The ultimate guide to playroom ideas

The ultimate guide to playroom ideas

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Designing a perfect play area for kids can be challenging. You need to consider storage, decoration, and safety simultaneously. Even trying to think of a theme your kids will love for a long time is another difficult decision to make – so why not turn to Tapi for some inspiration?

This guide has everything you need to make a great playroom for your kids. It includes ideas for decorations, colours, and storage. Soon, you'll have a perfect space for your children to play as much as they want.

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Kids’ playroom ideas

If you're just starting to create a playroom for children, we have some ideas you can use to find the perfect spot for it and making it as fun as can be for your little ones. 


Choose a space

Here’s our first tip – choose a room that’s close to the heart of the home for this space. You want to be able to hear your kids throughout the entire house. Easy access to other rooms when they need something is also important for them.

However, if you’re working with limited space and can’t dedicate an entire room to making it into a playroom, you can always create a play area in one section of your family space. Whether this is putting in an extra sofa and some toy storage, or even clearing space in your kitchen for a mini area for your tots to ‘cook’ alongside you, there are lots of ways you can get creative with playroom ideas in smaller homes.


Playroom storage ideas

Keeping all those toys, clothes and craft supplies tidy can feel like an impossible task, especially when your kids want to pull them out repeatedly to play all day long, so here are some nifty storage solutions you can adopt to keep your space feeling at least a little more under control:

  • Open shelving – this is a great way of encouraging kids to tidy things away and keep the floor clear, and it also means children can easily find their favourite toys the next morning.
  • Keeping toy storage at a low level – this can also encourage children to learn how to tidy up themselves as they can easily access it. You can then use high-level storage for items you'd rather keep under close supervision (like scissors and glue).
  • Use cube storage - categorise toys and playthings with different colours so that your kids will know, for instance, the blue box is for dolls, while the yellow box is for coloured paper. When they learn the system, it will make it easier for them to tidy up.
  • Add hanging storage to the back of doors - kids can put their toys in there when they’re not using them. This keeps your space tidy and is especially useful in multi-purpose spaces where you may not want brightly coloured kids’ décor taking over.
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Playroom décor ideas

You can get really creative with how you decide to decorate your kids’ playroom, from child-friendly flooring options to fun furniture. For example, you could create a tented area, either with a tipi or even an old sheet draped across two chairs with some fairy lights strung along the top, to create a sense of privacy, and offer a unique space for your kids to play make-believe. 


Remember that if you leave your kids alone with paint, glitter, and glue, you'll want flooring that you can easily clean afterwards! Choose laminate with its easy-to-clean topcoat, or opt for vinyl with great water resistance for flooring that you can clean with just a wipe. 

If you decide to get a carpet for your space, it’s best to get a carpet that you won’t mind some accidents happening on – our stain-resistant carpets are great for life’s little accidents, and our hard-wearing carpets are great for your little tearaways to take their energy out on without wearing down. For more inspiration, look at our pick of the best carpets for children's bedrooms.



Another great way to divide up space is using comfy chairs like beanbags to create little reading nooks. You can also make use of empty floor space with a creative table for painting, colouring, gluing, and crafting. Add some chairs around it where you can either join in or let your children get messy with their friends and siblings.

It's also worth opting for furniture that’ll grow with your kids – adjustable tables and chairs, and décor that can feel suitable for all ages of childhood will ensure that you don’t have to redecorate every few years (or for any new wee ones that comes along!). This will save you time and money in the long run and can also help you to limit your options if you’re having difficulty picking furniture for your space. 

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Playroom colour palettes

Before you choose furniture it’s best to pick a colour palette for your playroom or play space. Here are some playroom colour palette ideas you could use:


Bright colours

Bright colours may seem like the typical pick, and there's a reason they're so popular. Bold colours help to stimulate kids’ brains and encourage them to be creative and more engaged. Opting for primary or rainbow colours can also pick up their mood, making their play area somewhere they associate with happiness and fun.


Gender neutral colours

Gender-neutral playroom colours like yellow, green and orange are also current popular picks for children’s playrooms and nurseries as we move away from more traditional blues and pinks. These colours offer the opportunity to play with more exciting themes and palettes, like jungle themes, under-the-sea themes and even the circus or fantasy creatures and lands! You can get creative as you want with your children’s playroom ideas.


Neutral colours

Keep your playroom colours neutral to match up with more mature colour schemes in the rest of the house or the rest of the room. There are ways to create colours that can easily move or tidy away when the play area is not in use though. 

Build an art wall that can be turned around to show a large modern painting, or create a tent area like we mentioned above, that can be neutral from the outside but bursting with colourful paper butterflies or covered in colourful posters on the inside.

To find a colour scheme that matches your flooring or wall colours, visit your nearby Tapi store. You can talk to one of our floor experts who are always happy to assist you. 

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Published: 09-08-2022