How to create a rustic living room

How to create a rustic living room

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Are you yearning for a warm and inviting living room that has a special cosy charm? Look no further than rustic style! With its natural elements, distressed finishes, and warming atmosphere, a rustic living room can transport you to a tranquil countryside retreat.

In this guide, we'll walk you through what rustic style is, and provide you with rustic living room ideas, from colour palettes to decor ideas, to help you create a space that is filled to the brim with warmth and comfort.

What is rustic style?

Rustic style is all about the beauty of nature and the natural elements that we used to bring into our homes all the time - wood, stone, woven textures, and warm earthy colours. It draws a lot of inspiration from the countryside and rural homes that are classically warm and simple. 

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How do I create a rustic cottage living room?

To get that cosy rustic cottage vibe in your living room, try using some of these design elements:

  • Natural Materials: Exposed wooden beams, reclaimed wood furniture, and stone fireplaces can add a rustic touch to your space by using those classic natural materials that embody this style. 
  • Warm Colours: Opt for warm and earthy tones for the walls, such as beige, warm grey, or soft cream. They all work together really well to add warmth into your room. 
  • Textured Fabrics:  Add some chunky knits, woven textiles, and soft linens, as well as cosy throw blankets and plush pillows to enhance the comfort of your living room.
  • Vintage Accents: Keep an eye out for antique pieces, distressed furniture, and vintage-inspired decor items - charity shops are great places to find unique rustic treasures that will add some charm!
  • Natural Light: Embrace natural light by keeping your windows uncovered or using sheer curtains - allowing the sunlight to filter into your space creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Rustic lounge flooring ideas

When it comes to rustic flooring options, there are some solid options to pick from, depending on your needs:

  • Laminate flooring: Laminate flooring adds that rustic charm to your living room as it has the look of wood with some extra enhancements, such as increased durability and it's much easier to clean. It also comes in lots of different finishes, so you can choose a ood look that suits your home best.
  • Engineered wood flooring: Engineered wood flooring combines the beauty of natural wood and rustic finishes, such as wire-brushed or hand-scraped textures, to add character to your space.
  • Vinyl and luxury vinyl: Vinyl and Luxury vinyl flooring offer a lot of versatility thanks to our wide selection of rustic designs. Vinyl or LVT options that mimic the look of wood or stone with textured finishes and rustic patterns are not only perfect for this style, but are also durable and easy to clean.

Check out our guide on the best flooring for living rooms for more information and inspiration for your flooring.

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Rustic living room colour palettes

When choosing a colour palette for your rustic living room, those warm and earthy tones are absolutely where it's at. Here are some rustic colour combinations to consider:

  • Neutral Palette: Choose a neutral colour scheme with shades like beige, cream, taupe, or warm grey. These colours provide a versatile backdrop and allow the natural textures and materials of your furniture and decor to take centre stage in your rustic living room. Consider adding pops of colour through accent pillows or accessories in muted tones like sage green or rust orange.
  • Earthy Palette: Embrace the earthy tones of nature with a palette inspired by autumn. Incorporate warm browns, deep oranges, and golden yellows to evoke a cosy and inviting atmosphere, reminding you of a rustic cabin in the woods.
  • Warm and Cosy Palette: Create a warm and cosy ambiance with a palette of deep reds, rich burgundies, and warm chocolate browns. These colours add depth and create a sense of comfort and intimacy in your rustic living room.


Rustic decor ideas to incorporate

To complete your rustic living room, it's time to add the final touches:

  • Natural Elements: Bring the outdoors in by incorporating natural elements into your decor, such as plants and fresh flowers. Alternatively, display a collection of dried flowers or branches in a vintage jug or use pinecones and twigs as decorative accents.
  • Cosy Textiles: Layer your living room with cosy textiles to enhance the rustic ambience. Add plush rugs made of natural fibres like jute or wool, and include soft, textured throw blankets and cushions in warm shades to create an inviting seating area.
  • Vintage Accessories: Seek out vintage or antique accessories to add character and nostalgia to your rustic living room. Consider incorporating vintage lanterns, weathered signs, or old books, because these pieces will add a sense of history to your space.
  • Rustic Lighting: Choose lighting fixtures that reflect the rustic style, like wrought iron chandeliers, lantern-style pendant lights, or vintage-inspired table lamps with fabric shades - they'll enhance the warm and cosy atmosphere of your rustic living room.

For more ideas and inspiration on creating a cosy atmosphere in your living room, check out our guide on cosy living room ideas. And if you're looking to create a dedicated reading nook within your rustic living room, our guide on how to create a cosy reading nook will provide you with valuable tips. Embrace the rustic charm and create a living room that feels like a cosy retreat in the countryside. Happy decorating!

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Published: 01-06-2023