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Do you have a free measuring and planning service?
Yes we do! Once you’ve chosen your new flooring, we’re more than happy to come and measure up accurately. Alcoves and door recesses can make a difference to the amount of carpet or flooring you need. We would be absolutely delighted to visit you at home and accurately measure your space. We can then efficiently plan the exact amount of carpets of flooring you will need. This could reduce waste and help save you money. Reducing waste can also help us protect our planet. Please note: We charge £50 to provide a quote when you are making an insurance claim; this is payable to the Home Consultant on the day. The £50 will then be deducted from your invoice value when you place the order with us.
I have a quote from another retailer but your service looks better, will you match my price?
Yes, we pledge to beat any quote for the exact same, identical product. If you find a high street shop offering a lower totally fitted price for a purely identical carpet, vinyl, LVT tiles or planks or laminate, underlay and accessories, with the same high level of service, just bring us the quote, we’ll check it and beat it! Some high street competitors have a different nationwide shop price to their online price; Tapi Carpets & Floors only sell from a physical shop and not online, so we match our prices to the competitor’s physical shop price only. We also know that some high street competitors have a lower price in specific shops. Where these shops are within 10 miles (based on the fastest route by car using Google Maps) of a Tapi Carpets & Floors branch, we'll lower our price to beat your quotation. Only valid prior to ordering.
What exactly is the ‘wear guarantee’?
Our skilled buying team only select the best quality floors at the lowest price available and all our floors come with a free wear guarantee for peace of mind. Some of our floors carry up to 20 years wear guarantee! The ‘Free Wear Guarantee’ guarantees your carpet or flooring will not wear out within the stated number of years on the product. However the appearance may deteriorate or vary from family to family depending on your usage, demands and care. If you are not entirely satisfied, please return to your store of purchase with your invoice and receipt, and we will visit your property to assess the condition of your floor.
What exactly is the ‘10 year fitting guarantee’?
If you have purchased your carpet, accessories and underlay from us, along with our Delivery & Care Package and let us arrange your fitter, then you will qualify for the 10 year fitting satisfaction guarantee. The ‘Free 10 year fitting guarantee’ only applies with the full purchase of the Delivery & Care Package, carpet, accessories and underlay is made with Tapi Carpets and Floors and when your fitting service is arranged through Tapi Carpets and Floors with one of our recommended fitters. In this instance you qualify for the ‘Free 10 year fitting guarantee’ and we will guarantee your satisfaction for 10 years from the date on your invoice. Please keep your receipt for proof of purchase. Carpet must stay in the original location and not be moved or tampered with and should be used only according to our recommendations.
Do I have to purchase the Delivery & Care Package?
No you don’t have to purchase the Delivery & Care package if you are arranging your own delivery and fitting.
What exactly is the ‘Delivery & Care Package’?
We keep our prices low by being transparent and not building costs into the overall price of your carpet of flooring. That’s why, if you would like us to arrange delivery and fitting for you, you will need to purchase our Delivery & Care Package.

The Tapi Delivery & Care Package covers:
Preparing, packaging and delivering your new flooring.
The fitters agreeing with us to remove and replace a reasonable amount of your empty furniture and a complementary vacuum and clean up after.
The fitters removing any off cuts from your home. They bring these offcuts back to the store and we pay for the disposal of them.

In addition to this, if you purchase your carpet, accessories and underlay with Tapi, and let us arrange your fitting (thus purchasing the Delivery and Care package), you will qualify, for no extra cost, for a 10 year fitting satisfaction guarantee. This means we will guarantee you are satisfied with your fitting for 10 years from the date on your invoice. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Carpet must stay in the original location and not be moved or tampered with and should only be used according to our recommendations. We have a passion for floors and we hope you love yours too!
Can you help me get my old floor ready to lay my new floor?
