Navy lookbook

Navy lookbook

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Navy may seem a daring choice for an interior– and it is! But its associations with stability and calm make this deep, dependable blue a sophisticated favourite. Navy pairs especially well with classic neutrals such as beiges, creams and browns: So if you love the mystery of a stormy sea or a midnight sky, don’t be afraid to evoke it in your décor. Navy can be a compelling element of a cosy, inviting space.

Colour Palette

  • Pantone 110501-TCX – This pale, delicate cream shade creates a great base for both flooring and cabinetry alike providing the rich tones of the deep blues with a light, airy balance.
  • Pantone 7499 U – This richer, yellower cream complements the strong mahogany brown of Pantone 7596 and offers a classy contrast to the dark blue shades.
  • Pantone 2378 – This subtle blue shade is lighter than true navy while still offering that sophisticated richness and depth – an attention-catching choice in living rooms and open-plan kitchens.
  • Pantone 7596 – This mahogany wood tone is great for bringing some warmth and solidity into the room. A dark brown engineered wood floor will complement blues and ivories to create an air of understated luxury.
  • Pantone 2380 – This intense navy home decor colour grounds the colour scheme, standing across the colour wheel from Pantone 705 to create a natural balance.
  • Pantone 7547 – This dark blue is so intense as to appear nearly black, which makes it perfect for accent features such as lighting, handles or picture frames.  

Decorating With Navy

Deeper shades of blue can be cleverly used to add drama and sophistication to any space. It looks particularly good as paired with strategic lighting, and dark wooden flooring. A single splash of colour can make a big impact in a bright, light space – like a navy kitchen island in a white or ivory kitchen. For a modern look, use black accents (light fixtures, hardware, or accessories).

Navy Blue Bedrooms

Navy evokes the colour of the night sky – what better choice for a peaceful bedroom? You can complement a bold navy wall with warm, chocolate brown accessories, a soft, subtle, earth-toned brown carpet, or balance the light-absorbing properties of darkest blue with an ivory laminate.

Navy Interior Feature Ideas

If you’re drawn to navy but fear it could be too dark or overpowering in your space, consider limiting it to a single feature – a sofa, a kitchen bureau, bedspread or statement wall – while exploring this palette’s neutral tones for your walls and flooring.

For more colour palette ideas to play with, or to find serious inspiration for your next big interior revamp, check out the Ideas Hub, or explore our range of colourful flooring by visiting your nearest Tapi store!