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How to measure a room

So, this is not as daunting as you might think and remember, when you place an order with us, we’ll be happy to pop over and just give your room(s) a free measurement check to be 100% sure of a perfect fit!

There are some basic rules!

* Only record actual measurements on your plan. Don’t add any allowances or extra cm on.

* Remember to measure all the way into the doorways and to measure the widths of doorways and record each measurement on your plan.

* Make sure to note the number of doorways so we can accurately calculate the connecting bars and thresholds that we’ll need.

* Remember to measure any drop backs, alcoves of fireplaces.

* Take a few measurements wall to wall across each room as some walls are actually not parallel!

You’ll need a piece of paper, pen or pencil a measuring tape and a ruler.

1. Prepare/sketch a rough plan or layout including alcoves or drop backs, bay windows and fireplaces and doorways.


2. It’s quite handy to get someone to help you so you can get right behind all those odd bits of furniture.

3. Remember to measure all the way into the doorway and to measure the widths of doorways and record each measurement on your plan.

4. Remember to measure any drop backs, alcoves of fireplaces.

5. Take a few measurements across the room from the same wall to the same wall as not all walls are straight and there may be a few cm differences in width across your room. Mark all these measurements on your plan as you go.

6. Take note of any other features such as steps or split levels, this is where a photo will really help us.

Simply call our order direct team on 03330 150 501 or take your sketch and photos and pop down to your nearest store for a full and accurate free quote.

If you need help measuring your stairs, follow the 'how to measure stairs' guide.


Tapi Tips for Measuring


Please let us know as much information as you can about the room or rooms you’re measuring for. What the type of room is, a kitchen, bathroom or lounge maybe a bedroom…maybe all of them! It’s handy for us to know everything about the doors and windows, for example, how many are there, are they internal, external or patio doors, do the windows reach the floor and where are they on your plan? Please record the positions of all windows and doors on your sketch.

It’s also great for us to know what’s under the flooring you’ll be replacing, is it concrete, wood, new old, level, uneven, stable or wobbly.

It’s fabulous if you can email or bring a few photos of the room along too or tell us if you have any inbuilt fish tanks, breakfast islands or unique bits and bobs. All this extra information will help our quotes to be very accurate.

If you're measuring for multiple rooms it's handy to write the name of the room on the drawing and if possible, to even draw the connecting hallway. This helps us understand the layout of your home and which room is which. We can then plan the correct flooring or pile direction and which type of connecting thresholds to advise.

A handy guide for measuring your room

For more help watch our ‘how to measure a room carpet’ video.