Carpet Care Guide

So, you’ve just bought a brand-new carpet and you’re already nearly shedding a tear at the thought of it being ruined by a rogue drink spill or suspicious mark – not to fear! We have all the new carpet care tips you could need for caring for your carpet to ensure that it stays in pristine condition for as long as possible (after all, we are human, and mistakes can happen!). 

New carpet care guide

Brand new carpets feel almost sacred in how much we want to look after them and keep them unblemished, and if you can feel the panic of such a responsibility set in, don’t worry. Read on for the best tips you’ll ever need for new carpet care.
All our carpets are delivered in tubes, to keep them stable and prevent damage. Sometimes this can leave a small pressure mark, that looks like a small line about 50cm from the end of the roll. But you don't need to worry about it. It's not a fault and it'll disappear within a couple of weeks.

How to clean carpet

You won’t be surprised to hear that we’re often asked how to clean carpet flooring. There’s no denying that smooth flooring is much easier to maintain than cleaning a carpet, but modern carpets feature clever yarn technology designed to improve stain resistance – some carpets even come with a stain-free for life guarantee! Carpets made from polypropylene are 100% bleach cleanable for complete peace of mind, and stain resistance is just one of the many good things about a wool carpet.
When it comes to removing stains, the trick is to act fast and follow these steps:
  • Scoop up any solids, working from the edges to the centre of the stain so it doesn’t spread out any further.
  • Blot up any liquid spillages with a white cloth or towel.
  • Apply carpet cleaner to a white cloth and blot the stain. Don’t scrub it and don’t apply carpet cleaner directly to the carpet!
  • Tapi Top Tip: Before applying carpet cleaner, test it on a hidden area of the carpet first.
  • Repeat with clean water to remove any residue until the cleaning agent is removed.
  • Dry the area with a clean white cloth or towel.
  • Vacuum the area when it’s dry.
Regular cleaning is key to keeping a new carpet looking amazing; we’d recommend vacuuming your carpet a minimum of once a week (or twice a week for softer piles). You can buy our carpet care kit in-store, but now and then, treat your carpet to a professional deep clean to leave it sparkling!

Carpet FAQs

Got a burning question about your brand-new carpet? Hopefully we can answer them below!

Can you hoover a new carpet?

Hoovering new carpets has been a strange point of contention for many years, but we’re here to tell you that you can vacuum your new carpet as soon as it’s been laid. The installation should have been done in such a way that you needn’t be worried about pulling it up from the subfloor. In fact, vacuuming right away can actually help get rid of some of the small stray fibres that get left behind after installation to get everything looking neat and beautiful.
We actually recommend that you do vacuum right away, to prevent those small fibres from running back into the pile of the carpet and giving it an off-putting matted look! We also recommend vacuuming as often as twice weekly to keep your new carpet look spic and span for as long as possible.

How to remove furniture marks from carpet

Leaving heavy furniture in one place on any carpet will eventually leave large marks or dents in the carpet because the bouncy fibres become compressed and don’t spring back as easily. Not to worry though, these dents and marks can be removed easily, especially if you regularly move your furniture such as during cleaning or shifting your pieces around the room. First of all, you definitely need to move the furniture off of the dents, because you can’t address them while the furniture still covers them, and by continually applying steam from an iron, then repeating the blotting and fluffing stages, natural fibres like cotton and wool will respond really well.
When it comes to cleaning carpets, we really are know-it-all’s, but if you have any more questions about how to clean carpets, or you would like to take a look at our range of carpets if you’re thinking of upgrading, why not book a visit at your nearest Tapi store or contact us for more info. Alternatively, if you’re wondering what type of carpet to choose, find out more about the styles we offer, including velvet, saxony, loop pile and more.