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Types of Carpet: Saxony

Types of Carpet: Saxony

Saxony carpets are well-loved for their luxurious look, plush feel, and deep pile, making them a popular choice for both modern and traditional interiors.

What is a saxony carpet?

Imagine stepping out of bed and sinking your toes into the softest, deepest, and most luxurious carpet – that’s a saxony carpet. To create this unparalleled softness underfoot, the longer tufts of yarn that make up the deep pile are loosely twisted at the base then cut at the top and separated slightly. Saxony carpets can come in a variety of finishes, from a smooth, silky velvet to a rugged shaggy look. The fibres in a velvety saxony carpet are straight and point in the same direction, so when the pile moves, the carpet colour naturally shifts from light to dark (or vice versa). The yarns in textured saxony carpets are twisted in different directions, reflecting the light at different angles to give a two-tone look.

What room is best for a saxony carpet?

Due to the pile depth and softness, saxony carpets are best suited to areas of the home where you want to add a bit of luxury, such as bedrooms and living rooms. Pop into a Tapi store and brush your hand over the carpet to feel exactly how soft a saxony carpet is for yourself. (Don’t worry - the Tapi Team are used to people stroking our super soft carpets, it’s perfectly normal behaviour to us.) If you like the cut pile style of a saxony carpet but want to use it in busier areas of your home, then a twist pile carpet is probably a better option.

What is a saxony carpet made from?

Some of our saxony carpets are now made using super fine fibre filaments to give them a gorgeously feather­-soft feel. You also might have noticed that many of our saxony styles are made from polypropylene, a synthetic material that’s widely used in the manufacturing of carpets today. It offers excellent softness underfoot, as well as great durability and value for money. One of the best reasons for choosing a polypropylene carpet is its stain resistance, making it an obvious choice for busy modern homes where spillages are a part of daily life! Simply tackle any stain with a diluted bleach solution and watch even the toughest stains disappear before your eyes. Ta da!

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