Yes our fitters offer a huge choice of services to help you. We can arrange all of this for you when you place your order with Tapi Carpets. Please make sure to let us know off any little thing that may be worrying you and we can most likely sort it out for you. One of our most popular services is that we can arrange for the fitter to uplift and remove your old flooring. Please ask for this service when you are ordering your new flooring at Tapi Carpets. We can give you a quote and arrange this for you. The cost for this service is payable to the fitter on the day of fitting.
Do you offer additional fitting services?
Our fitting teams offer a huge array of additional services to help get the perfect fit. From uplifting and removing your old flooring, preparing your new subfloor with screed or ply board and perfectly fitting your new carpet or flooring with all underlay and accessories. Many of our fitters will trim doors, but not all of them so please mention this to us if you need this service. Tapi can offer you a quote and arrange your fitter to carry out these works for you. At Tapi – no mountain is too high!
Can you make a rug to my personal size or shape?
We can edge any piece of carpet to your specific size to create the perfect rug. This technique is know as whipping! Choose one of our wonderful carpets or make matching doormats out of offcuts! Let us know the size and we’ll whip your carpet into shape!
Do you move furniture? Does my room have to be clear of all items?
In general, it’s best to get as much furniture out of the room as possible. If you have purchased the Delivery & Care Package, then our fitters will remove a reasonable amount of empty furniture from the room. If the furniture that needs to be removed is heavy or large and requires more than one person to assist in its removal, please inform the staff members when you are placing your order so they can inform the fitting partners. In some circumstances we may be able to offer a ‘room clearance’, again please contact a store colleague for more information on what this entails.
Do you fit carpet, laminate and vinyl flooring. Where can I get a quote for fitting?
Yes, our fitting partners will fit any products purchased from us. A store representative can discuss this with you and provide you with a quotation when discussing your flooring purchase.
Do you offer runners for stairs and hallways? Do you sell stairrods?
Yes, we can. We can place an order from any of our carpet ranges as long as a minimum quantity of 4 metres is placed. This can then be cut down and whipped into a runner for a stair or a hallway thus expanding your choice greatly. We do also sell a wide range of lovely stair rods.
Can you turn offcuts from my flooring into mats?
Yes, we offer a ‘whipping’ service, which is the technical name for the action of edging an off-cut or carpet, so that it can be made into a rug or mat. If you bring your off-cut into your local store they will be able to confirm the price as well as the timescales this activity will take.
Do you offer made to measure rugs?
If your total order exceeds 4 square metres (this can be made up of a number of pieces) from the same carpet, then any carpet in our range can be cut down and whipped to a rug of any size. Alternatively, some stores stock a selected range of rugs too.
I love the scent you use in your store; can I purchase it for my home?
We often get positive comments from customers regarding the scent used in our stores. We chose this particular scent as we believe it aids the shopping experience as well as providing us with a unique presence, aided by the welcoming layout and design of our store interior. The scent is exclusive to Tapi but provided by a commercial company called ScentAir. If you would like further information on this product, please send an email to info@tapi.co.uk stating your interest in our scent and we will put you in touch with someone who can assist you further.
Do you offer interest free credit? Can I apply online?
We do offer interest free credit. There is a minimum purchase of £500 and dependent upon the order value you could obtain up to 4 years interest free credit. We can process IFC orders in store or over the telephone. For more information please visit the ‘terms and conditions’ section of our website. For further details and information please visit our interest free credit page https://www.tapi.co.uk/interest-free-credit
Can I get samples sent to my home?
We operate a Home Visit service across the country, you can book a consultant appointment who will bring samples to your home and help you chose a fabulous new floor. During their visit you'll be able to compare and contrast colours so that they match your furniture or décor (however you would not be able to keep the samples). We also offer a free online sample service, allowing you to select 3 samples which will then be posted to you.
You fitted my flooring some months ago and I’ve spilled something on it. Can you provide with me any advice on how to clean it?
We email a care guide out to you during the order process on how to best care for your new floor as we realise the importance of the correct maintenance for each flooring type. It is important any spillage is cleaned up as quickly as possible and, in most cases, it is important not to rub the affected area. If you would like us to send you the floor care guide please email info@tapi.co.uk and we will send it to you.
