Tranquil blue bedroom design and décor ideas

Tranquil blue bedroom design and décor ideas

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Designing a bedroom can be an exciting and rewarding process, especially when you're aiming for a sophisticated and soothing blue theme. Blue is a versatile and calming colour that can transform your bedroom into a serene retreat. Let's explore various ideas and inspirations to help you create a dreamy blue haven.

Blue bedroom ideas: choosing the right shade

To get the bedroom of your dreams, it's crucial to pick the right hue. Consider tones like navy, royal blue, powder blue, or even teal, a greenish blue. Each shade brings its unique character to the space, from rich and dramatic to light and airy. It’s a personal choice, also dependent on how much light comes into the room and, if you share your bedroom, your partner’s views as well!

Creating a blue colour scheme for your bedroom

So now you’ve chosen your perfect shade of blue, how do you go about creating a room where everything ties together? The secret to creating a calm and sophisticated room is incorporating some of the following blue bedroom ideas:

Go monochrome

As blue is your chosen colour for this tranquil space, then stick with it.  Go for lighter blues for walls, bedding, and curtains, and darker blues for accent pieces and furniture. Or reverse that idea, with moodier colours on the walls or floors to make a real statement.

Classic blue and white serenity

Combine blue with white for a timeless look. White furniture against blue walls creates a fresh and airy atmosphere.

Embrace the contrast

This is a sophisticated blue bedroom idea that’s easy to achieve at home. Introduce pops of contrasting colours like a blush pink or a burnt orange to add visual interest. These accents can come in the form of pillows, artwork, or decor items. And if that seems too difficult to pull off – or you’re renting and you can’t change too much in the room, then including metallic accents in gold and silver will look effortlessly stylish.

Blue bedroom décor and furniture ideas

So now you’ve decided on your colour and your theme, how to enhance it with furniture and décor? These are trusted ways which always look good:


Or rather, sticking with the furniture you have! Dark or brown furniture looks lovely against all shades of blue and as we’ve already said, combining it with white is always a timeless option that always looks fresh.

Clever use of mirrors and lighting

Bounce the light around your room to create the illusion of a larger space. Ignore your overhead light and go for side and table lamps to create pools of light and shade.

Personal touches


You’re designing this room to please you (two) only, so make the space truly yours. Add your favourite artwork or poster, include a comfortable chair and bookshelf if you plan to sit in your room and read, and go for anything else – that nautical theme you’ve always dreamt of perhaps – that will make this a room one you’ll love to come home to. 

Blue bedroom ideas for your floor

As it’s the ‘fifth wall’ in your tranquil blue bedroom, what you put on your floor is worth considering. This’ll be the last place you touch before climbing into bed and the first thing when you get up in the morning. Naturally, carpets with their cosy feel, softness and warmness are the perfect option. We can recommend our guide to creating a cosy bedroom on our Ideas Hub. There you’ll also find tons of good advice, inspiration, and hints.

Smooth flooring ideas for your blue bedroom

Consider luxury vinyl, engineered wood, and vinyl, as great alternatives to carpet in a bedroom. Here are some reasons why they’re particularly suited to a tranquil blue theme:

  • Easy to clean: Smooth flooring surfaces are easy to maintain, making them ideal for bedrooms where comfort and simplicity are essential.
  • Softness: Many smooth flooring options, especially luxury vinyl and vinyl, offer a softer feel underfoot compared to harder surfaces like tile or wood. This contributes to a cosy and inviting bedroom environment.
  • Great looks:  Smooth floors often come in plank-like designs and mimic tiles. But many others provide a neutral canvas that seamlessly accommodates any design style. They allow the beauty of your chosen blue to take centre stage.
  • Reflecting the light: It’s a subtle point but this contributes to an open and airy feel, enhancing the overall calming ambience.
  • Long lasting: Many smooth floors are designed to resist scratches, stains, and general wear and tear. This durability ensures that your bedroom floor remains looking fresh and new over time.
  • Noise-reducing: many smooth floors have acoustic properties, reducing sound and creating a quieter environment. This is particularly beneficial in bedrooms, where the focus is on a peaceful atmosphere.


We hope we’ve started you on your path to a tranquil blue bedroom. Please pop into one of our stores and have a chat with one of our friendly floorologists or try our PictureIt tool. It’s a clever way to see exactly what your bedroom will look like with the floor of your dreams.

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