The most popular Instagram interior trends for 2022

The most popular Instagram interior trends for 2022

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Having all our families and friends around to our houses during the festive period might have a few of us taking a look at our current décor and seriously considering making some changes. Whether it’s realising you have too much clutter, or finally giving in to the fact that your one houseplant is definitely dead, redesigning your interior can be a lot of fun – and we’re here to give you the lowdown on what interior trends are seriously popular right now.
We surveyed the nation and took a look at some exclusive Instagram data to find out what the most popular Instagram interior trends are, and exactly how many people in the UK actually want these insta-worthy trends in their homes. You’ll be pretty surprised at what we found!

Most popular interior trends on Instagram

Instagram has been the top platform for home inspiration accounts for quite some time, and when we took a look at the interior trends that have the most posts on Instagram in the UK over the last six months, this is what we found:
1. Home offices (326,476)
With the nation adapting to a flexible way of working thanks to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that home offices are the most posted-about interior trend in the UK. From shed offices to spare bedroom offices and even shared offices for parents and kids, this trend won’t be dying down any time soon!
2. Cottagecore (108,442)
For the uninitiated, cottagecore is a popular interior aesthetic that focuses on nostalgia and cutesy furnishings (think Grandma’s house and pastel carpets). This is another trend that was popularised by the pandemic, with so many of us stuck at home and thinking of places we’d rather be, like outdoors.
3. Houseplants (25,412)
Houseplants have seen a huge spike in popularity in the last few years, thanks to millennials and their ‘plant mom’ aspirations. A classic design element as well as a trend, it’s little surprise this interior trend came in the top three.
4. Minimalist interiors (16,115)
Minimalism is an interior trend that centres around simplicity, clean lines and zero clutter. Minimalism as a lifestyle and interior trend has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years thanks to celebrity influences like Jennifer Aniston, and TV shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.
5. Vinyl flooring (11,387)
We know a fair bit about vinyl flooring here at Tapi, and it’s no surprise to us that vinyl has gained a lot of popularity recently. It’s durable, water-resistant, and comes in so many different designs – it’s perfect for every home!
6. Japandi (10,074)
Japandi is another interior trend, like minimalism, that focuses on simplicity, but also draws a lot of influence from homely spaces and warm light. Being at home for the best part of a year has definitely left a lot of us wanting to make our houses more homely and relaxing.
7. Neutral interiors (7,151)
Neutral interiors is another trend that has been around for a very long time, but has seen a real resurgence in recent months. Creating a strong base for bright pops of colour, neutral interiors are ideal for new homeowners or those looking to sell on their properties.
8. Herringbone flooring (4,153)
The classic style of herringbone flooring is definitely back in fashion according to our research, and here at Tapi, we even have herringbone laminate available for those who saw the price of the real deal and were left feeling queasy.
9. Sustainable interiors (3,922)
The climate crisis is definitely playing largely on all our minds, so it’s little surprise that people are seeking out more sustainable alternatives to current materials and furnishings.
10. Stair runners (3,860)
From glimpses into celebrity homes this year courtesy of Architectural Digest, we’ve seen some amazing staircases from the likes of Hilary Duff and "Hamilton" Stars Daveed Diggs and Emmy Raver – their colourful inspiration seems to have been a hit with us Brits.
So, now we’ve identified the trends that are most popular on Instagram, but do the general public actually want any of these trends in their home?

Top 10 trends Brits actually want in their homes

1. Houseplants (21%)
2. Sustainable interiors (19%)
3. Neutral/earthy interiors (18%)
4. Home office (18%)
5. Herringbone flooring (17%)
6. Minimalist interiors (16%)
7. Green interiors (15%)
8. Stair runners (14%)
9. Vinyl flooring (13%)
10. Statement rug (12%)


Not only did houseplants have the third-highest ranking of posts on Instagram, but they’re the most popular interior trend that Brits are looking to incorporate in their homes – proving that houseplants are definitely a trend that is here to stay. Additionally, there are over 3,900 Instagram posts about sustainable interiors, but our survey shows that only two in ten Brits (19%) would like to have more sustainable interiors in their homes.

Brits also like to incorporate the most popular Instagram trends into their homes, such as home offices, vinyl flooring, herringbone flooring, neutral interiors, and minimalist interiors. In spite of this, Cottagecore and Japandi styling don’t make it on this list. Despite posting a huge number of photos, only 5% of respondents said they would go for Cottagecore style interiors, and an even smaller 2% wanted Japandi style. Which begs the question: are these just trends for the gram?

The different areas of the UK seem to have pretty different ideas of what their favourite interior trends are – from hard-to-kill houseplants to home offices, find out what the top trend in your city is.
Belfast is keen on the retro trends, with 23.5% of respondents wanting retro interiors in their homes. Manchester and Birmingham buck the trends, with 15% and 12% respectively wanting a neon sign in their homes – a trend that no other region has on their top lists!
Cardiff are kings of houseplants with over 50% already  having them in their homes and over 50% also wanting them in their homes. Nottingham and Sheffield are vying for second place with around 48% of respondents from both also already hoarding houseplants.
Edinburgh is all about the neutral and earthy interiors, with a quarter of respondents already having this in their home, and the same again wanting it in their homes. Despite Londoners getting to work in the capital city, over 1/3 of respondents now have a home office, and 30% would also prefer to be working from their own home office too.
Johanna Constantinou, Brand and Communications Director at Tapi, summarises: 
“Many people look to Instagram for home inspiration, and in this campaign, we wanted to see the most-posted about interior trends in the UK. We also wanted to see how many of these trends Brits most wanted to incorporate in their own homes, and it’s interesting to see the results! Hopefully this inspires anyone to freshen up their homes for the new year.”
If you’re looking for some home and flooring inspiration like the vinyl flooring or herringbone flooring mentioned, check out the Flooring Ideas or style inspiration  section of our Ideas Hub for all the latest trends and traditional favourites, or browse our guide on the top interior design trends for 2023, according to Instagram.