Our Values

Our Values

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At Tapi Carpets and Floors, we put our customers first in everything we do. We expect all of our colleagues to do the same, it’s our culture, it’s our second nature.  The Tapi team are leading the way in flooring retail. Our commitment to outstanding customer service and choice is unparalleled in this sector. We stand out and differentiate ourselves through our service level and customer always first approach. We’re fully committed to shaking up flooring retail, blowing a breath of fresh air into the sector and helping every one of our customers find their dream floor.

We believe that with absolute focus and determination on our 5 values, we can offer outstanding service and show that retail can be inspiring, charismatic and fun.

Customer obsession

This value underpins everything that we do. We want to delight our customers at every step of their journey and offer flawless fitting and aftercare.  We won’t stop until our customers are delighted.


We believe that people make great businesses and that’s why we’re focussed on ensuring that we have a remarkable team of experts in every field. We’re always looking for charismatic and customer focused people across the business to help us grow, innovate and delight.

Disrupt and improve

Retail often lacks personality and we founded Tapi Carpets and Floors to change this. We do things differently by focusing on the senses, creating light and airy showrooms that are a pleasure to shop in. We’re never content with where we are though and were always striving to improve so that we can offer our customers what they want, in any way they want.

Advise, don’t sell

We’re determined to ensure every customer finds their dream floor. A cosy carpet really can make a house a home and we expect our colleagues to listen to our customer’s needs and offer non-pushy, impartial advice that is guaranteed to delight them. We’ll keep on top of trends and ensure we have the best collection to suit everyone.


We want to prove that amazing customer service and an industry leading store environment doesn’t cost more. We are proud to be the best on price as well as service. Offering our customers choice and service at a price that’s lower than they expected!

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