Teenage bedroom ideas your teen will love

Teenage bedroom ideas your teen will love

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Growing up as a teenager can feel a lot easier when you have a safe haven you can escape to when you come home – and helping them creating the bedroom of their dreams might feel like pulling teeth if you can’t agree on what style to go for! Well, we’re here to help.

This guide will go through lots of different design ideas you could discuss with your teenage child, including different themes, colour schemes, and different ideas for girls, boys, and gender-neutral bedrooms. So, let’s jump in and start the process!

How to upgrade your teenager’s bedroom design

Your first step should always be consulting your teenager on how they would like to express themselves and their space. It can be tempting to decorate their bedroom in your personal style, especially since you are most likely the one paying for your home in the first place! But allowing your child to be a part of the process will help them to feel independent and express their creativity.

Trends and styles are always changing and shifting, and what your teen does and doesn’t like will change just as often, so settling on a base that can withstand lots of changes will help you out in the long run – this doesn’t mean you need to stick with beige all over, but maybe avoid strong colours that are difficult to pair up with lot of different décor styles. You’re going to want to explore these different areas when you discuss how your teen wants to change up their room:

  • Colour scheme
  • Furniture style
  • Décor
  • Budget
  • Theme
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Colour scheme

The colour scheme you opt for is going to depend on the colour scheme you already have throughout your home – and if you’re not fussed about your teen’s room sticking to that scheme, you’ll find there are lots more options to consider! Their personality and their age will dictate a lot of the decisions you make together about their room, but if you’re really not keen on the colour that they want to go for, try suggesting a muted shade of that colour as a compromise.

Furniture style

Again, depending on the age of your teen, you could be picking up a new double bed, or a bunk bed. With teenagers’ bedrooms though, you’ll want to make sure that the style of furniture they pick out will fit them as they grow, both in their style and in their growing bodies. This could mean choosing furniture that is more mature, or pieces that are versatile, such as upgrading their play corner into a study nook, or an area for them to relax with their friends.


Your teenager is likely going to move on from their childhood toys and books (if you’re lucky enough to have room in your loft, you can always store their childhood memories for them to look back on when they’re older). This means they’re going to look for a more mature décor for their room, especially as their daily activities change from playing with toys to finishing their homework or chilling out with a video game or a book.


Your budget is also going to dictate how many changes and updates you can make to the space – if you’re very limited on budget, then you may only be able to update the colour of the walls and change up their bedding, but these small changes can still make a big difference.


When we talk about a theme, this is quite different from the type of style you might imagine for a baby’s nursery or toddler’s room –this is how they want the room to feel, whether it helps them to be happy, relaxed, stylish, or just feeling like themselves. This will include artwork they resonate with, bedding that they find comfortable, showcasing their favourite items on shelving or surfaces, and putting up their favourite memories.

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Gender-neutral teenage bedroom ideas

Style-neutral bedrooms are increasingly popular with teens nowadays, and there are so many ways you can keep their bedroom neutral and still incorporate all the elements that make them feel at home:

  • Keeping the walls and flooring in neutral colours is the easiest way to do this, such as beige carpet or natural laminate flooring.
  • Instead of patterned wallpaper, use fairy lights draped across the ceiling or down the walls to create some interest around the room without committing to a wallpaper they might not like in a few months.
  • Stick to black and white frames for all their favourite pictures and use corkboards or whiteboards for them to stick memories to, such as concert tickets and gifts from friends.
  • Minimalism is also great for neutral teen bedrooms, especially if you’re on a limited budget – opt for a clean palette, a simplistic clothing rail and hooks for them to hang bags and hats on, as well as a couple of plants for them to practise looking after.

Teenage girl bedroom ideas

If your little girl is growing into a young woman, she’ll want a space that feels safe and a place she’ll be proud to invite her friends to for a sleepover. For colour ideas, you could try our white and cream bedroom design ideas guide for some grown-up yet feminine styles. Some other considerations for a teenage girl bedroom include:

  • Using cushions and blankets to create a cosy den for your growing child - try making a blanket together as a fun project for their room makeover.
  • Update their lighting from nightlights to bedside tables and decorative lamps.
  • Give them their own seating area, perfect for reading a book, practising painting their nails, or playing their favourite video games.
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Teenage boy bedroom ideas

While young men sometimes take a little longer to blossom than young women, they will still want a mature space to grow up in, and this can be done in lots of different ways:

  • Work together on artwork for their bedroom, such as finding and printing vintage movie posters, stills from their favourite sports matches, or their favourite TV shows.
  • As with teenage girls, they need a comfortable spot in their room where they can relax and unwind after a long day at school – this could be a beanbag, a built-in window seat, or even a sofa for them to relax on with their friends or siblings.
  • Use our guide ‘create a cosy bedroom with these flooring ideas’ to make your teenage son’s room as comfortable as possible for them, no matter what their style is.
  • Vintage and classic furniture pieces will work in this room long after they’ve left school and even moved out, meaning you can easily repurpose their room as a guest room without having to spend much money.

Teenage bedroom flooring options

Flooring for your teenager’s bedroom doesn’t need to be a headache – there are so many options to pick from and each one can be personalised to suit your teenager’s dream bedroom style!

  • Hardwearing carpets are a great pick for bedrooms, especially ones with plenty of activity like teenager’s bedrooms.
  • Trying to teach your kids to clean their spaces regularly? Try an easy maintenance vinyl or laminate that only needs a quick brush or clean with a slightly damp mop.
  • If you want to elevate your teenager’s space to make it feel a little more grown up, why not opt for engineered flooring with an area rug?

We’ll help you create a space they will absolutely love! If you still need some bedroom ideas to get started, our flooring ideas page offers a plethora of options in colours you'll adore, and our Ideas Hub is a treasure trove of valuable content, featuring DIY tips, style inspirations, and care guides to keep your flooring in top-notch condition. So, if you stumble upon a brilliant idea for your new bedroom flooring, don't hesitate to visit your local Tapi store and have a friendly chat with one of our Floorologists. Together, we'll help you create a dreamy bedroom space that will perfectly reflect your teen’s unique style and preferences.

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Published: 08-08-2023