Instagram interiors: top trends for SS23

Instagram interiors: top trends for SS23

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When it comes to redecorating your home, there’s a lot to consider. However, the internet and social media are great places to find inspiration for your home decor if you're ready to invest in the redecoration process. Instagram is packed full of creative minds and fully-fledged designers, so why not look at what’s trending?

We’ll take you through the different reasons why you can find incredible inspiration from the accounts and pages of Instagram, and what some of the top trends are for the coming Spring/Summer season. We’ll also discuss some of the flooring trends we think will be popular this year, and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Why is Instagram good for finding interior inspiration?

Instagram is full of incredible creativity and design innovation, from accounts run by amateur interior enthusiasts to celebrity designers. There are accounts about home renovations, home inspiration, interior style, and even some entirely dedicated to seeking out new trends and aesthetics (what we consider to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye).

One way to find accounts to inspire you is to use the ‘For you’ page, which has a variety of accounts inspired by your likes and interests. For example. If you’re into gardening, there could be pictures on there of beautifully sculpted lawns and beds, or if you love cooking, there could be a kitchen style you really like. The influencers you follow could likely have similar styles to you, and from there you could find more content that appeals to you.

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Best interior trend predictions from Instagram

Instagram is full of incredible designers and stylists for you to follow, and there are also plenty of accounts looking into trend predictions for the coming seasons, and Spring/Summer 2023 is no exception. Here are some of the top trend predictions we’ve gathered from Instagram that are forecast to be big this year.

Home offices

As hybrid and home working become popular in work lives, home offices are on the rise –Instagram predicts that Spring/Summer 2023 will see a big spike in interest in sleek, modern office spaces serving multiple functions. We’re ready to make our home offices feel modern and up-to-date, and what better way to get the creative juices flowing for work than with a curated Instagram page of well-designed home offices? Our guide to the best flooring for home offices has loads of style inspiration you can borrow.

Art deco revival

As with almost every aspect of design, trends are cyclical and always find their way back into circulation, although sometimes a little in disguise. Art Deco design is predicted to make a big comeback with the year, as the roaring 1920s really begin to take hold in the 2020s. Inspiration from geometric design, bold metallic accents and colours and sleek modern furniture is all over social media right now – another big accessory for the Art Deco revival is a bar cart, which is popular already! Find out how to make your own bar cart with our guides in the Ideas Hub.

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Instagram @interiorcurve | Safari - Zebra

Modern organic

Modern organic style is a new style we foresee taking the interior design Instagram world by storm in 2023 – it’s a combination of several different looks, which is great for when you don’t want to commit to one specific design in your home. The modern organic trend combines the natural elements of the Scandi style with rounded shapes and rattan/wicker of boho style. It also throws in some elements of minimalism with neutral tones and a lack of clutter.  

Rebirth of traditional style

Alongside the birth of new combination design styles like modern organic, and the reimagining of older styles like Art Deco, we’ve found traditional-style spaces are also making a comeback. Nostalgia for spaces that remind younger generations of their childhoods means that the traditional aesthetic we remember fondly from our grandparents’ homes is coming back into style again – but of course, it’s been reconceptualised with a playful, modern twist. Floral prints and softer, curved silhouettes still make an appearance, but alongside contemporary elements like marble accessories and statement pieces.

2023 home décor trends to try

Whether you’re on a budget or want to conserve your energy for fun new hobbies and life skills, there are lots of ways you can update your home in small ways that make a big difference. Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate new styles and trends into your home for low effort and a low cost.

Incorporate natural materials

To lean into the organic modern trend, search around your home for natural materials – do you have any wicker baskets that could double as makeshift plant pots, or perhaps could double as storage for blankets and cushions? It’s also great to take cuttings from your garden to put into vases around your home to bring nature inside – they don’t have to be pretty blooms or huge swathes of pampas grass, you can have the same organic effect with some simple green branches.

Include patterns wherever possible

This tip works well for both the art deco revival and the reimaging of traditional style because different patterns and recurring shapes play a big part in both these styles. This can be as simple as including some geometric coasters or stacking decorative books on your coffee table. It can also include floral patterns in cushions, wallpaper, curtains, prints and even stick-on wallpaper at the back of your bookcase, to add some interest in a smaller space you might not have thought to update. For more wallpaper trends, check out our guide, or alternatively, discover these easy ways on adding colour in your home.

Update your flooring

We’re big believers in making sure your flooring looks and feels good in your space – after all, it’s easy to take pride in your space if you feel that the core elements look as good as possible! From carpet to laminate, there are tons of options if you want to upgrade your flooring, and a great way of doing this on a budget is to buy a rug. Our carpet whipping service can make a rug out of various carpets you’ve bought for us, so you could opt for a neutral beige carpet to lean into the modern organic style, or a bold patterned carpet to bring a pop of colour to your home office.

Why not pop into your local Tapi store to chat with us about some of the options available to you if you do want to upgrade your flooring? Our floorologists can help you to figure out what flooring would work best in your space and highlight your favourite looks in the best way. You could also book a free home appointment for us to come to you, and we can get a good feel of the space and what you’d like to accomplish.


Published: 26-01-2023