Instagram interiors: top trends for AW23

Instagram interiors: top trends for AW23

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You can find a lot of style advice and inspiration on Instagram, as it’s one of the top platforms for those with aesthetic spaces to share their ideas, projects, and ever-changing homes. It’s a veritable treasure trove of tips, hacks, and ideas, and on top of that, you can also spot how the interior design landscape is shaping up for the new season. For Autumn/Winter 2023, some new trends are taking the influencers by storm, and here’s a summary of the cream of the crop for you!

What are the top trends on Instagram interior design hashtags?

Our favourite Instagram accounts are all about sharing their thoughts on the latest styles and trends that are coming out, and here is our pick of the top trends we’ve seen everyone going crazy for on social media:

  • Neutral seasonal décor
  • Sustainable chic
  • Minimalism
  • Unique furniture
  • Japandi style

Let’s explore these trends in more detail and we’ll even give some quick tips on how to achieve the style yourself in time for the season rolling around!

Neutral seasonal décor

While seasonal décor is typically all about using the colours of the season (reds and oranges for autumn, and white and red for winter) this trend sees the introduction of more neutral-coloured décor to fit in with the trendy neutral and beige colour schemes that interior experts have been loving online. This means using more natural materials like wooden décor or knitted materials like wool and linen to create updated seasonal décor like cushions, and frames, decorative elements like artwork and even festive décor like Christmas tree decorations and Halloween decorations.

This is ideal if you’re working with a neutral colour palette in your home, such as white walls and a light-coloured floor like beige carpet or wood effect laminate. If you’d love some more seasonal inspiration, check out our guide on How to dress a table for Christmas.

Sustainable chic

With the cost-of-living crisis hitting us all quite hard, it can be hard to find the justification to buy new homeware or to upgrade our homes without feeling like we’re putting our money towards something trivial. However, sustainable interior accounts on Instagram are forging the way to showing sustainable ways to decorate your home.

These include tips on where to save your money by doing DIYs instead or giving tips on how to find nice furniture or décor for cheap. They also include tips on the best purchases to make to get the most for your money during tough financial times, as well as how to make more eco-conscious purchases that have less impact on the planet.


Along with sustainable chic, minimalism is also still sitting front and centre as one of the top interior styles that influencers are loving right now. Not only does it put more emphasis on sustainability and using your space with more intention, but minimalism is also a style that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry have hailed as the hot new thing for a few years now.

While this trend isn’t necessarily seasonal, it can be a good way to refresh your interiors with strong intentions for practicality and a lack of excess over the festive season. Our guide on what is minimalism can help you to reorganise your space, from your bedroom to your bathroom.

Unique furniture

The times of flat-pack furniture and mass-produced furniture are fading into the past as Instagram influencers embrace unique pieces that make their space look more interesting – from upcycling your granny’s old dining dresser to finding antique picture frames for your favourite holiday pics, there are so many ways you can bring some interest to your space without heading to your nearest IKEA!

Japandi style

This trend combines the minimalism of the Japanese Zen style with the functionality and bright neutral colour palette of the Scandi style to create a beautiful blend of organic shapes and natural materials. Curved furniture is a big feature of this style in recent posts and hashtags, with the fluid softness being a sign of breaking free from tradition and embracing natural shapes and styles. While the lighter colour palette might not feel particularly ‘festive’ for the autumn/winter season, it’s in keeping with the lighter theme we’re seeing with neutral décor and minimalism style too.

How do I find interior inspiration on Instagram?

Instagram is a very versatile app, with lots of different ways you can find inspiration or pages to follow that you’d like to see more of on your feed. You can search using hashtags if you already have a style that you want to see more of, and this will bring back different posts that have used this hashtag. You can also search for specific profiles if there is an influencer or a celebrity whose style you already know that you like.

Alternatively, if you’d just like to look around for inspiration, then you can use the explore page to see what suggestions come up from things you’ve liked before – this is a great way to find new accounts and pages that share things that inspire you.

What are the best interior Instagram accounts to follow?

Check out our guide on top influencers to follow for the best accounts to follow on Instagram for home interior inspiration – from modern interiors to budget-friendly hacks, there are so many different accounts you can find to inspire your next home makeover or renovation project.

There’s a trend out there for everyone waiting to transform your space into something amazing – and remember, these trends are just meant as inspiration, they are not hard and fast rules! Your style is whatever makes your space feel like home for you, so if you’re a maximalist lover and you don’t want to part with your beloved flat-pack bookcase, no need to worry!

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