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How to match your floors to your furniture

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Newsflash - perfectly matched rooms are phasing out. Gone are the days when your furniture matched your floors grain for grain, today’s trends take a tonal approach instead. So, you don’t have to combine an oak dining set with oak floors, painstakingly search for the identical shade of hardwood in flooring and bookcases. We take you through the latest looks and inspire you with some great combinations to try.

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How to choose flooring to match your furniture


Keep an open mind when shopping and start by asking what type of look you want to achieve. If your room has lots of dark furniture, consider light-coloured flooring to brighten the mood and create the feeling of light and space. Pale furniture on pale flooring will really open up the room and make it feel bigger, use a tonal colour scheme and pops of colour to keep the look interesting and stop it becoming too bland. A neutral furniture palette will offset a room with dark floors perfectly and provide eye-catching contrast. Or pair up dark floors with dark furniture to style an inviting space, using accents of white and neutrals to stop the look becoming too heavy.

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What flooring and furniture combinations work together?


The good news is you can mix and match a whole variety of different combinations depending on what you want to achieve. Think about the look you want to create rather than getting hung up on matching individual pieces – do you want to style a pretty country cottage look, a sophisticated urban space, a snug den?

Combine an oak floor with retro style furniture and cosy up the look with walls in warm teal blue. Or give rich chestnut flooring a contemporary makeover with a neutral colour palette, stick to pale creams and whites on walls and furniture for an effect that’s very now. Create a rustic feel with a pine-effect floor styled with Shaker-style furniture and panelled walls in white.

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Flooring to match oak furniture


With its warm tones and timeless appeal, oak furniture looks good in any design scheme and suits a wide range of flooring. You can combine it with a huge variety of colour palettes from pale pastels to rich dark tones.

Keep the look light and bright with pale coloured wood in a textured finished, mix in white and pops of darker colour for interest. Or throw away the rule book and match your furniture with eye-catching oak flooring, the key here is to play with texture to create a contrasting effect and use rich wood grains to really bring the room to life. Keep walls pale for best effect.

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How to match wood floors

Hardwood floors bring a sense of luxury to your home and dark wood floors in particular create a very warm and inviting space. But it is possible to get the look of genuine hardwood in a variety of cost saving options, including luxury laminate and vinyl.

Choose furniture that harmonises with the darker tones – reds, deep browns, slate greys or other natural wood shades will all work well. Or create contrast by pairing dark wood flooring with white furniture, add colour and texture for the eye with deep green cushions and a knitted blue throw.