The iSense Story

Everyone has a softer side, and that’s also true of even the toughest carpets. An iSense carpet is the embodiment of tenderness and strength. It’s soft but extremely durable, outperforming any other carpet in wear resilience tests. Made from a unique, extremely soft polyamide yarn with a high number of filaments, iSense carpets takes comfort underfoot to a whole new level. If you love the deep pile of a saxony carpet combined with a lustrous finish, you’ll find iSense carpets irresistible. They’re perfect for adding a splash of luxury to a bedroom or a living room. Thousands of UK customers have welcomed iSense ranges including Obsession, Serenity, and Seduction into their homes – will you be next?


Why we love iSense

  • 20-year stain & wear warranty - So confident in the strength and performance of an iSense carpet, all products come with a 20-year wear warranty.
  • Wide widths - Available in 4m and 5m widths for fewer visible seams, an iSense carpet is the perfect choice for larger rooms.
  • Fusion Bac - Many iSense carpets feature this special secondary backing, an extra layer woven from a robust combination of felt and polypropylene. The fusion of these two materials creates a soft and flexible backing that’s less likely to scratch freshly painted walls and skirting boards during installation and makes the carpet much easier to fit.

How to order an iSense carpet

To explore the iSense Carpets range in more detail, visit your nearest Tapi store. There you’ll find samples galore and a team of carpet experts ready to answer all your questions. Or book a home visit and we’ll bring our whole flooring collection to you!

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