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Gothic home decor tips and trends

Gothic home decor tips and trends

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Gothic home décor doesn’t have to mean skulls, ravens, and black walls – but it’s perfect for adding a touch of drama to your home. You can add a theatrical touch to your space by taking inspiration from gothic interiors across the ages. Add a sense of quirky opulence to any space – if you love exquisite details and bold, romantic interiors, then this look could be for you.

What is Gothic interior design?

The term ‘gothic’ comes from Gothic architecture – a style of architecture that was popular in the Middle Ages. Mostly seen on cathedrals and churches, Gothic architecture is characterised by pointed arches, stained glass windows, and intricate decorations, with lots of tall pillars and windows to create an imposing space and a sense of grandeur. Notre Dame and Salisbury Cathedral are classic examples of the original Gothic style.

Gothic architecture was reintroduced in the Victorian era as ‘Gothic Revival’ or ‘Neo-Gothic’. During this revival, gothic motifs became more popular for interiors – think vaulted ceilings, elaborately carved furniture, and ornate wallpaper, with all the intricate detail we associate with the Victorian era.

This dramatic look was incorporated into the punk-inspired goth subcultures of the 1980s like steampunk, and further inspired by modern icons like Tim Burton and the Addams Family. All these elements have helped to keep gothic style popular over the years as it’s evolved, inspiring a sense of drama and mystique. And understandably, if you want your interior design to make an impact, then adding some darker touches is a great way to go about it!

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How to style gothic home décor

When it comes to styling gothic home interiors, there’s a lot to consider. If you want to just add a touch of dark luxe to your home, choose one or two of these ideas and see what feels right in your space.

Luxe black accents

A great way to add some excitement to any space is to go bold with black accents and detailing. You can go for more gothic accents while still keeping a luxurious, modern feel – plus, a feature focal point like a black velvet sofa will make more of an impact in a light space than in an all-black room! Pair with a light grey carpet for a chic, contemporary look with an edge.

Dark carpet and floors

The gothic look is perfect for creating a striking space that still feels cosy – but if you have smaller rooms without a lot of natural light, you might be naturally concerned about dark walls making your space feel cramped or small.

That’s where a dark carpet comes in – you can easily create a lush look in any room but still use lighter colours for your walls. Add some black accessories and details like a feature gallery wall, and you can create a gorgeously gothic space even in a smaller home.

Try whimsigothic decor

Does full gothic style feel a bit too heavy for you? Then whimsigothic’ might be the trend for your home. According to Better Homes & Gardens, this is a ‘lighter and softer’ cousin of a classic gothic interior. If you like a slightly more eclectic style or if you’re a fan of the maximalism movement, you can keep the dark drama of gothic room décor. Just soften it by adding more natural touches like plants, lots of natural fibres and softness in your colour palette.

Pick a dark and moody colour palette

As we’ve said, gothic décor doesn’t have to mean all-black everything! If you love a dark and dramatic look, there are plenty of alternative colour palettes to pick from. A dark green theme is perfect for a gothic botanical feel, with plenty of plants and greenery nestled amongst your furniture.

We think this is bound to pair well with our vintage laminate flooring to create a look that’s simultaneously rustic and relaxed while still keeping that striking gothic feel. Or, to create a soothing space, opt for a dark blue colour scheme with burnished gold accents and accessories for a dreamy celestial feel.

Embrace intricate detailing

Take inspiration from Gothic architecture to make your space feel more sophisticated. You can add panelling or crown moulding to walls or interior design features to make spaces feel more opulent and draw the eye upward.

Even in a more modern space, you can transform fitted shelves or bookcases by creating an arch with MDF and painting it with a matte finish. Alternatively, head to flea markets, bric-a-brac stalls or online marketplaces to uncover some vintage ecclesiastical furniture, which has the perfect ornate look to incorporate into your gothic designs.

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Gothic décor ideas and details

One of the easiest ways to add some gothic décor to your home is with accessories. And the good news is, there’s plenty to choose from! When you’re shopping for gothic-inspired accessories, here are some of the things to keep an eye out for.

  • Antique furniture - look for dark wood furniture rather than pine or light oak, or upcycle old pieces in need of love with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Dramatic lighting – Think striking chandeliers, theatrical down-lighting and vintage lampshades for a more interesting way to light your space.
  • Candles – The flickering light of candles couldn’t be more appropriate for gothic-inspired decor. Even if you’re not going for a spooky look, candlelight adds a cosy feel to any room! And you don’t have to keep things neat and tidy – in fact, the more wax you have dripping down your candles, the better. Brass candlesticks, candelabras, and long taper candles are perfect for adding a gothic look to things. 
  • Vintage prints and a gallery wall – A gallery wall adds an effortlessly Victorian vibe to any room – think of the walls of a professor’s study or a stately hall. By incorporating vintage prints and black-and-white photos or illustrations, you can add a touch of dark decoration while still keeping plenty of personality. 
  • Luxe fabrics and textures – Add extra luxury with lavish fabrics like damask flocked prints, rich velvets, or long-hanging drapes. Large tapestries and brocade are also a great way to add texture and richness to a room, as well as smaller touches like vintage lace or fringe details on tablecloths and cushions.


Whether you decide to embrace the dark side or just add some gentle gothic décor touches to your home, we’ll make sure that your flooring looks just right. To find out more about how we can help or for expert advice on what would look best in your space, get in touch, or discover our other style inspiration guides, from French country interior style, through to Victorian style kitchen design tips, and much more.

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Published: 09-06-2023