What is modern farmhouse style?

What is modern farmhouse style?

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This is a décor that’s a winning blend of rustic and on-trend design ideas. It has a few distinctive features, such as wooden-boarded walls and reclaimed wood accents, a neutral colour palette and vintage-inspired décor. We’ll show you how to mix the traditional and the modern elements in a harmonious fashion, and created a warm and inviting home that’s both cosy and contemporary. We’ll also offer insights into flooring choices that complement this style.

Modern Farmhouse style ideas

We’ve put together some of the most iconic key elements to achieve this rustic yet refined look, making it easy to achieve whatever style of home you have. The aim is not to give a nod to the more traditional idea of a cosy farmhouse cottage, while adding a touch of sophistication and contemporary flair.

Shiplap walls

Traditionally, this type of wall covering mimics panelling that’s found the side of a ship, hence the name. To achieve this look, overlap any wooden planks to create a cosy and textured wall that complements both modern and original features.

Reclaimed wood accents

To continue with the wooden theme, consider including touches in your interior décor. That could be in your furniture – dining table and chairs or wooden arms on sofas; mantelpieces or shelving, and even scraping off the paint on interior doors and leaving them in their natural, if varnished state. If you want to really emphasise the worn and loved look, use reclaimed wood which adds character and authenticity.

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Neutral palettes

This is not the moment to buy wallpaper, paint or carpets in all the colours of the rainbow. Choose earthy and neutral colours like whites, creams, greys, and other muted tones. This allows the natural textures and materials to take centre stage while promoting a serene and calming atmosphere.

Vintage-Inspired décor

What others may consider tired or old, you could call vintage! There’s no harm in looking around charity or second hand shops to find furniture that looks retro or distressed. Those pine tables from the 1980s for instance, will add a nostalgic touch.

Mixing the old and the new

The key to harmoniously blending modern and farmhouse elements lies in achieving the right balance. Avoid overloading the space with rustic items or making it too contemporary. Here’s how to find a middle ground that preserves the warmth of farmhouse style and the sleekness of modern design:

  • Select pieces that embody the essence of both styles. For instance, pair a rustic farmhouse dining table with modern, minimalist chairs. This combination adds interest and keeps the space from feeling too uniform.
  • Mix and match textures to create depth and visual interest. Combine soft, plush fabrics with rough, tactile materials like jute, sisal, or woven baskets.
  • Lighting fixtures play a crucial role in defining the style of a room. Opt for farmhouse-style pendant lights or chandeliers with modern finishes to create a unique fusion of styles.
  • Both modern and farmhouse styles tend to embrace open floor plans. By combining the two, you can create a seamless flow between spaces, making your home feel airy and inviting.
  • Engineered wood is a great choice to achieve this look on your floor. It combines the rustic appeal of floorboards with modern engineering for added stability and resilience. And it’s a lot less bother to maintain too.
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Modern Farmhouse kitchen ideas

This is one of the rooms in the home where it’s easiest to incorporate this design trend. We suggest:

  • A classic farmhouse sink in a modern kitchen adds a touch of vintage charm and practicality.
  • Incorporating a farmhouse-style kitchen island with reclaimed wood details, combined with contemporary stools for a stylish and functional space.
  • Using retro-looking tiles as a backsplash to add a timeless touch to the kitchen, blending well with the modern appliances and fixtures.
  • Luxury vinyl and laminate are great picks for your kitchen because they both have water-resistant properties and can stand up to all the challenges that a working kitchen can present with their durable protestive top layer. 

Modern Farmhouse bedroom ideas

Switch up your bedroom for a cosy yet contemporary atmosphere with these easy-to-follow tips:

  • Pair a chunky wooden bed frame with brand-new and stylish bedding for a comfortable and elegant look
  • Incorporate vintage-inspired bedside tables for a charming touch, complemented by sleek, modern lamps on to.
  • Add warmth to the bedroom with layered textiles like a cosy throw, plush rugs, and linen curtains.
  • Choose neutral-coloured carpets with textured patterns to add warmth and cosiness to bedrooms and living areas.
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Modern Farmhouse living room ideas

You don’t have to live in a 400-year old country cottage or converted barn to add an element of this design. Think about the following for your modern lounge or TV room:

  • Install a farmhouse-style fireplace with a distressed mantel and combine it with contemporary furniture for an inviting living space.
  • Use a mix of materials like leather, wood, and metal in your furniture to strike a balance between the two styles
  • Decorate your modern sofas with farmhouse-style throw pillows featuring traditional patterns or vintage designs.
  • Flooring: Laminate flooring is a great pick for modern farmhouse living rooms, especially with a wood-effect finish that can mimic the look of hardwood, while being affordable and durable.

Modern Farmhouse bathroom ideas

Go to town by adding elements of the countryside into your bath or shower room:

  • Install an old-fashioned rolltop bath or one with feet as the centrepiece of your bathroom, combining vintage elegance with modern fixtures
  • Opt for a rustic farmhouse-style shelf or unit above a contemporary sink and taps for a stylish bathroom look
  • Use reclaimed wood freestanding shelves for storage and display in the bathroom.
  • Vinyl flooring replicate the appearance of natural materials like wood or marble, while being water-resistant and easy to maintain.

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Published: 08-08-2023