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Types of Carpet: Loop Pile

Types of Carpet: Loop Pile

If your home is busier than rush hour at Piccadilly Circus, there’s only one type of carpet that can step up to the challenge – say hello to the firm, durable and versatile loop pile carpet.

Are Berber carpets and loop pile carpets the same?

Berber is another name for a loop pile carpet, incredibly popular for its textured look, resilience and firm ‘barefoot’ feeling. Berber used to be the term for a neutral flecked carpet, but when we talk about a Berber nowadays, it’s associated with the traditional Moroccan Berber rugs known for their distinctive hand-knotted finish. This relaxed style can easily be replicated when making a modern Berber carpet by leaving the tightly woven yarn in loops (rather than cutting the loops as you would do when making a Saxony or Twist carpet). This technique allows you to create a wide variety of textures and patterns, depending on the height and density of the loop. The loops can be level or on multiple levels to create amazing textural designs on your floor.

What is a loop pile carpet made from?

Loop carpets are available in natural fibres (like wool) or synthetic ones (like polypropylene), and some styles are woven from a mixture of the two (like a wool and polyester blend). Synthetic fibres are more hard wearing than natural fibres, so a wool blend carpet offers the best of both worlds. A pure wool loop carpet will be softer, but as it’s made from a natural material, you’ll find that there’s a greater variation in colour and texture. They’re available in a spectrum of neutral colours, from light grey to dark grey (and the fifty shades of grey in between). Loop carpets provide excellent performance in all areas of your home, especially if you go for a low, densely woven loop. The lower the loop, the more durable the carpet will be, so a loop carpet is a popular choice for stairs, hallways or other rooms with a high volume of foot traffic, and also for homes with pets.

What’s the best thing about a loop carpet?

Overall, loop pile carpets are the perfect blend of value, durability and performance. The tightly woven, densely packed fibres mean a loop carpet is more hard-wearing than a cut pile carpet and requires less maintenance. The firm pile bounces back easily so won’t leave tracking marks when you vacuum. They’re also great for hiding stains – the looped pile structure means that spillages will sit on top, leaving you enough time to clean up the mess before it soaks into the fibre. Hurrah! We love the relaxed, rustic style of a loop carpet – they’re the ideal carpet for a modern family home.

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