What is rustic design style?

What is rustic design style?

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Think of a traditional country cottage, built from old bricks and stone, with a welcoming kitchen complete with roaring fire or Aga, comfortable chairs and soft sofas in the living room, and cosy blankets on the beds. Recreating this in a modern home is the essence of rustic design style. It doesn’t mean you need to move away from city or town life and set up in the middle of nowhere; it’s more about embracing the charm of the past. Rustic décor ideas combine the authenticity of natural materials, the richness of earthy colours, and the comfort of warm textures.

Key rustic living ideas

This design takes us back to the past – or a fantasy of a simpler life. With a focus on exposed wooden beams, stone accents, and handmade decor, this trend creates inviting spaces that are both captivating and homely.  Here are some key ideas that you can recreate in the comfort of your own home:

  • Natural materials - At the heart of the rustic design are natural materials, drawing inspiration from the outdoors. Exposed wooden beams take centre stage, showcasing the raw and rustic character of wood. These beams not only add architectural interest but also reflect history.
  • Earthy colours - Rustic interiors have an organic colour palette, echoing the shades found in the natural world. Warm browns, deep greens, muted blues, and soft neutrals come together to create a harmonious and inviting environment. This palette effortlessly complements the natural materials used throughout the design.
  • Warm textures - Rustic design style thrives on textures that are inviting to stroke or snuggle into. From rough-hewn wooden surfaces to textured fabrics such as wool and linen, these textures add depth and comfort to the space. This makes any room even more inviting.

Rustic flooring ideas

Getting the perfect floor will help you achieve an authentic rustic look. Traditionally, its weathered wooden floors add to the lived-in character of the space. Stone tiles, reminiscent of cobbled pathways, provide an earthy foundation that complements the overall design. These flooring choices bridge the gap between the interior and the natural world, reinforcing the rustic style.

Achieving this look

We can suggest many easy and low-maintenance ways to achieve this look. Firstly, choose engineered wood. This has all the benefits and warm looks of traditional timber, but it’s created from multiple layers so it adds strength and stability, and is less likely to warp and crack. It’s also available in that weathered, lived-in style or a fresh, pale colourway.

  • Luxury vinyl tiles or planks are another brilliant choice. They can be laid easily either in a click or stick-down fit style, and they look and even feel like organic timber. Many of our collections have textured surfaces mimicking all the ‘perfect imperfections’ of grained wood, including knot marks or saw marks. Once again, there’s a great selection of colours that’ll complement the look you’re going for.

Rustic living room ideas

Having a rustic living room means choosing a welcoming space that embodies the simplicity of the countryside. Typically, it has exposed wooden beams along the ceiling, with stone accents around the fireplace, with plump cushions and chunky knit throws to keep it feeling comfortable and homely.

  • In among that whitewashed or distressed wooden furniture, you may want to sink your toes into the softness of a carpet. Go all-out retro with a floral or pattern or choose your favourite neutral shade and lay it throughout your whole living area to create a coordinated look. When you buy it, either in-store or online, we can arrange for a trusted fitting partner to come to your home at a time that suits you, too.


Rustic bedroom ideas

In a rustic bedroom, tranquillity and cosiness reign supreme. A wooden bed frame with a distressed finish is the star attractive, with layers of handwoven textiles adding to the comfort. Antique bedside tables and wrought-iron light fixtures add a touch of elegance, while a muted colour palette creates a serene and soothing atmosphere.

  • You can enhance this look with vinyl flooring. It’s cushioned and warm to the touch, and a breeze to keep clean as it’s scuff, water and stain resistant. As well as that, vinyl is great at absorbing sound, so it’s a clever option in a bedroom or any room that has a lot of footfall.
  • If you want to make the transition from downstairs to upstairs, but don’t necessarily want to put carpet everywhere, we’d recommend a stair runner. They keep down the noise, are soft on the feet, but also look gorgeous, especially if your staircase is in your hall. It’s the first thing guests – and you – see when you open the front door.


Rustic kitchen-dining ideas

The rustic kitchen is a celebration of usefulness and character. Wooden cabinets with worn finishes set the tone, and a large farmhouse sink exudes practicality and charm. Use open shelving to display handcrafted pottery and vintage crockery, and add a large wooden dining table for shared meals and laughter.

  • Laminate flooring is a fantastic way to achieve that wooden floor look. We have a collection that is durable and resists scratches and water, so it’s great for a family home. Available in many colours from pale ivory to rich, dark chocolate and everything in between, you’re sure to find a shade to suit you.

Rustic bathroom ideas

This is one room where you probably don’t want to recreate a 17th-century farm! You have all the benefits of modern living and washing facilities, but add rustic touches using the look of stone or wood. You could install a standalone bath so it becomes the focal point, framed by textured tiles reminiscent of natural landscapes. Add some wooden accents, vintage mirrors, and wrought-iron fixtures to contribute to the rustic elegance of the space.

Rustic garden ideas

This look naturally blends with the outdoors. Extending the rustic look is easy with wooden pergolas adorned with climbing plants to provide shade, while stone pathways invite exploration. Those slanted, slatted wooden chairs known as Adirondack chairs or wooden benches offer spaces to bask in tranquillity, and handmade clay pots add a crafty touch.

Rustic style alternatives

There are other ways to interpret this trend, with the most popular being a nod to a cabin in the woods by a lake or a converted industrial building.

  • Cabin rustic
    Once again, exposed wooden beams, stone fireplaces, and a palette that mirrors nature are typical. Add as much greenery indoors as you can, or move furniture so you are near windows or a view, to transport you to a peaceful retreat surrounded by the great outdoors.
  • Industrial rustic
    This look combines the raw elements of industrial design with the warmth of rustic decor. The marriage of exposed brick walls, metal accents, and salvaged materials with natural wood and comforting textiles creates a captivating mix of urban with rural elements. This is the look that’s most achievable in new-build flats, loft or warehouse conversions or other open-plan, modern homes.

So now you know how to capture the essence of natural beauty and rustic charm, intertwining raw materials with earthy hues and tactile textures. We can help you achieve this look. We’d recommend you book a free home visit, where we’ll come to your house with our mobile showroom van full of samples, and then dedicate some time with you to choosing the perfect flooring. We’ll even do a thorough flooring health check, looking or damp, and advise on any tricky measuring or planning. Go to tapi.co.uk to book one now, or pop into your local store, where our friendly, expert floorologists are always happy to help.


Published: 29-08-2023