The Brockway Story

A Brockway carpet is a masterpiece of British craftsmanship, combining the finest wool sourced from UK sheep farmers, with the specialist skills passed down through generations of carpet-makers. This family-run carpet manufacturer began in 1964 in the traditional carpet town of Kidderminster, and today’s employees are second-generation carpet-makers who’ve inherited their parents’ carpet knowledge and expertise. Whilst they look to the past to draw inspiration from their impressive heritage, Brockway are highly innovative when it comes to investing in new machine technology and developing more efficient production methods to make the manufacture of wool carpets sustainable for the future.


Why we love Brockway

  • Made in Britain - All Brockway carpets are made in their Kidderminster factory by skilled carpet-makers using expertise and knowledge passed down through the generations, and they use wool from sheep farmers around the UK to help support rural communities.
  • Exceptional quality - As the carpets are made in Brockway’s own factory, they can oversee every stage of manufacture. They work with leading designers and colourists to create their range, and every carpet is hand-finished to make sure it meets their very high standards.
  • Natural underfoot - There’s nothing like the look and feel of a wool carpet for warmth and natural texture. All Brockway carpets are woven from 100% wool or 80% wool for excellent durability and performance. 
  • Sustainable - Brockway are very focused on sustainability and the environment and are working hard to create less waste from their production cycle. Their carpet backing system, Envirobac, forgoes the traditional latex backing and opts for one made from polymer granules instead. They’ve also managed to make their manufacturing process free from harmful emissions and their carpet edge trimmings (which would be considered waste) go to John Lewis to be used in underlay.

How to order a Brockway carpet

To explore the Brockway range in more detail, visit your nearest Tapi store. There you’ll find samples galore and a team of carpet experts ready to answer all your questions. Or book a home visit and we’ll bring our whole flooring collection to you!

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