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Types of Carpet: Woven

Types of Carpet: Woven

Combining time-honoured manufacturing techniques with hard-wearing materials and striking patterned designs, a woven carpet is the traditionalist’s choice for all-round longevity.

What is a woven carpet?

Woven carpets have been regarded as the pinnacle of carpet making for over 400 years, owing to the meticulous skill and length of time required to produce them. Although expensive, they were seen as an investment, but this was back in a time when people stayed in the same house all their lives and a carpet for the family home was expected to outlive even the family themselves! Modern carpet manufacturing techniques have created an abundance of different carpet choices these days, but for many, a woven carpet will always be the hallmark of a good quality, comfortable and affordable carpet.

How do you make a woven carpet?

It takes a lot longer to make a woven carpet than a saxony or twist carpet. This is because woven carpets are made by weaving the yarn all the way through the backing, resulting in a carpet with a firm, dense ‘barefoot’ feeling. The most common woven carpets are Wilton and Axminster carpets, and both have different production methods to give them their distinctive looks.

What's the difference between an Axminster and a Wilton woven carpet?

Axminster carpets are created by weaving the cut tufts of yarn (sometimes multiple yarns) directly with the backing fibres to create a strong and robust structure. This allows for colourful and intricate patterns to be created with immense precision, making Axminster carpets the perfect choice for those looking to add striking designs to their home.

Wilton carpets, on the other hand, are made by weaving the uncut yarn continuously into the carpet backing. Once this is complete, the yarn can be cut to make a cut pile carpet or left as a loop. This means Wilton carpets can offer a greater range of textures and finishes, but in a smaller number of colours.


Are woven carpets good for heavy use?

Both manufacturing techniques create high quality, durable and thick woven carpets that can withstand heavy footfall, making them tough enough for commercial properties like hotels, restaurants and pubs. Think of a grand stately home you’ve seen with an ornate floral carpet – that’s probably the original woven carpet! Or a 5-star hotel with a tartan carpet throughout – only a woven carpet could hack the pace of all those visitors (and the pattern will hide a number of sins). And if you want to improve on perfection, pair a woven carpet with a felt and rubber crumb underlay for an unrivalled performance and comfort underfoot. 


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