Januarycore: how to style your home post-Christmas

Januarycore: how to style your home post-Christmas

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After taking down the Christmas decorations, our homes can feel in need of a refresh to bring some vibrancy and colour back into our lives. There’s been a big spike in searches for “January aesthetic” on Pinterest, so we’ve created our own Januarycore guide to show you the best ways to style your home in the new year to beat the January blues.

We’ve also worked with interiors therapist Suzanne Roynon to reveal why we feel the need to give our homes a boost in the first month of the year and some of her top-tier advice you can use to jazz up your January style.

What is Januarycore?

From 20th December 2021 to the first week of January 2022, there was a whopping 1,011% increase in Pinterest searches for “January décor after Christmas”, and a 733% increase in searches on Pinterest for “January Aesthetic” in the same period. With such a huge increase in interest also continuing in 2023, we wanted to group this aesthetic into Januarycore, a style guide you can follow to help beat the January blues that come from taking down your festive decorations and the thought of dark days ahead and empty bank balances until Spring arrives.

The main elements of Januarycore include:  

  • Making your home cosy with warm, low lighting from lamps
  • Lighting seasonally scented candles to beat the miserable weather outside
  • Adding cosy textures with fluffy pillows and warm blankets
  • Decluttering your space and having a deep clean to bring in the new year, including making sure packaging from presents is recycled and all Christmas decorations are stored away ready for next year.
  • Including a few new plants in your home or even taking the decorations and lights off existing greenery.
  • Adding colours that make you happy with some new cushion covers, wall prints or some new home accessories such as candle holders.

Why do Brits love Januarycore? 

We surveyed the nation to dig a little deeper into why Januarycore is becoming more and more popular, and our stats revealed that 40% of Brits believed that their house felt dull after they took down their Christmas decorations, and over a quarter already make it a tradition to refresh their home’s interior in January after losing some of the sparkle and colour of their Christmas decorations. Nearly 30% also endeavour to deep clean and organise their homes after the chaos of Christmas, using the putting away of decorations as an excuse to give everything a good scrub and shine.

How to incorporate Januarycore in your home

If you’re wondering if colours can affect your mood as much as we Brits seem to feel, interiors therapist Suzanne Roynon gives some context as to why so many people struggle to feel the joy post-Christmas and why re-decorating can help to give you a well-needed boost in January.

Suzanne says: “The glitter and twinkle of Christmas fills homes with magic in the run-up to the holiday, but suddenly the home feels less cosy and a lot more spacious when those decorations come down. However, this is a brilliant opportunity to see the rooms with fresh eyes and take advantage of the new space. How do you want to use it? What needs to change? Decide what works for your well-being and happiness now, and which décor elements need an upgrade to support your lifestyle plans for the coming year.”

Here are our top tips to help you incorporate Januarycore in your home.

10 interior tips and tricks to refresh your home

  1. Start by opening the windows, even if just for a couple of minutes, and opening the front door once a day to boost oxygen levels. 
  2. Get your cleaning equipment out and give everything a good scrub – from engineered wood to vinyl, we’ve got care guides to help you ensure your flooring sparkles
  3. Clear busy worktops, deal with any paperwork and allocate a home for all the Christmas gifts. Donate anything you don’t want to a favourite charity
  4. Declutter your clothing and belongings like makeup and toiletries to help you stick to an easy routine
  5. Fix anything which is broken or not functioning as efficiently as it should
  6. If you always feel low during the dark winter months, invest in an anti-SAD light box which emits a blue/white light which mimics daylight and boosts your mood
  7. Switch up or buy new soft furnishings to bring more comfort and cosiness into your space. This can also help to keep your rooms warmer too – our guide on how to warm up a cold room in winter has loads of helpful tips on this
  8. Invest in a colourful rug to bring warmth and colour into your living spaces to bring some vivid embellishments back in post-Christmas. Rugs also help to keep the heat in, which you can find out more about in our guide on how to reduce heat loss through your floor.
  9. If you’ve got the budget for it, paint your walls a different colour or give your flooring a refresh – a clean carpet or bold herringbone laminate can give your home a much-needed facelift
  10. Bring some new houseplants into your spaces, like small succulents on a bedroom window and large leafy plants in a brightly lit living room.


If you’d like to find some more inspiration for your home, our Ideas Hub is packed with style guides and original content from our Tapi customers. You can also find lots of helpful information for picking out new flooring or choosing a style that reflects how you want your home to feel using our colour finder or lookbooks, or discover Instagram's top interior design trends, to get your new year off to the right start.


Published: 10-01-2023