Patterned flooring: styles and trends

From patterned lino to black and white floor tile patterns, patterned flooring is having a big revival for 2020. Whether it’s a kitchen or living room, statement hallway or modern bathroom, we’ve got expert advice on all the latest – and upcoming - looks and styles.

What are the current patterned flooring trends?

Big in the 1950s and again in the ‘70s, patterned lino is making a comeback – only today we call it vinyl. Modern production methods and innovations have rendered this hard wearing and durable material almost unrecognisable from the slightly jaded floor covering of decades past – today it can mimic the look of tiles, wood, parquet and even marble.

Large scale patterns and geometric prints are big in flooring right now, keep walls neutral or use a muted colour palette to really make an impact with your statement floor. Vintage patterns are also very popular in contemporary design schemes, big on nostalgia and a throwback to simpler times. Geometric prints and vintage patterns are a great way to give a living room or bedroom a modern-day makeover that’s very on trend.

Patterned flooring – what’s coming next?

Wood is starting to make a re-appearance in everything from intricately-laid wooden floors to zany wooden tile schemes – get the look for a fraction of the cost with vinyl and laminate flooring in a wide range of wood finishes, styles and colours. 

Laying tiles in intricate patterns to create eye-catching shapes is also set to be big - again, you can get the look using clever flooring choices in vinyl and laminate. Setting unusual shapes into flooring is a great way to create a unique look in a kitchen or living room.

Finally, fish scale shaped patterns will be seen everywhere from kitchens to bathrooms.

What about retro patterns?

Retro and monochrome looks never go out of style. Use black and white floor tile patterns to create a stunning entrance in a hallway or give a kitchen a sophisticated makeover. This is also a great look for a bathroom, keep walls white with a black trim detail for best effect.

Use retro vinyl flooring patterns to create a vintage kitchen for the 21st century, complete the look with 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s style accessories.

What colours work with patterned flooring?

Use a neutral colour palette in soft whites, warm creams or biscuit tones to offset the look and really let your patterned flooring stand out. If you want to introduce a hint of colour, stick to muted greys, pastel pinks and pale blues or pick up the colours in your flooring to create a cohesive look that’s easy on the eye.
If you’re feeling more adventurous, create an eye-catching feature wall in pattern or print, to liven up a contemporary hallway, living or dining room. Be careful of introducing too many clashing styles in a bedroom though – a calmer space will aid a good night’s sleep so consider adding pops of pattern in soft furnishings and accessories instead to complement your patterned flooring.

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