How to style your home for Christmas based on your star sign

How to style your home for Christmas based on your star sign

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Coming up with a unique way to style your home for Christmas can begin to get tricky when you’ve spent a few years with the same decorations. So why not take some inspiration from your star sign to help you find a new home décor style that really feels right? We’ve partnered with astrologer, Inbaal Honigman, to reveal the ideal Christmas décor for each star sign.

With Christmas just around the corner, make way for all the decorations you could want to complete your festive star sign aesthetic, including our ideas for decorations on a budget. You can decorate your home with these tips without creating a huge mess or causing permanent damage to your flooring, walls, or windows.

Your star sign Christmas style


Aries value speed above all else. They can't bear to spend days buying, unwrapping, and placing decorations. Those born under the sign of the ram will favour a pop-up tree, baubles and lights already attached.

In terms of colours: when you say red, you mean Aries. The fiercest of all the fire signs, Aries enjoy a red colour scheme every day, so glitz it up at Christmas by making it shiny. Other colours don't come close, but black is welcome as a way to set off the red and make it appear even more intense.


Taurus are traditional and sentimental and love to pull out their childhood decorations every year. For those born under the sign of the bill, a vintage look is inevitable, to go along with genuine antiques.

Colour scheme: red and green. The traditional Christmas look is perfect for Taurus, lovers of tradition and of the olden days. A sign that appreciates the predictable aspects of the season, Taurus embrace the values of yesteryear.


Geminis are all about the party, so the living room has to sparkle. Actually, every room could use a coat of glitter during the holidays for those born under the sign of the Twins, with shiny and glitzy their favourite aesthetic for winter.

Colour scheme: blue and red. A colourfully busy combination would suit the notorious party-animal Gemini. There's no end to the joy a Gemini can feel, and they're buoyed by clashing colours and loud seasonal tunes.


Cancer loves to have family around, so their festive decorations will be practical, wipe-clean and unbreakable; wood and felt aplenty. For those born under the sign of the Crab, the season is about the people, not about the commodities.

Colour scheme: the way grandma did it is the best way for Cancer, who love to see family habits carry on with each generation. Old items fit with new when you opt for a red and green aesthetic, so all the heritage pieces won't look out of place.


Leos like to make a good impression, and they definitely care what the neighbours think! So, their Christmas display will be lavish, extravagant, and displayed for all to see.

Colour scheme: green and gold. Lux and bright is how a Leo likes to keep it. If it looks regal, they love it. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, and they have a strong affection for sunny hues.

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Virgos are practical and neat, and they love having a clean home. Their styling will be minimalist, fuss-free, and easy to vacuum. They love looking festive, but never messy.

Colour scheme: earth sign Virgo loves a bit of green. It's natural, it's fun, but it's also kind of neutral at Yuletide. Mixing it with gold feels festive and fancy, in a way that's not too overpowering. Virgos like their aesthetic sensible.



Libras are stylish and elegant, and their look will be trendy every year. Keeping up with trends demands a lot of focus, so their main pieces will be timeless and neutral, and the rest will fit with their inevitably subtle design scheme.

Colour scheme: white and gold. The most elegant sign of the zodiac, Libras loves pearly white as a neutral. They enjoy the airy quality of a combination that is light, luxurious, and not overbearing. It's a festive combo, but one that a Libra would love to see year-round.


Scorpio loves a bit of an edge. Be it a black tree, a gothic vibe, or a single vintage star, they'll enjoy the uniqueness of their festive displays. No other sign loves the eerie aesthetic quite like those born under the sign of the Scorpion.

Colour scheme: red and black. A darker aesthetic that just screams Scorpio, they love a stylish combo, but equally, appreciate the shadow side of life. A mysterious sign that enjoys originality, Scorpios go for an edgy look.


Sagittarius are free-spirited and love to have fun, whatever the season. They want all the colours and follow their own tastes. Is there a tropical Christmas style? Those born under the sign of the Archer will invent it. Tropical styles remind Sagittarius of holidays, and the fun they had the last time they were abroad.

Colour scheme: let the combo be as rich and unexpected as the last cocktail they had. Not that Sagittarians live on memories - their next holiday and their next cocktail aren’t too far away.


Capricorns enjoy an air of luxury in all that they do. Their designer baubles and one-off trees are their pride and joy at Christmastime. Quality is a whole vibe for those born under the sign of the sea-goat.

Colour scheme: silver and gold. An air of luxury is never far from splendour-fan Capricorn. Their aesthetic is that of opulence and charm, and more is more. During the holidays they want to feel like life is luxurious, times a billion.


Aquarius are friends with people and animals. Their decor will be unique, hand-made, nature-inspired, and ethically sourced. Charity is important to those born under the sign of the water-bearer, so they'll shop for decorations locally.

Colour scheme: black and gold. Unique and welcoming is how an Aquarian likes to keep their household, so choose a colour combination that's very festive, but also almost-neutral, in case they're gifted colourful items from their many friends, relations and well-wishers.


Pisces are more about feeling joy than looking fancy. They want to decorate in a way that makes everyone feel happy at Yuletide and will go for quirky individual pieces and a colourful rainbow of lights. It's a time for giving, for those born under the sign of the Fish.

Colours: blue and white. A colour combination reminiscent of the sea will bring much festive joy to Pisces. Water signs love the feeling of being surrounded by the beauty of water and sea foam, even through the wintertime.

How to decorate for Christmas on a budget

Candles and pine are two of the most classic Christmas elements you can include in your home, and luckily these are really easy to find and use in unique ways. Cluster together pillar candles of varying heights to create a soft light on your dining table or side table, or place them in a line to bring in some of that soft, flickering light that we associate with warm and cosy nights.

Leftover wrapping paper and cardboard from the boxes that your presents came in can also be used to make thrifty decorations, and get the whole family involved too! Make paper chains from wrapping paper or make colourful snowflakes to hang in your windows. You can use your cardboard to make snowmen or even a ‘Santa please stop here’ sign if you have enough of it.

With all the fun of Christmas, you might also want to save money by keeping your floors in good condition – after all, no one wants to deal with scratches on your laminate from the Christmas tree or spilt mulled wine and Christmas gravy on your brand-new carpet!

The best way to do this is by taking a look at our selection of flooring care guides, which are packed full of helpful information to keep your floors in great condition over the festive period. Our guide to removing carpet stains can also be a lifesaver if you do end up in a pickle with port or prosecco on your floors.

Alternatively, discover more of our festive guides, including how to dress a table for Christmas, and decorating your stairs for Christmas.

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Published: 20-11-2022