trick or treat shots – For those who are hoping to get the party started in a big way, trick or treat shots can be a gross or gratifying game for the whole party. This is a good way to use up all those bottles of liqueur you have sitting at the back of your drinks cabinet. Or use something unusual and potentially disgusting like marmite or gravy for the tricks.

Adult Halloween party decorations

The final step is decorating before your guests arrive – here are just some of the fun ideas you could use to make your home look as spooky as possible:

  • Make bat cut-outs from black paper and string to hang around the rooms – you can even cluster them together to create a swarm!
  • Spooky-themed entrance mats – keep your floors clear of dirt and debris from outside when you welcome in your guests with a pumpkin or bat-shaped welcome mat.
  • If you’re concerned for your floors as guests will be wearing shoes, invest in a black or dark red rug that will add to the ambience – remember flooring like laminate and engineered wood can be scratched and marked by high heels and outdoor shoes.
  • Avoid fog machines for too much moisture on smooth floors – our care guides are packed full of useful information to help you look after your floors as you party.
  • Don’t worry if you’re working with white walls and light-coloured carpet or white vinyl – these make a great base that you can build from to create a really spooky party backdrop.
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Check out our Ideas Hub for more fun lifestyle content, or leaf through our lookbooks to find colour scheme inspiration for your next party room. You can come down to your local Tapi store or even book a free home appointment if you want to chat with one of our floorologists about how best to look after your floors.

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