Seven ways renters can decorate without losing their deposit

Seven ways renters can decorate without losing their deposit

There are currently more renters in the UK now than at any point over the last 13 years, and, as a result, the volume of Google searches for temporary and reversible decorating solutions has increased by 200% over the last 12 months.

Rental properties generally have quite strict rules about redecorating, particularly changing flooring or wall colours. However, it can be hard to resist transforming a space you live in to reflect your character and personal style, so we wanted to help you work around these restrictions.

Fortunately, there are many methods you can use to glow-up a rental without breaking the bank, losing your deposit, or damaging the original features in the property! Here are some of our favourite tips to inspire and encourage you to make changes to your rental property.

Seven reversible decoration ideas

There are numerous ways that renters can make design changes to their apartments that are easily reversible, and therefore won’t get you into any trouble with your landlord:

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are a great, durable option for those renting over both long and short terms. They often come in a variety of colours, textures, and pile options for the perfect underfoot feeling that suits your specific needs.

They’re simple enough to fit and just as easy to remove, with a stick-and-peel adhesive system that allows you to pull them away once you’re finished. Top tip: use a hairdryer to warm the adhesive as you peel away, allowing for a smoother removal.

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Use stick-and-peel adhesive tiles with a design of your choice, to cover up the older wall coverings that don’t quite fit your style and taste.

There are plenty of stick-on tiles to choose from, so you won’t be stuck for choice. Believe it or not, not all stick-on tiles are laminate, either. You can purchase some made of vinyl, metal and even stone or glass! 


Looking to spice up your bathroom? Stick-and-peel vinyl tiles and planks are a nice and simple way to inject personality into your rental. Choose between a multitude of different designs, textures, and styles, from wood-effect vinyl to patterned or tiled-effect vinyl.

Vinyl tiles are a great option for those rooms which get wet, like the kitchen, the porch, or the bathroom, as they’re water- and slip-resistant.


Using a click-and-lock system, these wooden floor panels will do the job – no glue required! This is perfect if you’re looking to cover up carpets that any adhesive would ruin. However, if you’re looking to install the planks in high footfall areas, consider glueing the planks in the same area that they ‘click’ together, for extra hold and water resistance.


You might be surprised to know that laminate is not just for flooring! If your counters are looking worn down and drab, you can easily cover them up with a decorative stick-and-peel laminate paper; simply remove it with the aid of a hairdryer when you're ready to move out.

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Vinyl sheets can be a more friendly option to some renters, as they require less installation time. Rather than needing to place vinyl tiles individually, you can simply roll out what is required.

However, cutting the sheets to fit the room correctly might need a professional eye… unless you’re feeling capable, in which case there are plenty of tutorials online! Just make sure your landlord is aware you intend to DIY.


Not a huge fan of the carpet tiles on offer? You can choose any carpet to be temporarily fitted with the aid of carpet tape. This tape allows you to hold down temporary flooring on top of existing flooring.

However, please note, that cutting the carpet to the exact shape and fit of a room will require professional help and your landlord might not appreciate you skimming on quality if you do decide to DIY.

Our Ideas Hub is filled with care guides on all our floor fittings, from carpet to laminate and engineered wood. And when you do decide on your dream flooring, you can always pop down to your local Tapi store to speak to one of our experts and find out how we can help you with fitting.

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