What is a velvet carpet?

What is a velvet carpet?

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For unrivalled luxury, a smooth finish and decadent comfort underfoot, the only choice is a velvet carpet.
The marriage of a saxony and a woven carpet, a velvet carpet combines traditional carpet-making methods with a more modern, short, dense, uniform cut pile. This clever combination results in a fine yet compact ‘barefoot’ feel. It’s the kind of carpet where you’re unsure if you should take your shoes off (you probably should, just to be polite). 
A few hundred years ago, velvet carpets were an investment for the family home. The skilled manufacturing process was reflected by the higher cost, and the perfectly plush finish conveyed an eye for impeccable taste and a fondness for the finer things in life. Generations of big and little feet would walk upon this velvet pile carpet, day in, day out, slowly wearing it down over the years until it reached a Miss Havisham-esque look of faded grandeur – a look which is favoured by some. Because of its short cut pile and fine yarns, velvet carpets are best suited to rooms with low footfall, like guest bedrooms or formal lounges. 
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What is a velvet carpet made from?

Fun fact for you: velvet refers to the weave rather than the material, so velvet pile carpets can be woven from a whole range of fibres, both natural and man-made. Traditionally, velvet carpets were made using the finest grade sheep’s wool, but the modern varieties available today harness the properties from synthetic materials to increase longevity and make the carpet more affordable. They can be made from polyamide, polyester, Tencel, wool, or a wool/nylon blend. Westex’s Westend Velvet carpet range is made from 80% wool/20% nylon for improved durability and resilience, giving you a lovely soft, dense pile that can handle pretty much anything.
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Pros and cons of velvet carpet 

Just like with any flooring material, there are pros and cons that can help you decide if velvet pile carpet is right for you. Here’s the breakdown if you’re still debating whether or not it could be right for you:


  • Requires low maintenance as the pile is short, but dense.
  • Adds a sense of luxury with smooth appearance.
  • Lower cost than other luxurious carpets.
  • Very durable in high traffic conditions.


  • Easily indented by heavy furniture.
  • More prone to staining from water.
If you’re looking for more information or want to try out a few samples at home, then order them online, and have them delivered straight to your door. 

How much does velvet carpet cost?

Velvet carpet prices can vary depending on the design, material and qualities you choose. We have a variety of velvet carpets online and in store that range from £60 - £100 per m2. If you feel like velvet carpet is the choice for you, have a look at our collections of velvet carpets online, or alternatively, head to your nearest Tapi store to view our samples and get a quote. You can also find out more about the different types of carpets we stock, including twist pile, loop pile and more.
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Published: 01-03-2022

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