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Westex carpets are renowned for outstanding quality and an unlimited colour choice. Made with premium wools, Westex is naturally anti-microbial and stain resistant. 

Natural Loop

Boucle £44.99 m2

Briar £44.99 m2

Cable £44.99 m2

Westend Velvet Collection

Westend £39.99 m2  

Prestige £49.99 m2  

Supreme £69.99 m2  

Silken Velvet Collection

Vogue £49.99 m2  

Chic £69.99 m2  

Debonaire £89.99 m2  

Ultima Twist

Penultima  £34.99 m2

Ultima £42.99 m2  

Major £45.99 m2  

Crest £59.99 m2  

Pinnacle £69.99 m2