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Use a blue floor to make a style statement

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Move over grey, blue is entering the world of interiors! We’re seeing more and more interest in this versatile shade for flooring, which is especially popular for bedrooms and living rooms.  A blue floor is a great way to add a touch of eye-catching colour to your home, so read on to get the low-down on how to work with blue.

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How can blue floors work for you?


Use blue to create a mood or style a theme. Blue represents the sky and the sea and is associated with open spaces and the outdoors. Deep blues stimulate clear thought, say colour experts, while soft blues calm the mind and aid concentration. Try a dark blue floor in a study or home office, opt for a light blue carpet to style a relaxing bedroom.

Blue is the perfect colour for a country cottage look or use it to evoke memories of the seaside and create a beachy feel in your home. Choose patterned blue flooring with tones of dark grey to create a retro feel in a kitchen. Keep walls and cupboards neutral and let your floor make a statement. Or combine with deep blue walls to create a wow factor in a hallway, brighten up the look with lots of white to prevent it becoming too overpowering.

Use a tonal colour scheme and match blue flooring with complementary blues on walls and furnishings for a look that’s very easy on the eye.

Experiment with different shades of blue – teal is very grown up and works well with sky blue walls.

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How to use blue carpet in your living room


Use blue on your living room floor to create an inviting, intimate space. Deep navy or midnight blue will cosy up the room and really make a statement, while chalky pastel shades and sky blues will increase the feeling of light and space to make the room feel bigger. Dark blues are great for busy bedrooms and playrooms too.

Designers tip - blue objects do not appear to be as close to us as more vibrant colours, such as red. So, use blue as an accent colour in accessories around the room and hey presto, the room seems bigger.

Blue carpet ideas for the bedroom


Match a blue carpet with off-white walls and furnishings to create a very stylish look for a bedroom, the grown-up alternative to florals and fuss. Or combine matching shades of bluey grey on walls and flooring to create a cosy hub that’s warm and nurturing.

If you don’t want to go all out on the colour, try adding hints of blue in a striped pattern or use it to create a feature area on the stairs.