How long does it take from ordering to having my floor installed?
The length of time for delivery to the store is based on several factors such as, the type of flooring, whether the colour / pattern chosen is in stock with the manufacturer. If speed rather than a specific colour / brand is your most pressing concern we have many stores with remnants you can purchase on the day and some of our stores have a roll stock option which allows you to get a carpet cut to your size with the underlay necessary on the day! The other hurdle is fitting, which can be booked in advance based on the fitter’s schedule.
Do your fitters provide door trimming?
Many of our fitters can provide a door trimming service should you require it. If you are concerned your doors will not fit with your branch new flooring, please do discuss it with the salesperson when placing your order and they will advise you further.
Do you take away my old flooring?
We are able to uplift and dispose of your old flooring before laying your new flooring, this is an additional service which is added onto the fitting charge. We always advise customers to uplift their own flooring as it can become quite a messy job if you’ve had your flooring down for a long time!
Do you fit artificial grass?
While our fitters are skilled at laying indoor floor coverings, they are unable to fit artificial grass as fitting artificial grass can be more complicated than it appears and is best left to the professionals. We can advise you of suitable websites to source your own fitters for this should you email us at info@tapi.co.uk
How much does fitting cost?
Fitting costs have a number of varying factors such as the type of flooring, the location in which it will be fitted, and the size of the flooring being fitted. Due to each customers requirements being different, its best to get in contact with us directly to discuss further either by emailing us at info@tapi.co.uk or just popping into your local store!
I cant find a specific product on your website, what can I do?
Whilst a majority of our collection is on our website, we do have some products which are only able to be seen in the stores. There’s also the potential that we no longer supply that flooring, but we may still be able to source it for you to ensure you can still shop with Tapi. If you can’t find a product you’re looking for on our website please email info@tapi.co.uk and we will assist you further.
Can I purchase flooring online or over the phone?
We are currently unable to support online orders being made; we always like to measure your home before providing a quote and going through with your order. If getting to a store is inconvenient for you, you can always check and see if we operate our mobile home visit service in your area. This brings the Tapi store to you to view a range of samples, measure up and have a quote provided on the day and place your order there and then!
Can you provide a quote for my flooring?
For quotations and estimates your best bet is to get in touch with your local store directly and they will be able to assist you further and provide an accurate quote for your requirements. You can either pop into your local store to view our range of floor samples or alternatively we provide a home visit service and you can check to see if operate in your area. This brings the Tapi store to you to view a range of samples, measure up and have a quote provided on the day.
Do you have any leftover offcuts I can have?
Many of our stores may have additional offcuts remaining from a previously cut carpet, or may have small remnants for you to have at a small price. This can vary store to store so please do get in touch with us via info@tapi.co.uk and we will assist you further with your request.
I have a box of laminate or lvt leftover, can I return it?
Whilst many of the products we sell are available to purchase in square metres, our luxury vinyl tile and laminate flooring are purchased by the box. When estimating the appropriate amount of coverage for your installation approximately 5% (rounded up to the nearest box) should be added to your order to allow for colour matching between boxes and wastage during fitting. If you have a spare box left over, we would suggest these be stored on a flat dry surface for future use as these are often useful to be kept should an accident occur enabling you to swap a couple of planks or tiles. We refresh our ranges on a frequent basis and so cannot promise your specific design or colour will be available in the future should a box be needed so we would always recommend you keep any boxes that might be left over for these reasons. If you would like to return your leftover box, we can offer a refund for an unopened and undamaged box of 50% of the original order value. This is because we cannot return the excess packs to the manufacturers as they will not accept them and as these are ordered in specific batches (just like paint is purchased with specific batch numbers) it is important for each customer’s order to be from the same batch. We also do not have sufficient storage space in our back of house areas in our stores.
Do you charge for insurance quotes?
We charge £50 to provide a quote when you are making an insurance claim; this is payable to the Home Consultant on the day. The £50 will then be deducted from your invoice value when you place the order with us