What is contemporary style for interiors?

What is contemporary style for interiors?

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If you've ever found yourself flicking through home-style magazines or scrolling Pinterest boards, you've likely come across the term ‘contemporary style’. But what exactly is it? Let’s look at living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and staircases to unravel the secrets of this chic and timeless design idea.

What is contemporary style décor?

Contemporary style décor is all about taking the best of the new and making it work for you. The terms "contemporary" and "modern" are often substituted for each other, causing confusion. But in the world of interior design, they’re not the same. "Modern" refers to a specific era, usually around the mid-20th century which also saw the introduction of other styles like mid-century modern design. Modern interior style is characterised by clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on function. On the other hand, "contemporary" is ever-evolving, capturing the current design trends and innovations of the moment.

Embrace technology

In contemporary interiors, technology is not just a functional aspect; it's a design element. Smart home features, from automated lighting systems to climate control, integrate into the overall look. For instance, contemporary kitchens may feature touch-activated taps and living rooms boast state-of-the-art entertainment systems that blend effortlessly with the surrounding décor.


Contemporary furniture and decoration

Choose multi-purpose furniture, like coffee tables with hidden storage or modular seating arrangements that you can swap around to suit your family’s changing needs.

And while it’s all about sleek, clean lines, don’t shy away from bold statements, and wallpaper can play a role in achieving this. Express yourself artistically with geometric patterns, subtle textures, or even large-scale murals.

Clean lines and a neutral colour palette

One of the defining features of contemporary style is the emphasis on clean lines and simplicity. Picture a living room where furniture boasts sleek, straight lines, creating a sense of order and fluidity. In contemporary design, less is often more, with an aversion to unnecessary fuss or embellishments. A contemporary palette often revolves around calming neutrals like whites, creams, greys, and beige, creating a serene atmosphere.

Contemporary living room ideas

Contemporary living rooms are a great place to marry up comfort with elegance. Imagine plush sofas adorned with comfy cushions, all against a backdrop of neutral tones. To add a pop of colour, use accent pieces such as vibrant artwork or bold-coloured accessories.

Contemporary bedroom ideas

If you’re planning to makeover your bedroom in the contemporary style, then simplicity is key. The bed, often the focal point, boasts a sleek design with a minimalist frame. The colour palette as always leans towards calming hues, promoting a sense of serenity and relaxation. Think soft greys, muted blues, or warm taupe. Choose your lighting to combine both functionality and good looks.

Contemporary kitchen ideas

The heart of the home, the kitchen, is no exception to the contemporary charm. Here, functionality meets style. Find Kitchen cabinets that feature flat surfaces and clean lines, and look for hidden storage solutions. To add a touch of modernity, opt for stainless steel appliances and always find the latest gadget or tech, from smart appliances to integrated home automation systems.

Contemporary flooring options

Of course, the foundation of any room is its floor. Contemporary design embraces a variety of flooring options – the choice is yours! Here are some of our suggestions:


Often in neutral tones, carpets can add warmth and underfoot comfort to contemporary spaces. Opt for low-pile carpets for a sleek look that complements the overall design. And don’t forget the stairs, if you have them. This is where a bold pattern or texture can add an element of interest. The key is to maintain a clean and uncluttered look, allowing the stairs to become a visual delight as you ascend or descend.

Laminate and Vinyl

For those seeking affordability without compromising style, laminate and vinyl flooring options are go-to choices. These materials mimic the look of natural materials like wood or stone, providing a cost-effective solution with contemporary flair.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl offers a high-end look that mimics the opulence of materials like organic wood or marble. Its durability and resistance to moisture make it a practical choice for contemporary living spaces.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring is a great example of contemporary styling, as it’s a wonder floor that combines the traditional look and feel of wood with up-to-date technology that keeps it more stable and long-lasting than traditional floorboards.  

Contemporary style adapts to the times while maintaining an enduring allure – a true celebration of the present with an eye on the future. So, whether you're contemplating a redesign or simply seeking inspiration, then pop into your nearest Tapi showroom, where you can pick the brains of our friendly floorologists, who’ll give you free advice on how to create a contemporary interior in your home.

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