The UK’s most controversial chores

The UK’s most controversial chores

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We all know that chores are an essential part of life, but who would have thought they could be such a source of conflict? Whether you're living with your family or roommates, tensions can run high when it comes to dividing up the domestic tasks. But don't worry, we're here to help you identify the most contentious chores and offer some practical tips for making them more manageable.

We'll help you to understand why some chores are more contentious than others, which ones cause the most arguments in British households, and how you can address these issues in a light-hearted and friendly way.

Why do household chores cause arguments?

Cleaning, tidying up and doing household work is something that everyone must do, but it's not always a task that people look forward to. In our latest survey, we found that 33% of respondents didn’t think that household chores were split evenly between people in their households, which can be a big cause of arguments in any household, whether you live with a partner, kids, or housemates!

Additionally, 16% of people said that they would leave their significant other if they did not do their fair share of chores around the home – another reason to iron out who does what when it comes to chores early on. Shockingly, 8% of people surveyed even admitted to purposefully not doing a chore properly just to avoid being asked to do it again! These statistics show just how much household chores can be a source of conflict in many relationships and households – but which chores are the real root of the problem?

The top 10 chores that cause arguments at home

  1. General tidying - General tidying came out as the number one chore that causes arguments, with 54.5% of people surveyed saying that it is a major source of conflict. Tidying is a vague and all-encompassing chore, which means people might have different expectations of what needs to be done.
  2. Washing up - Washing up follows closely, with 35.1% of people admitting to arguing over dirty dishes.
  3. Cleaning the toilet - Cleaning the loo was also a top contender, with 29.8% of people saying it caused arguments. This is one of the most important and least pleasant household chores. It's also a task that can easily be neglected or not done well, which can cause conflict.
  4. Taking the bins out – Throwing out the rubbish came in fourth place, with 28.9% of people admitting to arguing over this chore. Bins can be heavy and smelly, and not everyone is willing to do this task. This can lead to disputes over whose turn it is to deal with them.
  5. Cleaning the bath - 24% of people say it causes arguments: The bath is another task that requires a lot of elbow grease, and if it's not done correctly, it can cause mould and other issues.
  6. Vacuuming – 21.5% of our survey respondents were likely to get annoyed at their household over this chore. Vacuuming is a time-consuming chore requiring a lot of physical effort, so it’s little wonder that people get fed up with doing it!
  7. Cleaning the shower – Also coming in joint 6th was the 21.5% of people who detest cleaning the shower – this one was always likely to cause problems since people may argue about who should clean the shower, how often it should be done, and how thoroughly it should be cleaned.
  8. Filling and emptying the dishwasher – 19.8% of Brits find that emptying and filling the dishwasher is just too much for them – who really knows the right way to stack a dishwasher anyway?
  9. Doing laundry/washing clothes – Another contender for the final spots is doing the laundry, with 19.8% of people complaining about this seemingly never-ending task.
  10. Changing the bed sheets – Bringing up the rear of the final tied results, 19.8% of survey respondents found that changing the bedsheets caused a lot of arguments. If people leave this chore until right before they’re due to go to bed too, chances are you’re already a little grumpy and ready just to go to sleep!

How to make chores more enjoyable

Chores do not have to be a dreaded task in the household. Here are some ways to make them more enjoyable and get everyone involved:

  • Create a cleaning playlist - Music has the power to transform mundane tasks into enjoyable ones. Create a playlist with upbeat tunes that everyone in the household can enjoy and dance to while cleaning.
  • Make it a game - Turn cleaning into a game by timing each task and challenging everyone to beat their personal best. Whoever finishes first gets a reward or gets to choose the next task.
  • Rotate chores - Assigning chores to different people every week or month can help make chores feel fairer and prevent one person from feeling like they are doing all the work.
  • Use chores as bonding time - Instead of doing chores alone, encourage everyone to do them together. This could be a great opportunity to catch up, have conversations and bond with each other.
  • Invest in quality flooring - One of the easiest ways to make chores more enjoyable is to have a beautiful and functional space to work in. Consider installing laminate, which is durable and easy to maintain, or water-resistant vinyl which makes cleaning and tidying up a breeze.

Household chores are not always a fun task, and they can even cause arguments in many households. However, by implementing some of these tips, everyone can make chores more enjoyable and prevent them from being a source of conflict in your household - there's no need to let them detract from the joy of your home.

That's why it's worth considering Tapi for your new flooring needs, with expert advice and a range of beautiful styles available to help you create a space that's comfortable and easy to maintain. And if you're looking for more tips on how to make your home life even better, be sure to check out our Ideas Hub for style inspiration and lifestyle advice.


Published: 01-03-2022